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Hydrogen Fuel Lights the Fire at Outdoor Barbecue Benefit for Hurricane Victims

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Approximately three-quarters of American households own a barbecue grill. Of these homes, over half use their grill year-round. The argument over what is the best method for grilling, be it propane or charcoal, is an ongoing debate among the devoted.

But what if there is another way to fire up the grill that is cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly? Suppose this resource isn't dependent on costly fossil fuels that are rapidly heading toward extinction? And what if the only byproduct is water residue, which translates into a plump and juicy piece of meat? All of this is possible with hydrogen gas.

Hydrogain Technologies, Inc., an innovator in fuel generation technologies based in Pompano Beach, FL, will demonstrate the safety, benefits and practicality of barbecuing with hydrogen at a special outdoor benefit. This festive and informative happening will be held at the Calvary Chapel Sawgrass Church in Davie, FL; details and the upcoming date soon to be announced. All proceeds from the benefit will go to the Calvary Chapel Sawgrass Church fund for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.

Using a standard grill with a burner that is converted for hydrogen use, Hydrogain will show attendees that this resource is efficient, safe and available today.

"The event is part of Hydrogain's hydrogen awareness campaign that demonstrates in real terms how hydrogen is viable as a rapidly emerging alternative fuel," states Hydrogain Vice President Alan Jackson. "Now everyone can enjoy one of America's favorite pastimes using a fuel that is in limitless supply, cost-effective, and produces no pollutants to harm the environment."

Jackson also stated that Hydrogain's hydrogen burner used in the barbecue grill can also be used in a host of everyday applications, including but not limited to furnaces, stovetops, ovens, and water heaters.

Festivities for the hurricane benefit will include live music performed by a Christian band and entertaining activities for all ages. The Calvary Chapel Sawgrass Church is located at 1775 S. Flamingo Road in Davie.

For further information about the benefit or the company, contact Alan Jackson at Hydrogain Technologies at 954-917-3011, ext. 101, or visit http://www.hydrogain.com.

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