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Angel's Nest and Hydrogen Labs Show the Future to the New Mexico Hydrogen Business Council

Angel's Nest teams with several other companies to provide a complete lifestyle that incorporates renewable energy and hydrogen.

By Bob Willis
February 27, 2006

When the police squad car stopped at the New Mexico Hydrogen Business Council Conference last week it appeared to be just like any other police cruiser, a typical black and white unit that is seen all over the country.  A closer look at the side of the car revealed the message, "To Protect and Serve the Environment".  On the driver's door was a badge-like emblem with a large letter H in the middle of it, and the words "Hydrogen Patrol" above.  And the driver was not a typical uniformed police officer, but rather the beautiful actress and model, Victoria Peters, the cofounder of Angel's Nest, where the concept of sustainable living is a reality.

"To Protect and Serve the Environment" - Larry and Brandon Parks of Hydrogen Labs present their Hydrogen ICE Highway Patrol cruiser concept Angel's Nest cofounder actress Victoria Peters with Governor Bill Richardson. 
Photos: Angel's Nest

Ford's Crown Victoria has been the vehicle of choice for police departments around the country for a number of years.  It is roomy enough to comfortably hold two officers in the front and up to three passengers in the back. The small V-8 engine has quick and responsive performance, and provides excellent fuel economy for a full-size car. When Ford Motor Company decided to stop production of the Crown Victoria after the 2005 model, so many police agencies complained that Ford continued to produce them for the 2006 model. However, Ford will not manufacture any more Crown Victorias after 2006, and police departments around the country will have to find some other model to drive. Many of them will go with the Chevrolet police car. However, many police departments like the Crown Victoria so much that a new business market has developed for reconditioned used Crown Victorias.

Hydrogen Labs' QS9000, Tier 1 manufacturer has done fleet refurbishment for years. They produce a full range of vehicles, including up-fitted Crown Victorias with drivetrain warranty and hydrogen equipped.  These cars can run on hydrogen, gasoline or E85, at the flip of a switch.

According to Gene Johnson, Chief Sustainable Officer of Hydrogen Labs, the company expects to offer a reconditioned, like-new Crown Victoria that runs on either hydrogen or gasoline for about $45,000. These cars will be supplied with a new transmission and a hybrid torque converter that increases the efficiency of the vehicle. They will also have a 5,000 psi tank that will hold 4-5 kilograms of hydrogen, providing a range of 120-150 miles on hydrogen. When hydrogen is not available, the driver can switch over to gasoline for several hundred more miles.

"Hydrogen Labs was the big hit at the meeting," said Gene Johnson.  They also presented an exciting 150cc scooter that runs on the rider's choice of hydrogen or gasoline.

One of the people who was excited about the concepts presented at the conference was New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who wants the state to lead the country in the development of a renewable hydrogen economy.  Since he was present at the conference, he learned about the benefits of the Hydrogen Labs police cruiser hydrogen conversion and the sustainable lifestyle of Angel's Nest.  The governor plans to visit the Angel's Nest resort soon to see it first hand.

Hydrogen Labs has plans to convert automobiles to hydrogen all across the country.  It is developing a curriculum to train technicians to perform hydrogen conversions through the Advanced Transportation Technology (ATT) initiative of the California Community Colleges. Developed by the California Community Colleges Economic & Workforce Development Program, ATT consists of ten community colleges throughout California.  In addition, Hydrogen Labs is converting a school bus in Fresno to run on hydrogen.  Their technology can be used on any internal combustion engine that uses electronic fuel injection.

The Angel's Nest concept of sustainable living, developed by Robert Plarr and Victoria Peters, represents a revolution in how energy can be generated and used.  Soon, this group of entrepreneurs will begin building Angel's Nest sister communities throughout the country.  Community energy will be produced locally from renewable resources, while community members will use clean hydrogen in the vehicles they drive.


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