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SHEC LABS and the City of Regina Saskatchewan Announce the World's First Solar Hydrogen Production Station From Landfill Gas

December 7, 2005

SHEC LABS - Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation, with its partners, Giffels Associates Limited (Ingenium) and Clean 16 Environmental Technologies and in conjunction with the University of Toronto Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, will deploy the world's first Solar Hydrogen production station using methane, an environmentally damaging greenhouse gas expelled from our city landfills. With the technology and processes developed and now being commercialized by SHEC LABS, a value added method of hydrogen production will be demonstrated. The City of Regina's city council unanimously approved this revolutionary project for the city's Fleet Street Landfill.

Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco elaborated on the potential benefits at the November 21st, 2005, City Council Meeting. "I think there are going to be tremendous spin-offs from this as we move forward," said Mayor Fiacco. "It's more than just capturing methane gas from the landfill, it's much bigger than us and I think our grandchildren will be very appreciative ... in knowing that this is the vision that this Council had for this community and the region."

Tom Beck, President and CEO of SHEC LABS said, "This project, 'SHEC Station #1', when completed will have the capacity of producing 1.2 million kg of renewable hydrogen per year and will prevent 81.1kt of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) emissions from entering the atmosphere, every year" Mr. Beck goes on to say, "The life expectancy of this plant is well over 40 years, in 40 years there will be a new landfill in this city that we can sequester the methane from to create renewable energy. Imagine if every city had this insight, the world would start to become a different place."

"This is a very important piece of a global environmental puzzle that will now be showcased in the city of Regina," said Ray Fehr, Vice President of Marketing for SHEC LABS. "This technology is a stepping stone that can change the way energy will be produced in the future and ultimately the way we all live our lives. It takes vision and looking outside the box to find solutions to nagging environmental problems and I feel the City Council of Regina should be commended for having these qualities."

Hydrogen is seen as "The Fuel Of The Future" by many. When Hydrogen is used in a fuel cell to create electricity it combines with oxygen from the air and the only by-product is pure water. Hydrogen is a main component in gasoline, fertilizer production, hydrogenating edible fats and oils and host of other industries. Today the most common method of hydrogen production is the steam reformation of our depleting supplies of natural gas causing greenhouse gases to be exposed to our atmosphere. The technology to be demonstrated at "SHEC Station #1" in Regina solves numerous problems such as the destruction of harmful greenhouse gasses as well as the production of clean, green, high purity, renewable hydrogen. It also displaces the use of our diminishing resources of natural gas for hydrogen production.

About SHEC LABS - (Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation)

SHEC LABS, a research and development company now embarking on commercialization, is a world leader in providing solutions for the production of clean, renewable energy for the emerging hydrogen economy. SHEC LABS, founded in 1996, has developed technologies to more economically harness the power of the sun, reduce the temperatures required for the disassociation of water, more economically produce hydrogen from fossil fuels and produce hydrogen from biomass sources.

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