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Teledyne has sold $11 million worth of electrolysers.

Posted on 10 Jun 2007 by Laurence Pickup
BMW HYdrogen
Real hydrogen cars roll in England.

BMW hydrogen
Posted on 10 Jun 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogenics sales
Hydrogenics has sold 3 million dollars worth of

Posted on 10 Jun 2007 by Laurence Pickup

It has always been my hope that in addition to providing Man's material needs, renewable energy would so sooth the spirit by providing relief from worry over oil wars, atmospheric warming etc. Guilt over energy consumption might be assuaged if the energy were completely clean and in de facto infinite supply. For of course the real shortage is human good will.

In the previous posting, David Mills meets capital and a highly respected partner in Vinod Khosla. They, Governor Schwarzenegger and many others including Australian government officials held what I find to be a most encouraging roundtable on Australian TV. Perhaps I am overly optimistic but I feel there were flashes of human good will boosting the discussion, particularly from Mills, Khosla and Schwarzenegger. This against the background of the Australian bureaucrats who kept repeating groundlessly and erroneously "Coal forever!".

David Mills has a solution for storage of solar heat, but it is not new. Molten storage of heat in chemical plants has been routine for years, and at the hundred megawatt hour level. Readers must judge for themselves whether there is any trace of goodwill increase here. Goodwill is of course the ultimate scarcity.

Posted on 08 Jun 2007 by Laurence Pickup
David Mills

David Mills as previously posted has moved his headquarters from Australia to California and has found funding from Vinod Khosla and associates, reportedly to the tune of $42 million dollars. His new company Ausra is reportedly about to receive a contract for a 1GW Fresnell lens solar plant near Los Angeles.

Four Corners Interview

Ausra Website

Posted on 08 Jun 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Florida hydrogen
Orlando Florida opened a hydrogen station and a small
fleet of Ford 450 hydrogen engine busses, the same as
supplied to Ottawa and Vancouver. Ford plans 30 busses
of this type to be delivered this year.Orlando hydrogen
Posted on 23 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Denmark wind to hydrogen.
Denmark's first full scale hydrogen plant opens.  On
windy days Denmark gets 80% of its electricity from wind.

Denmark hyrogen.
Posted on 23 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
BMW Hydrogen
Das Bayrische Motor Werk GMBH (BMW) claims a world first
in the running of 8 hydrogen cars down their standard
Series 7 production line. In a world of the "hydrogen
cacophony" Rifkin's phrase, this could well be true.
Rudolf Erren, in the 1930s in Germany converted 2000
plus vehicles, but not on an OEM production line.
Quantum has delivered 70 hydrogen cars over the past
year but they were converted Priuses,not OEM vehicles.

An OEM car line is a quite different entity from a
conversion plant. It it also significant that the
hydrogen version was so little different from the
gasoline only version that the line did not have
to be stopped. Those who have worked on such lines
(such as your correspondent) know the dread of "stop
the line" - millions of dollars an hour cost.

Hydrogen is merging subtly into the big bucks.

Posted on 11 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
General Hydrogen Sells Out
General Hydrogen, integrator of Ballard fuel cells into
forklift truck systems, has announced its sale to the
Plugpower Corp. for $10 million. This very low price
would appear to be the abandonment of previously
announced hopes for valuations more than 10 times as
large. Perhaps it was felt that Plugpower has the
capital needed to adequately exploit the forklift
business. Perhaps there are worries of the viability
of their stack supplier Ballard, a frequent question
at the recent Vancouver hydrogen conference.

Should we look to Plugpower buying Ballard?

GH SaleGH Sale
Posted on 11 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Engine Centre
HEC continues its momentum wiyh another commercial sale.

Posted on 04 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Ford Hydrogen
Ford has delivered two hydrogen engined busses to
the British Columbia hydrogen highway. These are the
same vehicles transporting or politicians in Ottawa.

