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Angstrom Power launches micro hydrogen™ fuel cell flashlight

2006-03-14 - Angstrom Power announced today the release of its A2 micro hydrogen™ fuel cell flashlight. Running on hydrogen fuel stored in the handle and air from the surrounding environment, the 1 Watt LED flashlight delivers a continuous run-time of over 24 hours on a single charge of hydrogen.

The A2 was featured prominently yesterday at the opening ceremonies of two hydrogen industry events. The A2’s micro hydrogen™ fuel cell technology was showcased to government and industry leaders at the grand opening of California’s “HyRoad,” the most comprehensive hydrogen demonstration program in North America, and telecast simultaneously to the opening plenary of the annual National Hydrogen Association (NHA) conference in Los Angeles.

“The A2 flashlight is powered by micro hydrogen™ fuel cells and runs longer than any competing flashlight, said Dr. Ged McLean, President and CTO of Angstrom Power. “We are very pleased at the positive reception that the A2 has received from these industry events and from leading suppliers to specialty lighting markets.”

A2 Flashlight

The A2’s Luxeon LED produces white light with ten time (10X) the brightness of similar LEDs for the same amount of power. The A2 flashlight eliminates the need for costly and environmentally damaging disposable batteries. Unlike traditional battery-powered flashlights, where brightness degrades with successive use, the A2 retains constant light output for virtually its entire charge.

The A2 is available for purchase and is ideal for search & rescue teams, military, disaster response units and organizations seeking fuel cell devices for public demonstrations. The flashlight uses an Angstrom micro hydrogen™ fuel cell to generate electrical power and a proprietary metal hydride system for on-board storage of hydrogen. Refueling takes about 10 minutes using Angstrom’s portable refueling station. Future versions will also offer refueling in the field via a portable cartridge. The A2 is 15cm in length and delivers an energy density of over 300Wh/l. A larger model is also available.

Micro hydrogen™ fuel cells deliver ‘better than batteries’ performance by combining high energy density, long run-times and small form factors, along with clean, safe hydrogen fuel, to power portable devices. In addition to flashlights, micro hydrogen™ can power cellphones, PDAs, sensors, lighting, two-way radios and other products. The rising demand for more functionality in cellphones, including voice, data, music and video, along with the increasing demands for smaller size and longer run-times, has created a global opportunity for new power sources such as micro hydrogen™.


About Angstrom Power Inc.
Based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Angstrom develops and commercializes micro hydrogen™ technology which enables high energy density power sources in small form factors suitable for portable devices, handheld electronics, lighting and battery replacement applications. Angstrom presently offers micro hydrogen™ technologies and products for demonstration, evaluation and integration purposes. Founded in 2001, Angstrom has over forty patents and patents pending. To learn more visit www.angstrompower.com.

Angstrom currently offers a complete line of micro hydrogen™ fuel cell technologies, products and refueling stations. Visit Angstrom Power at GLOBE 2006 in Vancouver, BC from March 29-31, 2006 for a hands-on demonstration.


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