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U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Partners with Aerospace and Defense Industry Companies to Develop, Produce and Install a New Generation of Wind Turbine Systems for Rural and Urban Settings

Friday April 29, 6:00 am ET


CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2005--U.S. Wind Farming, Inc:  
  • U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. has initiated development agreements with Zeller International, Apache Electric and Ashman Technologies to develop a new generation of wind turbine/solar/LED technologies for global urban and rural settings. An officially sponsored project with homeland security applications will be installed in three locations in New York City shortly.

    U.S. Wind Farming, Inc., "America's Only Publicly Traded Wind Energy Company," (www.uswindfarming.com) has agreed to partner with Zeller International, Apache Electric and Ashman Technologies in the development of a new generation of wind turbine/solar/LED technologies for global urban and rural settings.

    U.S. Wind Farming, Inc., Zeller International, Apache Electric and Ashman Technologies will partner in the development of revolutionary new wind turbine/solar/LED technologies, which will usher in a new generation of small, distributed wind energy systems in rural and urban settings. The new turbines will utilize space-age polymers, advanced aeronautical technology magnets, photovoltaics, LED's, alloys, fabrics and specialized coatings, and will be able to be set in horizontal and vertically arrayed configurations, maximizing energy production from currently difficult chaotic and turbulent wind situations. "Environmentalists will applaud these new wind turbines because they will be completely aviary friendly", said USWF CEO William Telander. "They will be self-starting, vibration-less, quiet, and will not throw ice and will not overrun", he said. "These turbines will usher in a new paradigm in the way we look at wind energy."

    The goal of the partnership is to manufacture, install and operate these next generation technologies not only in the U.S. where about 15 million homes and over 1 million small businesses could use small wind energy systems under favorable economic circumstances, but also in Europe which currently uses wind power for about 2% of its electrical energy needs, and the European Wind Power Association predicts that the global market for wind power equipment could be worth some $35 billion per year within five years.

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