Ford hydrogen
Posted on 04 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Vancouver HydrogenShow
As the hydrogen show here in Vancouver wound down,
some Hydrogen Now was discovered. The Powertech
hydrogen engine pickup truck finally appeared and your
correspondent rode in it. It accelerated amazingly and
a delegation from Statoil of Norway declared themselves
very much pleased. This is the entity that recently
reported here bought 30 hydrogen Priuses from Quantum.
Questioned about them, even as the hydrogen pickup was
maximum accelerating on the Vancouver waterfront tourist
broadway(its just like a gas vehicle nothing different)
they said that their Priuses had had no problems and
they had averaged about 50 miles per kilogram of
hydrogen. This is very similar to the milages
recently reported from Southern California by Navreem
Berry. It would appear that the hydrogen Prius is the
spearhead of hydrogen now.

Powertech, building on the success of nine vehicles
one to each North Vancouver municipality and others
around the city is planning to build a large number
of hydrogen vehicles.

The one delivered to the City of North Vancouver will
soon be reported on.

The Linde company, now with the aquisition of the
British Oxygen Company the world's largest
industrial gas supplier gave a convincing presentation
of their goal to be the worlds' premier hydrogen
supplier. Gaseous and liquid, small scale and large
they had examples of their actual installations,
not plans.

However, none of their ideas were proprietary at least
in the general concept meaning that anybody could
replicate their hydrogen schemes with variation of
detail. This is the power of hydrogen, the core
ideas are old and adaptable.

Posted on 02 May 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Ballards Gottererdemerung
As the bridge over the mystical Rhine crumbled in the
Evening of the Gods "Gotterdemmerung" so has Ballard
in Vancouver today. Ballard presenters were overwhelmed
by persistent questioners determined to know when the
breathless hype would end and profitability would be

No clear answers to these questions, many from real
developers in China and India were received. How
long till profitability, how reliable a fuel cell
stack were questions Ballard could not answer.

The Rainbow Bridge collapsed.

On the other side of Canada Ford hydrogen engines
move members of Parliament around their Hill every
day without incident.

There was no hydrogen now at this conference today
only pay us to research hydrogen forever. This is
position that Rudolf Erren, Father of Hydrogen
Transport, 2000 plus vehicles converted in the 1930s
so bitterly condemmed in the 1970s.

All he got was an ovation in the 1970s and a medal named for him
by the International Association for Hydrogen Energy.

He had the whole idea in the thirties.  Why can't we do it now?

No link
Posted on 30 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Vancouver Hydrogen Conference
A hydrogen conference begins in Vancouver today. As 
Hydrogen Now is based in Vancouver there will be
reporters on the ground. Unfortunatly as of today the
outlook is poor. Inspecting the exibition hall it was
small and mostly Govt. of Canada. A trip to Whistler
today and back tomorrow consists entirely of prototype
fuel cell vehicles.

Whether Powertech Labs. of Surrey here could not
afford the excursion or was not invited will be
investigated tomorrow. Powertech is sampling practical hydrogen
hydrogen engine pickups such as the one recently
received by the city of North Vancouver.

The main commercial exibitor, Ballard, has recently
lost customers and their cost projections show not
the slightest hope of competing with hydrogen engines
of the Mazda or Ford type.

The govt. of Canada has a history of picking losers
and the absence of the Hydrogen Engine Centre and
Quantum Technologies ,supplier of 30 successful Prius
hydrogen cars to south California speaks volumes.

More tomorrow.

No link.
Posted on 29 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
EU Study
To hydrogen and renewable energy adepts it is well
known that a small portion of the planets' solar or
wind resources would provide more energy by far than
that used now. Only hydrogen is needed for storage
and mobile applications, land vehicles an the like.

Alas, there are few adepts.

The EU has come out with a laborious study verifying
the above simplistic summary. For our not very well
educated and timourous culture it is of no doubt very

Beleivers of course are proposing hydrogen fleets to
capitalists who can well afford them if convinced.

e u study

Posted on 20 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
EU Study
To hydrogen and renewable energy adepts it is well
known that a small portion of the planets' solar or
wind resources would provide more energy by far than
that used now. Only hydrogen is needed for storage
and mobile applications, land vehicles an the like.

Alas, there are few adepts.

The EU has come out with a laborious study verifying
the above simplistic summary. For our not very well
educated and timourous culture it is of no doubt very

Beleivers of course are proposing hydrogen fleets to
capitalists who can well afford them if convinced.

