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Quantum and Texaco Ovonics Convert Toyota Prius to Hydrogen ICE

Texaco Ovonics Hydrogen Systems and Quantum Technologies unveiled their Toyota Prius hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2-ICE) at the California Hydrogen Business Council October 31, 2003 meeting.

Texaco Ovonics provided the metal hydride storage tank, while Quantum Technologies engineers designed and built the fuel metering and electronic controls systems.

The Toyota Prius hydrogen ICE gets approximately the same mileage as the Toyota FCH fuel cell vehicle, or about 52 miles per kilogram of hydrogen. The cost of converting the Prius to run on pure hydrogen is a small fraction of the cost of a fuel cell vehicle.

Quantum expects better performance out of the 2004 model Prius, since it has more battery storage than the earlier model. 

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has requested competitive bids for the supply of 36 hydrogen ICE vehicles for their H2-ICE Vehicle and Fueling demonstration project for the Southern California area. Part of this project will include five hydrogen fueling stations in five different California cities. Quantum Technologies has entered this design as part of their bid to supply the hydrogen vehicles.  Quantum claims that they will be able to get this vehicle certified for California road use if they win the AQMD bid.

Not only does the H2-ICE Prius match the fuel economy of the Toyota fuel cell vehicle, it does it at a fraction of the cost!

Details about the the Ovonics storage systems can be seen in their press release.

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