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Sponsorship Opportunities
The greater your support, the more likely Hydrogen Now! will have the resources available to continue working towards a hydrogen economy.

Your financial contribution is vital for the realization of this vision. We are at a momentous time in our history where the world can begin to have clean power without pollution - but only if we act. Please give what you can.

Mail your check to:
Hydrogen Now!
Engineering Research Center
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Thank you for your generous support!

Support Renewable Hydrogen Legislation

Support legislation that promotes the production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources. Oppose legislation that supports hydrogen production from coal and nuclear energy.

Congress had the opportunity in 2003 to pass the most important hydrogen legislation in history:  the H2 GROW Act.  Unfortunately, they refused to act, and the Hydrogen Economy has been delayed, rather than propelled forward.  When you vote in 2006, make sure you support congressional candidates who will support renewable energy and hydrogen.


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