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Hythane(TM) Set to Fuel California's Hydrogen Highway

Thursday February 23, 8:00 am ET

Alternative Fuel Developer Partners With Gladstein, Neandross & Associates to Establish Hydrogen-Powered Fleets, Fueling Stations

As California moves toward Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's vision of a 'Hydrogen Highway,' one of the nation's leading air quality and transportation consulting firms has been hired by Hythane Company to help pave the way for deploying Hythane®-equipped vehicles and dispensing technology throughout the state.

For 15 years, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) has been consulting with operators of heavy duty trucks and buses to help reduce air pollution. GNA primarily assists these fleets to convert from diesel to natural gas and to build natural gas fueling stations. GNA also assists clients in evaluating other alternative fuels, hybrid electric transportation technologies and diesel emission reducing technologies.

"Hythane fuel is a blend of natural gas and hydrogen that reduces emissions by up to 50 percent over conventional natural gas," explained Roger Marmaro, Hythane president and co-founder. "California's natural gas vehicle fleets can be the first to adopt the innovative Hythane technology."

"Natural gas has long been regarded as the bridge technology to the hydrogen future, and Hythane is the bridge technology between natural gas and hydrogen," said GNA CEO Cliff Gladstein. "This is an extraordinary opportunity for California to take the next step on the cutting edge of the hydrogen revolution."

"Hythane brings us one step closer to energy independence," said hydrogen industry pioneer Frank Lynch, Hythane Company co-founder and member of various industry safety and standards boards. "Together with GNA, we are committed to developing California's hydrogen infrastructure and supporting the state's leadership on environmental issues."

About The Hythane Company, LLC

Based in Denver, the Hythane Company, LLC, bridges the gap between fossil fuels and the Hydrogen Economy with its blended hydrogen fuel stimulant, patented as Hythane® since 1988. Hythane is an alternative energy system that tunes engines, equipment and fuel storage to specific emissions standards. The company has operated as the technical division and wholly owned subsidiary of the Ireland-based Brehon Energy. Hythane is a patented fuel mixture of hydrogen and natural gas and the trademark is the property of Brehon Energy. Driven by trends in global infrastructure and environmental development, the Hythane Company is now productizing its systems for worldwide market rollout. For more information please visit www.hythane.com.

About Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates is one of the nation's leading consulting firms in the areas of air quality, alternative and renewable energy, and transportation policy and technologies. GNA helps businesses and governments develop and implement policies and technologies that reduce pollution and the use of conventional petroleum products. Based in Santa Monica, California and New York City, GNA works to bring about cost-effective solutions to reduce pollution from motor vehicles, reduce the nation's dependence on foreign sources of petroleum, and create innovative public-private partnerships to pursue market-based solutions for environmental problems.

Source: The Hythane Company, LLC

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