Posted on 20 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
H2 Chicago
Chicago's first H2 refuelling station opens.

Hydrogen Chicago
Posted on 17 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Direct to Hydrogen Now

Naveen Berry, of the Southern California Air Quality
Management Directorate (SCAQMD) has sent results of
the first 10 months of testing a fleet of 30 hydrogen
engine vehicles from Quantum (QTWW). No significant
problems have been encountered.

Usage Summary
Mileage Fills(#) H2 dispensed(Kg)
SCAQMD 13,067 307 246
Sta. Ana 10,665 128 207
Riverside 8,578 163 124
Burbank 11,589 211 137
Ontario 5,868 147 179
Sta.Monica2,058 68 58

TOTAL 51,825 1,024 951

Miles per kilo H2 averaged 57, versus 58 for one
type of fuel cell vehicle and 55 for another type.
Thus the Quantum supercharged and intercooled engine
is in the middle of the fuel cell performance range.

This demonstation with 30 vehicles is therefore
quite significant.

No link.
Posted on 14 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
30 hydrogen cars for Iceland
30 hydrogen engined cars by two Icelandic utilities.

H2 Iceland
Posted on 14 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen now in Las Vegas
The Las Vegas hydrogen demonstration is popular.

H2 Vegas
Posted on 08 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Wind Hydrogen
The hydrogen Engine Centre and Hydrogenics show storage
of wind power as hydrogen and recovery by HEC OXX
hydrogen fueled generators.

All this machinery is available now. Hydrogenics owns
Stuart Energy. maker of electrolysers since the 1930s.

wind hydrogen
Posted on 06 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Norsk Hydrogen
Norsk Hydro, the oldest electrolyser manufacturer , 80 
years of experience, has appointed a new manager. Can he
compete with upstarts from China , India, Brazil,
Pakistan, Thailand and Ukraine? The technology is 80
years old. This is one of the go/ no go technologies
for hydrogen now. You can be sure we will try to
always have up to date info on electrolysers here. There
are reports of solar thermal and fission thermal
hydrogen. We are hydrogen now not hydrogen 2020 or 2050.
Capitalists can earn a return on electrolysers/wind or
water power plants and hydogen engines now. It is
important to make the distinction.

No reports of problems from the Prius hydrogen engine
fleet in S. California or the Ford busses in Ottawa.
These are literally hydrogen now.

Norsk Hydro
Posted on 04 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Another engine from the Hydrogen Engine Centre.

One cylinder hydrogen engine.
1 cyl H2 engine
Posted on 03 Apr 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Norway
Quantum has delivered hydrogen cars to Norway

Norway Hydrogen Highway
Posted on 30 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Dynetek reports latest financials.

Unconfirmed reports are that Dynetek is testing 15,000
psi hydrogen tanks.

Posted on 22 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
4.9 litre hydrogen engine
The Hydrogen Engine Centre has annouced a new engine.

New HEC engine
Posted on 22 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
There is a miasma in San Antonio. The National
Hydrogen Association conference, which ended today,
should have loudly proclaimed hydrogen is here,
as many demonstrations proved. However most of the
news out was about fictitious difficulties in
deploying electrolysers and cars. Could it possibly
be that there is an oil disinformation campaign?
Naturally such a thing is very difficult to prove.
Do any readers have evidence? Any emails received
will be quickly checked out and posted
if at all credible. Reading any biography of
the first Rockefeller should convince a reasonable
person that the burden of proof should be on oil.
Absurd claims however will besmirch our hydrogen now
campaign so caution is indicated. An imprtant point
to remember however is that oil is the biggest and
most savvy user of hydrogen. The extra money oil
gets for premium gasoline is earned by their stuffing  in extra
hydrogen into the carbon and oil knows all too well the costs and
means of doing this.  Many are even surprised that their car is a 70%
hydrogen car, glazing over the "hydrocarbon" term. There are
miasmas not only in San Antonio.
Posted on 22 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Cal-BC Hydrogen Highway
Gov. Schwarzenegger of California and Premier Campbell
of British Columbia met to further the hydrogen highway
and other renewables/conservation matters.

Hydrogen Highway
Posted on 21 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Mazda Hydrogen Plug In
Mazda has announced a plug in hydrogen hybrid for
the 2008 model year.

