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Heat & Glo™ Aqueon™ Creates Fire from Water

The world's first hydrogen-burning fireplace launches next generation of hearth products

2/24/2005 (Minneapolis)

(February 24, 2005)—
Hydrogen-powered concept cars and fueling stations may be the engine that's driving the shift toward the hydrogen economy, but the launch of the Aqueon hydrogen-burning fireplace from Heat & Glo is the first product to actually bring the benefits of hydrogen directly into the home. Ushering in the next generation of hearth products after wood, natural gas and liquid propane, the Aqueon is the world's first commercially available in-home hydrogen appliance. It revolutionizes fireplace design, operation and enjoyment by extracting and burning the hydrogen fuel found in water.


Beyond the Aqueon's groundbreaking internal workings, it features a stylish sculpture-esque design that transforms the way homeowners can enjoy a fire. The Aqueon offers a 360–degree view of an open flame and incorporates stainless steel and copper elements that evoke the fluid motion of fire and water. 


"Hydrogen's promise as a clean alternative energy source continues to gain momentum as government and industry invest in exploring practical ways to tap its full potential," says Brad Determan, President, Heat & Glo. "As the hearth industry's innovation leader, Heat & Glo is helping cultivate a hydrogen economy by pushing technological and design boundaries to develop home products like the Aqueon. Since hydrogen fuel burns cleanly, the Aqueon doesn't require any venting or a sealed glass front. It provides the healthiest way to enjoy an open flame and also eliminates the potential for heat loss from the home, giving homeowners 100 percent heat efficiency."


To operate the Aqueon a homeowner must supply the unit with water and electricity. It produces hydrogen through a process called electrolysis which involves passing an electrical current through water to separate the hydrogen and oxygen. Upon separation, the two elements channel individually and the Aqueon instantly ignites the hydrogen to create the flame. Tom Bachinski, Vice President, Research & Development/Engineering, Heat & Glo, elaborates: "By instantly igniting the hydrogen, the Aqueon ensures a real time combustion process that removes any chance of hydrogen fuel build-up. The Aqueon either introduces the oxygen as a secondary source to add flame color and brightness or simply releases it into the room." 


Without the typical installation restrictions of a traditional fireplace, homeowners can install the Aqueon in virtually any architectural application with the correct electrical service. Unlike traditional unvented or vent free gas hearth products, the Aqueon only burns hydrogen and oxygen, and not a carbon-based fossil fuel; therefore, it does not release any harmful by-products into the home such as carbon monoxide or nitrous oxide.


The Aqueon lights just like any other traditional gas fireplace by flipping a switch or using a remote control. Once the unit is fully operationally, the Aqueon produces a heat output of approximately 31,000 BTUs. It stands 60 inches high and is 28 inches wide.

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