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Architectural Firm Forms ARRC/H2 Alliance to Take Hydrogen Stations to a New Level

ARRC/H2 aerial view; Photo: Jock Pottle/Esto

New Canaan, CT -- March 6, 2006... Hydrogen will not only reinvent the automobile -- it will reinvent the corner gas station as envisioned in the architectural firm AG/ENA’s innovative design for a prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station / Information Center. AG/ENA has formed the ARRC/H2 Alliance, a multi-company initiative to conceptually develop AG/ENA’s prototype hydrogen station. “Our goal, says Alan Eliot Goldberg principal of AG/ENA, “is to raise public awareness and acceptance of hydrogen as a clean, safe, renewable energy.” The ARRC/H2 Alliance, composed of industry leaders Shell Hydrogen, Hydrogenics, Frey-Moss, Forum Lighting, Signstrut Milwaukee and AG/ENA, launched the project at the Center for Architecture in New York. According to an industry spokesperson, “the automotive industry applauds this project to enhance the hydrogen fueling experience.” Six consulting firms are providing services to the Alliance and there are plans to add more members.

Envisioned in a park-like setting, the Alliance’s prototype hydrogen station features a unique, one-way circular traffic pattern that enables drivers to gain quick and easy access to fueling dispensers and safer more convenient access to retail spaces. Other innovations include environmentally sustainable construction -- use of recycled materials, water and energy efficiencies, reduced site disturbance and other sustainable features. The design will also incorporate an information center displaying a hydrogen car and exhibits to foster the public’s understanding and acceptance of hydrogen fuels.

According to the ARRC/H2 Alliance partners, “Our initiative will accelerate the use of hydrogen fuels and lead the way toward cleaner air, energy independence and a stronger, sustainable economy.” For more information please visit www.arrch2alliance.com.


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