Hydrogen hybrid
Posted on 21 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
200 million for BC renewables
Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, has announced
$200 million of taxpayer funds for British Columbia,
that vision of Queen Victoria, who personally chose
the name, for renewables, especially the hydrogen
highway. Some of course must go to beehive ovens.

Numerous groups want the money spent on cheap
electrolysers and engine conversions, capitalising on
the fact that the current BC Hydro electric tariff
permits hydrogen competitive with gasoline at the
present high rates of taxation. Electricity is already
taxed, so no need for more Premier Campbell, you
looked happy with the cheque.

Hydrogen Now reminds you that you can get 50
hydrogen engined cars for every fuel cell car and that
thay can be delivered in weeks not years.

Hydrogen Now reminds you that you are up for
election soon.

BC Hydrogen Highway

Posted on 13 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Another Mazda hydrogen car.

Posted on 12 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
European Union
The EU has issued an energy policy statement calling
for a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020. The
means are left to member states. Also 10% of transport
fuel is to be biofuel by then. Perhaps in the huge
body of verbiage of the announcement there is some
mention of hydrogen but this harried scribe has not
found it. With the well known and widely criticised
tendency for the EU to subsidize agriculture-
the "wine lake" and "butter mountain"- it is not
unreasonable to suppose that this is more of the same.
Perhaps we shall soon read in the agro-subsidy
critical "Economist" magazine of plans to
turn the wine lake into motor fuel with additional

For those in the hydrogen community this is clearly a
major disappointment and an indictment of the quality
and perhaps the honesty of the EU energy bureaucracy.

However, as recently reported, businesses, led by BMW,
have got the EU to endorse hydrogen engines, without
any reduction in funding for fuel cells or other
hydrogen development. When push comes to shove at
the member state level it is possible that the goals
will enable hydrogen investors to receive incentives.

In Germany where calls for speed limits on the
autobahns are ill received, we may expect BMW and
others to press for hydrogen as the obvious solution.
All in all there is reason to beleive that this
apparant EU gaffe is actually good for hydrogen.

Remember Erren

EU carbon
Posted on 12 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hogen financials
The parent company of Hogen electrolysers,Distributed 
Energy, has filed financial statements.

Posted on 07 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Analysis of HyICE Europe
The European Union has endorsed the hydrogen fueled
engine which must make Rudolf Erren, first populariser
of hydrogen fuel for transport in the 1930s, perk up
in his grave. For his only reward for making more
hydrogen vehicles back then than have ever been made
since was an ovation at a hydrogen conference in the
1970s. This and many other important facts of
hydrogen history are related in David Hoffmann's book
"The Forever Fuel",usually only a few dollars on

It is telling that at the conference of his ovation,
Erren was denouncing the "research money for hydrogen
forever" mentality, a stance only too substantiated
since then.

It is the job of Hydrogen Now to distinguish what is
truly hydrogen now and what is hydrogen later maybe.
From the EU statement (no official report at the
present time) it would appear,reading between the
lines, that there is a distancing from the fuel cell
into which the EU has poured billions.

There is the timing. The HyICE study began three
years ago, at a time when the continuing problems
of the PEM technology began to be widely voiced.

There is the technology itself. No clear plan has
evolved for Pem systems to meet the price of an
engine-$500 for a 300 horsepower V8.

Then there are technologies specifically utilizing
hydrogen's ability to utilise compression ratios
in the hundreds. Sandia labs reports a free piston
engine with electic linear generator power output
going at 24,000 strokes per minute. The device is so
simple, with less moving parts than a fuel cell,
that production in Chungking, Jamshatpur or Cebu City
would likely cost less than $100 for a 100 KW engine.
This excludes electronics and drive motor which fuel
cells would also require.

The Eu is hedging its bets. There are advanced fuel
cells, such as SOFC. They may win in the long run.
But it seems to Hydrogen Now that the EU is signalling
that as of now, engines are an immediate option.

Posted on 05 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Wind scale-up.
In a scaling up of wind power a 4200 megawatt 
transmission line is being built in Texas.

If 4000 Mw fed electrolysers, it would make hydrogen
for something like 300,000 cars.

