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Angstrom is Ready to Bring Portable Hydrogen Power to Real Users

2005-10-14 - VANCOUVER, BC CANADA – Angstrom Power Inc. today announced that the company will launch two products early in 2006: the G2 Micro-Hydrogen Charger and the R1 Refueling Station. The G2 charger, intended primarily for demonstration and evaluation, will be among the first demonstrations of handheld hydrogen powered devices in the world.

G2 Micro-Hydrogen Charger
Angstrom’s portable G2 Micro-Hydrogen charger device will be a 2 watt, 5 volt fuel cell system with on-board hydrogen storage and power conditioning electronics. Among the unit’s features is a USB connection, which permits the convenient recharging of portable electronic devices including cell phones, PDAs, and digital cameras.

R1 Refueling Station
Angstrom’s R1 Refueling Station will be used to refuel fuel cell devices (including the G2 Micro-Hydrogen Charger). Up to three devices can be refueled simultaneously and be ready for operation within minutes. The R1 Refueling Station can be used together with fixed hydrogen sources. Thanks to its integrated hydrogen storage it can also be used in the field on a standalone basis.

“We are excited about our technology, but we are even more excited to start bringing the technology into products and getting them into the hands of real users,” said Dr. Ake Almgren, CEO of Angstrom.

About Angstrom Power Inc.
Based in North Vancouver, BC, Angstrom Power Inc. develops and commercializes micro hydrogen technology for portable power and battery replacement applications. The Company currently owns 2 registered patents and has 40 patents pending.


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