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The Hottest Links

Alliance for Climate Protection

H2 Nation Magazine

International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Commerce

Penn State H2E Center

On the Radio

HarryBraunShow.com - Making America energy independent with wartime-speed by shifting from fossil and nuclear fuels to solar hydrogen technologies --- Harry Braunís radio talk show will be aired on KOKC radio 1520 am beginning on October 31, 2005. The show will initially be broadcast from 12:00 am to 1:00 am MST, Monday through Friday from Oklahoma City.

Lou Ann Hammond appearances on the John Batchelor show, WABC-AM radio, New York City


Alternative Energy News Source

Clean Fleet Report

Fuel Cell Industry Report

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter

Hydrogen Guide

International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Commerce



American Hydrogen Association

Americans for Energy Independence

Antinuclear Australia

Beyond Fossil Fuel

Boron as an Energy Carrier

California Hydrogen Business Council

Canadian Hydrogen Association (CH2A)

Captain Ozone


Clean Energy Network (Formerly Hydrogen Net Coop in Mendocino County)

Clean Air Now

Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

DOE Hydrogen Production Case Studies

EcoIQ - EcoIQ.com supports and promotes the spoken and written products of sustainability leaders, educators, and advocates.

Electric Drive Transportation Association

Florida Solar Energy Center

Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited


How the Hydrogen Economy Works, at How Stuff Works

Hydrogen Cars - Alternative H2 Vehicle Resource

Hydrogen Energy Center

Hydrogen fuel cell visual aid

Hydrogen Incidents

Hydrogen Vehicles Worldwide

HyWeb--Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Information Network

Intergalactic Hydrogen

International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

National Fuel Cell Education Program

National Hydrogen Association (NHA)

National Hydrogen Association of Australia

National Hydrogen Institute of Australia

Natures Warriors

Penn State H2E Center

People & the Planet (Planet 21) 

Plug In America

Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Source for Renewable Energy

UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies - Hydrogen Pathways

US Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC)


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR

Blue Energy

H-Tech, The Hydrogen Company

HyGen Industries

Green Hydrogen LTD

Hydrogen Wind Inc.


Millennium Cell

Mini Hydrogen

Silverwood Energy

Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd, Australia

The Renewable Energy Center


Fuel Cell Markets

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Institute

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor




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