4200 MW
Posted on 03 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
CSP in Egypt
Egypt is to build a mirror concentrator power plant
that will produce 150MW for $200 million.

This is the significance of CSP, lower than photovoltaic
costs. The Austrailian firm, Solar Heat and Power has
acheived under $1.00/watt in completed plant.

Greenpeace has an endorsement paper with details
on the Internet

Egyptian CSP
Posted on 03 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
BC Canada energy
A report claims British Columbia (that name chosen by
Queen Victoria herself after New Caledonia was found to be
taken) could be energy self sufficient by 2025.

BC Energy
Posted on 02 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen hybrid
Quantum has been awarded a contract for an advanced
hydrogen engine system for the Ford Escape.

Hydrogen Escape
Posted on 02 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Engine Centre
The Hydrogen Engine Centre has shipped $200,000 worth 
of generators.

HEC generators
Posted on 02 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
10000 psi station
U.C. Irvine has increased the pressure of hydrogen
available to 10,000 psi from 5000.

A number of tank makers now offer the 10,000 psi
capability notably Edo,Lincoln Composites and Luxfer.U C Irvine
Posted on 02 Mar 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Rep Inglis touts hydrogen highway
Rep. Inglis publishes an article on the
 hydrogen highway.

Posted on 28 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Micros- HEC
Mikros has instituted coverage of the Hydrogen Engine 
Centre.Hydrogen Engine Center Report
Posted on 26 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Quantum Corp sale
Quantum has sold a hydrogen hybrid system to the
American military.Quantum hybrid sale
Posted on 26 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Engine Endorsement
The European Union has endorsed hydrogen engines.hydrogen engine
Posted on 26 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Prius
A test of a hydrogen Prius is reported.Hydrogen Prius
Posted on 22 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Mazda cold start tests
Mazda tests their hydrogen engine for cold start. Note
that after 20 years of development PEM devices still
have cold start problems.Mazda cold
Posted on 22 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
David Mills goes to America
David Mills, whose concentrating solar power fresnell
mirror systems have been demonstrated to be
competitive with coal fired steam plants at the
Liddell power plant in Australia, has moved to
America for better business opportunities.

California has had 300 MW of CSP for thirty years, but
at high capital cost.

The fit with hydrogen is clear- solar needs storage.

Mills' accomplishments are found on the website of
Solar Heat and Power Pty. No doubt a new site will
soon rise in California.

Greenpeace has lately identified CSP as a winner in
renewable energy. Google Greepeace CSP. They show
tiny squares in Algeria as representing all of Europe's
and the world's energy requirements respectively.

Hydrogen Now opines that CSP  will have a capital cost of less than
$0.50/watt at the 100 gigawatt level due to the modularity of the
mirrors,  standardization of the steam plant, which in the Mills system
is not of the highest temperature,  permitting less costly alloys, and the
hundreds of millions of Asians seeking factory work over rural

David Mills

Posted on 18 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Engine Centre
Ted Hollinger of the Hydrogen Engine Centre made his 
anticipated Wall Street presentatation.Hollinger Presentation
Posted on 18 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
British Columbia Hydrogen
Victoria, Feb 14, 2007.

In the throne speech outlining the Campbell (L)
governments's agenda the sum of $89 million was promised
for BC transit fuel cell busses and hydrogen refueling

In addition, new provincial money in the sum of$25
million was announced for renewable energy projects
including hydrogen.

There were further promises including net metering,
vehicle efficiency standards and an end to wood waste
disposal in bee hive burners.

The local press complained at the paucity of detail
and indeed, there was not a word of justification of
the high cost of the fuel cell busses.
Posted on 18 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Wind Hydrogen Paper
Brian Jackson of the National Hydrogen Association
offers a paper with excellent graphics on the wind to
hydrogen system- the most plausible immediate large
scale renewable hydrogen option.

Jackson does not claim less than $0.04/kilowatt wind
electricity cost.

Hydrogen Now however points out that such a cost
assumes the usual business plan of today's windfarms-
5 year depreciation and a tax credit, sold by contract
 to an electric utility.

