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North Atlantic Hydrogen Association ( NAHA )

Cleaner future for coming generations

Nuuk, Greenland , 08.08.06

Today the North Atlantic Hydrogen Association (NAHA) was founded in Nuuk Greenland. Preparation for the start-up began in 2005 with the support of NORA (NORRŲNT ATLANTS-SAMSTARV). The initial players from Iceland , Faroe Islands and Greenland with support from Norway decided to form this Association which goal it is to:

  • Spread information between the members and international stakeholders about hydrogen technology for example by issuing public information, organising seminars, meetings, workshops and publishing a newsletter, website etc.
  • Undertake educational activities, facilitate the formulation of research projects and new developments concerning hydrogen technology, and its development within the North Atlantic region.
  • Be an active and constructive partner in supporting governance bodies, institutes and organisations to formulate an environmentally sound future policy for industry and services. Connections to the usage of hydrogen made with renewable energy will be the central issue of NAHA ’s policy.

Many of the societies in the North are small and already there is a strong cooperation between the region’s industry and governments. NAHA wants to build on that cooperation and increase the level of common understanding, not the least concerning energy systems and the environment.

Initial members at the formal kick-off meeting come from a large geographical area spreading from Norway and Denmark in the East to Nunavut (Canada), including the island societies north of Scotland.  

The meeting concluded that the board of NAHA would consist of Mr. Hjįlmar Įrnason MP from Iceland (chairman), Mr. Sigurd ķ Jįkupstovu director Jardfeingi, (vice chairman), Mr. Jens-Peter Bak Henriksen , head of international relations Nukisiiorfiit, and Mrs. Helle Brit Mostad, chairman of the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum. Substitute board members are Mr. Jon Bjoern Skulason, director Icelandic New Energy and Klaemint Weihe, director SEV.

NAHA is open for all interested parties working in the North Atlantic region and we welcome all hydrogen stakeholders to join this new cooperation (www.newenergy.is/naha ).-


Source:  North Atlantic Hydrogen Association

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