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Press Release Source: HydrogenWorks

Nationwide Hydrogen Education Tour to Launch in Denver This Fall
Tuesday August 19, 9:00 am ET

Ford Motor Company and Colorado School of Mines Are Event Sponsors, Dr. Geoffrey Ballard to Serve as Keynote Speaker


DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 2003--This fall, people unfamiliar with hydrogen as a fuel source will have the opportunity to see, learn and experience the future of hydrogen and recent innovations through interactive exhibits and displays.

The Hydrogen Education Tour will make its debut in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center on Oct. 11-12, with additional stops scheduled for 2004 in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and other major cities in the United States.

Organized by HydrogenWorks(TM), a media company devoted to education and public awareness of hydrogen, fuel cells and clean energy, the Hydrogen Education Tour will offer information about production, storage and infrastructure, safety, and fuel cell applications of hydrogen.

"The Hydrogen Education Tour is the first-of-its-kind exhibit that will bring intellectuals, influencers and the public together to learn about hydrogen and its implications for the future," said Andrew Bermingham, president and CEO of HydrogenWorks. "Anyone with little or no knowledge of hydrogen fuel will be able to leave the exhibit with a deeper understanding of the potential for hydrogen energy."

Hydrogen as an energy source has recently been the focus of much attention by industry and political leaders. In his most recent State of the Union address, President George W. Bush announced a $1.7 billion research program to develop hydrogen as America's next energy source. President Bush predicted that in 20 years, Americans will drive hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars, reducing dependence on oil for gasoline.

Ford Motor Company and the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science, are headline sponsors of the Hydrogen Education Tour. CSM has distinguished itself by developing a curriculum and research program that is geared towards responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources.

Ford will display its Model U concept vehicle, powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) designed to run on hydrogen. The engine is supercharged and intercooled for maximum efficiency and power. Its emission of pollutants, including carbon dioxide, is nearly zero, and the engine is up to 25 percent more fuel efficient than gasoline. A hybrid-electric transmission system further improves efficiency.

"We have made great strides at Ford in developing hydrogen-powered vehicles -- both internal combustion engine and fuel cell vehicles," said Mike Schwarz, director, Sustainable Mobility Technologies, Ford Motor Company. "It may take some time to get the infrastructure in place, but we're moving forcefully in the right direction."

Dr. Geoffrey Ballard, honored by Time magazine as a "Hero for the Planet," will serve as a keynote speaker for the Education Tour. Ballard, who founded Ballard Power Systems and co-founded General Hydrogen, has pioneered the hydrogen movement through the development of fuel cell-powered forklifts and hydrogen storage systems.

During the two days prior to the Hydrogen Education Tour launch, HydrogenWorks and Montreux Energy will be hosting an executive roundtable for industry, government and international leaders. Montreux Energy organizes similar roundtables throughout the world on energy-related topics. The hydrogen roundtable discussion sessions in Denver will focus on challenges and investment opportunities in the critical infrastructure aspects of moving forward hydrogen production, storage and delivery systems. The Hydrogen Investment and Infrastructure Roundtable is sponsored by Honda, with supporting companies including BP, ChevronTexaco Corp., ConocoPhillips, Fuel Cell Energy and H2Gen Innovations.

HydrogenWorks is a for-profit company founded to provide the leadership and vision necessary to articulate and popularize the use of hydrogen energy. The HydrogenWorks objective is to facilitate the emergence of hydrogen energy through initiatives that provide insight, knowledge and education. Through its Web site, Hydrogen magazine and events, HydrogenWorks will become a world-class media company devoted to hydrogen. For more information, visit www.hydrogen.com.

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Source: HydrogenWorks

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