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NHA Hydrogen Conference Powered By Clean, Renewable Energy

Washington, DC (February 21, 2006)-- The NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo US is taking several novel steps to be virtually pollution-free and emphasize the potential for hydrogen to be produced with renewable resources. Sterling Planet, the nation’s leading retail renewable energy provider, has donated enough wind energy certificates to offset greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants from the Long Beach Convention Center’s electricity consumption for the five-day conference. The NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference, which is the longest running annual hydrogen conference in the world and the largest in the US, will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA, March 12-16, 2006.

“This is an important step for the hydrogen industry to take because not only does it help to reduce emissions, but it shows that environmentally friendly technologies, like wind power, will benefit from an increasing focus on hydrogen,” said National Hydrogen Association President Jeff Serfass.

Renewable energy certificates, or ‘green tags’, generated from 100 percent clean, wind energy will be donated to offset the emissions that are created when electricity is generated from conventional fossil fuels.

In addition, the NHA offers several other methods to reduce environmental impact: the opportunity to purchase renewable energy credits to offset emissions from travel, recycling facilities, sustainably harvested meals and tips for water conservation.

Attendees of the NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference have the option to purchase certified renewable energy credits (RECs) produced from a mixture of wind and solar energy by PVUSA Solar to offset pollutants from miles flown or driven to attend the conference in Long Beach. Recycling repositories will be placed throughout the meeting venues for recycling paper, bottles and cans, and event planners will choose food for receptions that comply with sustainable fishing and farming practices. Finally, attendees will be encouraged to practice water conservation at the hotel and at the Convention Center.

To register for the conference, sign up for RECs and more information about the NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference, Global Progress Toward Clean Energy, please visit www.Hy drogenConference.org

About the National Hydrogen Association

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) is the Nation’s premier hydrogen trade organization led by over 100 companies dedicated to supporting the transition to hydrogen. Efforts are focused on education and outreach, policy, safety and codes and standards. Since 1989, the NHA has served as a catalyst for information exchange and cooperative projects and continues to provide the setting for mutual support among industry, research and government organizations.

About Sterling Planet

Sterling Planet is the nation’s leading retail provider of solar, wind and other clean, renewable energy through direct sales and electric utility partnerships. Sales to date have created environmental benefits comparable to not driving 5.7 billion miles or taking 460,000 cars off U.S. roads. Founded in 2000, Sterling Planet was the first company to offer renewable energy certificates to every U.S. home and business as a way to support sustainable energy production that benefits the environment, the economy and society in general. Sterling Planet’s mission is to lead the migration to sustainable energy that is good for the environment, the economy and all current and future generations. www.sterlingplanet.com


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