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The Harry Braun Radio Talk Show

An Analyst with Answers Broadcast in over 28 States



Harry Braun

Analyst, Author of the Ten Amendments

& Former Independent Presidential Candidate


Making America energy independent with wartime-speed

by shifting from fossil and nuclear fuels to solar hydrogen technologies


Harry Braun’s radio talk show will be aired on KOKC radio 1520 am beginning on October 31st.  The show will initially be broadcast from 12:00 am to 1:00 am MST, Monday through Friday from Oklahoma City.  However, in the evening hours, the FCC allows the 50,000 watt signal to be broadcast to a potential audience of over a million people in over 28 states.  ABC News is provided on the hour, and all of the shows will be archived on the HarryBraunShow.com website so that individuals will be able to listen to the programs at their convenience.


Harry Braun is a technical analyst, author, CEO of a renewable energy company, and a former independent presidential candidate (BraunforPresident.US) and his radio talk show will explain to his listening audience that given the “Exponential Age” in which we live, it is 11:59 for Spaceship Earth.  This critical concept will be explained in detail on his initial program, but it essentially means we are rapidly approaching either a technological utopia of nanotechnology and molecular medicine or an ecological oblivion of mass-starvation as global food production systems fail from unsustainable farming practices and climate instability.  The decisions made now will determine which future evolves, which is why we on Spaceship Earth are all like the passengers on the Titanic, and there is only a limited amount of time left to change course. 


Harry’s PhoenixProjectFoundation.US plan will make the USA energy independent of not just imported oil, but all fossil and nuclear fuels by 2020.  This can be accomplished by mass-producing wind and other solar-powered hydrogen production systems and modifying every existing vehicle to use hydrogen as well as gasoline with the flip of a switch. 


Harry focuses on hydrogen because it is the only inexhaustible, pollution-free "universal fuel" that can power everything from spacecraft to a Coleman stove operating on a mountain top.  If you click on the Hydrogen Home image on the home page of the HarryBraunShow.com website, you will see how not only the vehicles, but all of the appliances in the home were modified to use hydrogen fuel.  If you click on the Oil Age graph, you will see that all of the major oil fields in Middle East are now declining in production output each year, and soon the decline will worsen exponentially, which is one of the reasons why there is a genuine sense of urgency to move to a solar hydrogen economy with wartime-speed.



A Constitutional Convention:

Finishing the American Revolution for Democracy


The trigger mechanism for this “transition of substance” is the passage of a Fair Accounting Act amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will require that military, environmental and health care costs of using fossil and nuclear fuels be factored into energy costs.  This will provide the economic incentives for oil and other energy companies to shift their investments into solar hydrogen technologies and resources.  Harry is also promoting nine other amendments outlined on the PhoenixProjectPac.US website, which will end government secrecy, unverifiable computerized voting systems, corporate financial contributions to members of Congress, the production of radioactive wastes, and federal budgets deficits.  He is also the author of a “Democracy Amendment” that will transform the USA from being an easily corrupted republic, which is rule by the tiny few, to a real democracy, which is rule by the majority.


The Harry Braun Radio Talk Show will discuss these issues of substance in detail, and focus on the fact that in order to resolve our most serious problems, we must finish the American Revolution for democracy that was started nearly 230 years ago in 1776.  Tune in to find out you can help make this transition a reality, or go to the HarryBraunShow.com website to listen to the archived programs.



For more information, please contact:


The Harry Braun Show

6128 North 28th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Telephone: 602-977-0888

Email: hb@HarryBraunShow.com


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