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General Hydrogen Announces Commercial Sale for US Army Project

RICHMOND, British Columbia, October 11, 2005 – General Hydrogen Corp., a leader in fuel cell battery replacement technology, announced today that it has sold a hydrogen-powered Hydricity® Pack to ePower Synergies, Inc.

The Hydricity® Pack will be delivered by mid-March 2006, for use in a new forklift truck as part of a US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) project being led by the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC), with vehicle demonstration activities at  Grand Forks Air Force Base in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Frank Trotter, General Hydrogen President and CEO, said, “This is an important commercial sale to ePower, the integrator of the forklift, and we will be working very closely with them on their broader evaluation project at the air base.”

Bruce Wood, President of ePower, a developer of clean vehicle systems based in Cordova, Illinois, said, “EERC’s project involves demonstration of hydrogenfueled technologies and development of a field-portable process for producing hydrogen from a common fuel, JP-8 jet fuel, which is used in all military vehicles, including planes, tanks, and Humvees. 

“One of the objectives of this project is to evaluate the performance of a  hydrogen fuel cell powered forklift truck against a conventional propane powered unit, therefore we specified a pneumatic-tired forklift,” added Wood.

Trotter said the forklift to be used will be an 80 volt Hyster, unlike the usual 36 or 48 volt solid-tired North American versions.

“Because it’s a European-based vehicle, this sale will provide us very useful feedback and experience for our subsequent growth outside North America in the not too distant future,” added Trotter.

“While we have made other commercial sales, this one will be notable in that the truck will operate outdoors and our Packs will be subjected to extremes of temperature and operating conditions.” said Trotter.

Wood continued, “This is a very important opportunity for General Hydrogen because the US Department of Defense has thousands of vehicles, not only forklifts that could potentially benefit from the use of its fuel cell battery replacement technology.

“Hydrogen fuel cells have some major inherent advantages over conventional battery technologies in military applications. They have better cold weather tolerance and performance and they do not emit acidic or toxic vapors around other highly-sensitive equipment.

“They can also provide a ready source of high quality electricity for use with other systems,” he added

General Hydrogen is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, near Vancouver. It is a private, Delaware-registered company started six years ago by Dr. Geoffrey Ballard and Paul Howard, the original founders of Ballard Power Systems. General Hydrogen develops and is commercializing fuel cell systems and hydrogen fueling solutions for industrial vehicles and other off-road equipment.

The EERC is a research, development, demonstration, and commercialization facility recognized as one of the world’s leading developers of cleaner, more efficient energy technologies as well as environmental technologies to protect and clean our air, water, and soil. The EERC was designated as the National Center for Hydrogen Technology (NCHT) by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in November 2004.


General Hydrogen: Nigel Horsley, Director, Investor and Public Relations, 604-233-7676, and Susan Totten/Leslie MacDougall, 604-233-7618/7619.

ePower Synergies: Amy Nielsen, VP Communications, 309-654-9299.

EERC: Derek Walters, Communications Manager, 701-777-5113, [email protected]


Source:  General Hydrogen
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