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Hydrogen Engine Center Unveils Mini Oxx(TM) Three Cylinder 2.4L Engine

Wednesday March 29, 11:04 am ET

LAS VEGAS, March 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) today unveiled the new Mini Oxx(TM) three cylinder 2.4L engine at Aviation Industry Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. The Mini Oxx(TM) is a compact version of HEC's Oxx Power(TM) six cylinder 4.9L engine.

"Before the conception of the Mini Oxx(TM) many aviation experts were consulted regarding the feasibility of a three cylinder engine for the industrial market," said Ted Hollinger, president of HEC. "We discovered a need for a smaller version of our 4.9L engine."

The Mini Oxx(TM) will produce approximately 65 horsepower. Many applications exist for the Mini Oxx(TM) including luggage tractors and other airport ground support equipment.

The new three cylinder engine will also feature interchangeable parts with its six cylinder counterpart. "We wanted the engines to share some of the same components to increase efficiency in production and maintenance," said Hollinger. "Seventy-two of the 81 parts used in the six cylinder, 4.9L engine are the same for the new three cylinder Mini Oxx(TM) and are interchangeable."

The Mini Oxx(TM) is the newest addition to HEC product line that already includes five engines. Engines produced at HEC are sold under the Oxx Power(TM) brand. In addition to their gasoline engines, HEC developed a family of engines that use fuels such as hydrogen, natural gas, propane, and methane. The engines include the same essential technologies and can be converted to use hydrogen when it is available.

"We were presented with a challenge and we exceeded expectations in the creation of the Mini Oxx(TM)," said Hollinger. "We are committed to the promise of hydrogen fuel; it burns cleaner and it reduces our dependence of foreign sources of fuel." HEC has targeted production of the Mini Oxx(TM) to begin in the first quarter of 2007.

About Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.

Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) engineers, manufactures and sells a family of low-emission industrial engines and generator sets built to run on gasoline and a variety of other alternative fuels, including hydrogen. HEC's products are used to power equipment for the industrial and power generation markets. HEC was incorporated in June 2003 by Mr. Ted Hollinger, former director of power conversion for the Ecostar Division of Ford Motor Company and formerly power conversion group vice president of Ballard Power Systems, responsible for development of hydrogen engine gensets. HEC is located at 2502 East Poplar Street, Algona, IA 50511. Visit http://www.hydrogenenginecenter.com for more information.

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Source: Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.

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