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Dennis Weaver, Founder of Ecolonomics, 1924-2006

By Robert E. Willis

February 27, 2006

I was saddened today to learn of the passing of Dennis Weaver. I have seen a couple of articles on the web written about his passing, but none of them seemed to do justice to his role as an environmentalist and champion of renewable energy. They all seemed to focus on his acting career, while barely mentioning his most important role of all, that of environmental spokesperson.

I had the privilege of meeting Dennis on several occasions, where he had been the guest speaker at various renewable energy fairs or hydrogen conferences. His speeches about the environment would typically reflect on how he became famous for his acting roles; but he realized that that part of his life did not amount to a hill of beans in comparison to the important and critical work he was doing for the environment.

He was a champion of renewable energy and hydrogen; and, when other speakers on the stage were talking about the technical aspects of photovoltaics, or the amount of wind required to turn a turbine, his voice would rise in passion that we needed to all get busy. Other speakers may have put us to sleep, but when Dennis spoke about the environment, he got us excited, he got our blood boiling, he made us happy to be involved in the movement to save the planet.

I don't particularly remember any of the other speakers who shared the podium with Dennis Weaver at all these events; but I will always remember Dennis standing straight and tall on the stage and raising his fist while he spoke about Ecolonomics, renewable energy and hydrogen.


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