This maximizes profit in the utility mode. However,
nothing would prevent a business from adopting a longer
depreciation period to become competitive with
higher valued gasoline. The wind plant will physically
be productive for 50 years.

Hydrogen Now also notes that published electrolyser
costs of $1/watt or more are high. Commercial
electrolysers of the Schmidt/Noeggerath type are
available now at $0.50/watt, this would halve on
a $250 million job.

Wind Hydrogen
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Generator Sales
Nanologix has sold hydrogen powered generators.Nanologix
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Quantum Hydrogen Prius
The Quantum Corp presents their hydrogen engined Prius
at the California Air Resources Board ZEV symposium.

Quantum Prius
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Technical Review of Hydrogen Engines
At the California Air Resources Board ZEV Technology
Symposium, Christopher White reviews recent developments
in hydrogen engine technology and commercialization.Hydrogen Engine Review
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Combustion Pictures
Sandia Labs publishes pictures of hydrogen 
combustion in engines.Combustion Pictures
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Schatz Station
Hunboldt State University is installing a hydrogen 
fuelling station to run a converted Prius.

Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Linde Hydrogen Centre
The Linde Hydrgoen Center has been recognized as one of
the "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" by the German
government. Linde Award
Posted on 14 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Mazda Hydrogen
Mazda, the Japanese car company, has been demonstrating 
the advantages of their rotary piston engine for
hydrogen for more than ten years. Now they open
another hydrogen fuel station in Japan.

Mazda's Station
Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Possible funding for hydrogen engine leader
The CEO of a leading hydrogen engine maker goes to 
Wall Street.

HEC Presentation
Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Update on Ford hydrogen engine
Exclusive to Hydrogen Now

Mark Olance of the Ford Motor company provided
additional information on the Ford Model U hydrogen
engine in a telephone conversation with Hydrogen Now.

He confirmed news reports that the direct injectors
were provided by Quantum and that the beefed up valves,
springs etc. were 3rd party performance parts of the
GT 40 series.

He declined to comment on the supplier of the scroll
type positive displacement supercharger.

Unfortunately, he disclosed that the engines, built in
Windsor, Ontario , are not in serial production
and that only an initial batch had been completed
to test the market. Further production is a decision
for Ford senior management.

These engines power a fleet of shuttle busses serving
MPs in Ottawa.

The Canadian press universally and erroneously called
these the first hydrogen engined busses in the world,
entirely forgetting the numerous busses of Rudolf
Erren in the 1930's.

Richard Hoffmann in his book "The Forever Fuel" cites the hilarious
case in which Erren got a speeding ticket for a bus on purpose
to prove its capabilities to an Austrailian buying committee.
Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Ford hydrogen engine
Ford Motor Co, Dearborn, Michigan has announced
the Model U Hydrogen engine.

Ford's Model U
Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
HEC Generators
The Hydrogen Engine Centre of Algona IA, has sold
hydrogen generators to Canada's National Research

Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Competitive electrolyser
An up to date electrolyser by Dr Mitra of the Indian 
Atomic Energy Commission. Note that bipolar electrol-
izers are not much different from those of Smith and
Noeggerath in the 1920's. Norway made all its fertilizer
from electrolytic hydrogen from c. 1920 to 1970.

Mitra Electrolyser
Posted on 11 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
BMW hydrogen engine techology review-Berger
Dr. Berger of BMW describes briefly the technology behind 
the recent BMW 7 hydrogen vehicle including the various
fuel air regiemes available for hydrogen engine

Berger Presentation
Posted on 11 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen Wind Electrolysis
A major wind company - Xcel - is examining storing wind energy as hydrogen.

XCEL H2 storage
Posted on 11 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Branson's $25 Million Eco-Prize
Obviously, only hydrogen in the immediate time frame can do anything to address this matter.

Check it out.

Posted on 11 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
Hydrogen on the Hill


OTTAWA (December 7, 2006) "Today, Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Ford of Canada, ATFCAN and other industry partners introduced the first of three hydrogen powered vehicles to Parliament Hill in a unique pilot project to test the vehicles in real-life conditions. The buses will be included in the Senate's fleet and will be used to transport parliamentarians and staff between buildings in the Parliamentary Precinct.


Read more ?
Posted on 01 Feb 2007 by Laurence Pickup
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