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State of the World

An evolution has taken shape in the laboratories of Planet Earth. For over half a century, some of the best minds in the world have been working to give mankind the next generation of energy to fuel the activities of the 6 billion humans who live on the Earth. The preliminaries are over. The testing is complete. The science has left the laboratory, and has come to Main Street. The Evolution is upon us.

For the first time since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, we have the means at hand to turn away from the juggernaut fuel source we have come to depend on for our very lives. Petroleum and fossil fuels were the wonder of man. Only an advanced and civilized society could have taken advantage of them and used them to produce the standard of living enjoyed by much of the world today. The only problem with using fossil fuels as the primary energy source is that we have used them too long. But the days of using fossil fuels are numbered. The replacement technology is now within our immediate grasp. It’s not something we have to wait for over the next 50 years, 20 years, 10 years. We can begin to convert to it now. It will change the political, economic, and environmental life of the entire planet. It is inexhaustible, cost effective, and can have no pollution or negative effects on the ecosystem whatsoever. It is based on the simplest, most fundamental of all elements that occur in nature. It can be produced anywhere in the world or potentially generated in your backyard. The magic bullet is called Hydrogen. We present for your evaluation and implementation: the Hydrogen Economy. It will generate electrical power to light every city, town, hamlet, or individual home. It will fuel every car—indeed, every engine—on Earth: plane, ship, motorcycle or lawn mower.

For over 50 years, some of finest minds on Earth have been working diligently on how to switch to a new energy system. They knew it existed, they knew it had tremendous potential. The problem was being able to translate this new technology into practical applications that would have an immediate and positive effect on everyone.

The cutting edge of the hydrogen technology was revealed at the International Association for Hydrogen Energy’s HYFORUM 2000, held in September, 2000, in Munich, Germany, and at the 14th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, held in June, 2002, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A great many stunning new developments were demonstrated to the hundreds of delegates who had gathered from all over the world. 

Leading scientists, including a 2000 Nobel Prize nominee, met in Fort Collins, Colorado to take stock of what should be done next. The result of that conference was an agreement that a sufficient body of technology was available immediately, which could be presented to the public. The attendees to the conference signed a proclamation announcing that the Hydrogen Economy is a fact. Immediate plans were made to announce the details to the public, and to begin the educational process that must occur to bring the hope and promise of the hydrogen economy to all people.

The future shines with certain promise.

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