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DENVER, CO April 1, 2005 – The Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) selected a proposal for the Colorado Fuel Cell Center (CFCC). The proposal is from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), the Gas Technology Institute, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Versa Power Systems, Inc. (VPS).

The proposal was selected because it allows the State to meet its goal of expanding fuel cell related research, development, education, and commercial application in Colorado. The proposal also meets the requirement of a $1 million to match OEMC’s $2 million investment.  CFCC will be located at the Colorado School of Mines and GTI will manage its daily operations for the two-year period. GTI will also provide technical advice on fuel cell research, development, demonstration, and commercialization, as well as provide public education.  “This is a proud moment for the Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation. We are very pleased that such a respected group could come together to form this partnership with the state. This will fulfill the Governor’s promise in his ‘2005 State-of-the-State Address’ to form the Colorado Fuel Cell Center,” said Rick Grice, the OEMC director. “It will build from the solid reputations of its partners and provide a strong research, economic, and educational platform for fuel cell and hydrogen technology development and will help put Colorado ‘in the game’ for this important and emerging energy technology of the future.”

An extensive amount of research on electrochemical technology, materials and fuel processing will be performed by the partners, as well as CSM students and faculty. CSM will add fuel cell courses to the existing curriculum and oversee all student and faculty research programs.  At the completion of this two-year project, operation of the CFCC will be self-sustaining through research and development contracts and consulting agreements. CFCC will emphasize the development of the Colorado fuel cell industry as it actively responds to national solicitations in fuel cells.

This proposal also received the strong support of many Colorado State legislators, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, the Mayor of Golden, Colorado, the Federal Bureau of Reclamation and several Colorado businesses.  

For more information, contact:
CSM: Dr. Nigel Middleton, 303-273-3327,
GTI & VPS: Dr. Robert Stokes, 847-768-0818,
NREL: Dr. Stanley Bull, 303-275-3030, Stan_Bull@nrel.gov
OEMC: Rick Grice, 303-866-2401, Rick.Grice@state.co.us

About Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC):
As the lead state agency on energy efficiency and conservation issues, OEMC serves the people and businesses of Colorado through demonstration and education of viable, real-world solutions to the need to reduce our reliance on foreign energy. OEMC serves as a statewide advocate of energy efficiency through its programs and partnerships that benefit Colorado's economic and natural environment. OEMC receives federal funding, including U.S. Department of Energy, but no Colorado state tax dollars to support its activities. Contact OEMC at
www.state.co.us/oemc or call toll-free, 800-632-6662.



Source:  Colorado OEMC

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