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MGE UPS SYSTEMS Teams with FuelCellStore.com to Market Portable
AirGen® Fuel Cell Generators

FuelCellStore.com First Online Portal to Carry Innovative Environmentally Friendly Power System

Costa Mesa, Calif. - November 17, 2003 - MGE UPS SYSTEMS Inc., the technology leader in providing unsurpassed power protection solutions for critical applications, and a worldwide distributor and service provider for Ballard Power Systems' AirGen® fuel cell generator, today announced that it has partnered with FuelCellStore.com to market the innovative AirGen fuel cell generator on its popular online portal. FuelCellStore.com is the preeminent global provider of commercially available fuel cell products. Over 100 companies around the globe are working with FuelCellStore.com to bring their products to the global marketplace.

As a leader in providing unsurpassed power protection systems for the desktop PC to the large data center, MGE is dedicated to bringing innovative power solutions to the market. "We're very excited to partner with FuelCellStore.com to help accelerate the availability and adoption of the AirGen generator to a broad market through its e-commerce portal," stated Jack Pouchet, director of marketing for MGE UPS Systems, Inc. "Their focus solely on fuel cell solutions will help pioneer the viability and acceptance of products that are commercially available today. The portable AirGen fuel cell generator, manufactured by Ballard Power Systems, marks the latest in advanced zero-emission indoor power generation available today. In the ongoing scenario of poor power quality and availability, the one-kilowatt AirGen fuel cell generator is a great solution for providing hours of backup time for SoHo and small industrial applications."

"We're very excited to feature the AirGen generator on our portal. In ongoing discussions with our customers, the single largest category of interest centers around residential and backup power systems," commented Jason Burch, vice president for FuelCellStore.com. "Ballard's integrated fuel cell unit is one of the first one-kilowatt power generators that customers can purchase today and put into use immediately as either backup power or as an alternative power source. We anticipate a high level of interest in this clean fuel cell solution."

The portable AirGen generator, powered with Ballard's Nexa® power module, is easy to operate. Users simply plug in appliances or electronic systems directly into the AirGen generator to provide hours of power. During a power outage, the AirGen fuel cell generator will automatically start protecting connected equipment. Unlike traditional battery backup systems that last just minutes, the AirGen generator quietly generates electricity as long as hydrogen fuel is supplied. The unit also features built-in surge suppression, insulating connected equipment from damaging surges and brownouts.

MGE supports the AirGen fuel cell generator with its network of 900 service specialists in 170 centers worldwide assuring customer satisfaction. For more information on the portable AirGen generator, visit www.fuelcellstore.com or www.mgeups.com/us.

About MGE UPS Systems:

MGE UPS Systems is a world leader in providing high quality power solutions that increase power availability and system uptime to PCs and enterprise-wide networks, mission -critical telecommunication systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes. MGE\'s comprehensive product offering includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), inverters, rectifiers, power management software, active harmonic conditioners, and surge suppressors that provide MGE\'s customers with end-to-end infrastructure solutions. With its Total Quality Management and MGE PowerServicesT programs, supported by a network of 900 service specialists in 170 centers worldwide, MGE\'s customers are assured of the highest-level of quality and service throughout the complete life cycle of their installations.

With U.S. headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif., MGE is able to deliver the latest in innovative solutions around the globe. To learn more about MGE\'s power protection, conversion and distribution solutions, visit MGE\'s Web site at: www.mgeups.com.

About FuelCellStore.com:

FuelCellStore.com, based in Colorado, is a leading global distributor of fuel cell products. The company is one of the first online portals dedicated to offering commercially available fuel cell systems and associated products directly to consumers. More than 100 companies from around the world are now working with FuelCellStore.com to bring their products to the global marketplace.

The initial efforts to establish the company began in 1999; after developing the website and its associated content the portal went live in mid-2000. The first sales were completed in the fourth quarter and the company has grown rapidly ever since. Over 300 products are now available to customers.

FuelCellStore.com focuses on providing "market pull" for the new fuel cell industry, in contrast to the hundreds of other companies who are developing new products. Specifically, the company's mission is to be "The Nexus" for the industry. FuelCellStore.com is the one place where all types of customers and product providers are encouraged to come together and help the world move more rapidly to implement change to a renewables-based solar-hydrogen economy.

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