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Anuvu Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Pick-Up Truck

 Ideal For Organizations Committed To Helping Establish Hydrogen Economy

Sacramento, CA– November 11, 2003 –A zero-emission hydrogen-powered pick-up truck running on a fuel cell/battery hybrid engine is now for sale and available for delivery from Anuvu Incorporated, a pioneering developer and supplier of fuel cell products.

Anuvu’s Clean Urban pick-up truck, part of Anuvu’s Clean Urban Vehicle (CUV™) line, makes it possible for environmentally conscious consumers and institutions to own and operate fuel cell-powered vehicles. The truck demonstrates Anuvu’s overall commitment to helping place hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road in order to jump-start wide usage of such vehicles. More hydrogen vehicles could justify increased infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations, an important factor necessary for widespread adoption.

The truck is a Nissan Frontier pick-up that runs on two Anuvu Power-X™ 6 kW PEM fuel cells powering a motor from leading electric motor and vehicle provider Solectria Corporation. The fuel cell/electric motor hybrid vehicle is designed to operate in typical urban and suburban fleet traffic patterns, accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds, and can achieve speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. The zero emission pick-up truck can travel distances of 250 miles within city environments. Although this urban range is similar to conventional vehicles, this initial version of the Clean Urban pick-up truck will be limited to 60 miles on highways in order to keep the price to $99,995 dollars (U.S.). Longer-range highway fleet vehicles are available by custom order. Pick-ups are currently available for delivery in a two-door or four-door model.

“We’re able to provide the first cost-effective commercial fuel cell pick-up because of our unique fuel cell/battery hybrid design that requires lower capital costs while still delivering greater range, increased lifetime and decreased hydrogen usage,” said Rex Hodge, president and CEO of Anuvu. “Anuvu’s fuel cell trucks give fleet managers of utilities and municipalities powerful, all-purpose vehicles that affirm their organizations’ commitment to promoting clean energy transportation.”

Anuvu’s fuel cells Power-X 1.5 kW fuel cells are currently used in a number of automotive and marine vehicle applications including the two and four-door version of the Anuvu Clean Urban Vehicle (CUV) and a zero-emission harbor water taxi. Anuvu will be demonstrating its Clean Urban Vehicle car at the EVS-20 alternative vehicle show in Long Beach, California, November 15-18. The car will be available for media test drives.

Anuvu Clean Urban pick-up truck orders can be made through fuelcellstore.com and Anuvu’s site, www.anuvu.com, or by calling 916-921-7040. Anuvu also offers consultation and installation of hydrogen filling stations for purchased vehicles and fleets.

About Clean Urban Vehicle (CUV) Line Anuvu Clean Urban Vehicles (CUV) are zero-emission vehicles built from existing production models converted into hybrid fuel cell-battery powered vehicles. The vehicles, running on Anuvu Power-X fuel cells, are designed to meet the duty cycle requirements of contemporary urban fleet vehicles and represent an unprecedented and dramatic, low-cost shift in design of fuel cell vehicles compared to those currently offered by other manufacturers.

About Anuvu Anuvu Incorporated is a pioneering developer and supplier of fuel cell products. The proprietary design of Anuvu’s fuel cells allows for near-term development and enhanced design potential for vehicles efficiently powered by hydrogen. Anuvu offers its Power-X fuel cell line to industries such as automotive, marine/boating and educational research and offers low-cost, off-the-shelf fuel cell engine products as well as specially designed systems. More information can be found at: www.anuvu.com.

CUV™ and Power-X™ are trademarks of Anuvu, Inc.

Press Contact: Jory White, Antenna Group for Anuvu 415-977-1933 [email protected]

Anuvu Contact: Craig Newhouse, Ph.D. 916-921-7040 Ext. 204 [email protected]

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