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Energy Saving Grants Awarded to the Colorado Office of Energy Management and Conservation

DENVER, Sep 08, 2005 -- The Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) received seven State Energy Program Special Projects grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Colorado's project partners (sub-grantees) will receive a total of $361,407 in federal funding, which is matched by funds from each grantee. The winning grants will be administered by OEMC.

Four of the seven grants promote alternative, clean and efficient fuels under the Clean Cities Programs. DOE will fund three Clean Cities Coalition coordinators positions with $20,000 each in Northern Colorado, Denver Metro, and Colorado Springs. Clean Cities will also fund the Flatiron Improvement District with $11,656 for its Idle Reduction Technology and Public Awareness Campaign.

The Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation's Rebuild Colorado program will receive $100,000 to support energy efficient buildings. OEMC was also awarded $75,000 for a study called "Colorado Biomass Market Transformation." Last, E-Star Colorado received $114,751 for a residential codes project "Codes: The Next Steps."

"OEMC is committed to helping our state make the best use of our energy resources," said Drew Bolin, OEMC director. "These grants will help Colorado explore ways to address the rising costs of fuel through measures such as energy efficiency and alternative fuels."

DOE's State Energy Program Special Projects are awarded yearly on a competitive basis to support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed energy projects. States submit proposals in response to DOE's solicitation identifying how specific technologies can be implemented in their region of the country. DOE selects the projects that best meet national energy goals.

OEMC and the project partners must go through a final negotiation process prior to contract execution. Project work is expected to commence in October 2005. Information on the projects will soon be accessible at OEMC's website at www.state.co.us/oemc.


Source:  Colorado OEMC

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