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Hydrogen Pickup Truck on the Drive to Survive, May 7, 2003

The highlight of the Drive to Survive stop at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory was the Toyota pickup truck, converted to run on hydrogen by its owner, Tai Robinson. It was the only vehicle in the flotilla that ran on pure hydrogen.

The truck has been configured to run on a choice of three fuels: gasoline, natural gas and hydrogen. It can run on any of the fuels in a dedicated mode, or the fuels can be mixed to provide a combination of power and efficiency. Robinson has found that the best performance is with a mixture of gasoline and hydrogen. Running on pure hydrogen, however, results in the cleanest burn of all.

Robinson's truck actually cleans the air while he drives. When running on pure hydrogen, the air that leaves the tail pipe has less pollutants than the air that enters the engine.


Tai Robinson's Hydrogen Truck

Tai Robinson's Hydrogen Pickup Truck


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