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Press Release Source: Dennis Weaver

Bush's $1,200,000,000 Hydrogen Contribution Highlights Dennis Weaver's Four Big Newsworthy Events Monday February 24, 8:07 am ET

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Dennis Weaver highlights the following newsworthy events: 1. President Bush, perhaps responding to actor Dennis Weaver's hydrogen crusade and Dennis' widely-publicized letter to him, allocates $1,200,000,000 for hydrogen fuel development, in his State of the Nation address.

2. Weaver in "reality" role in "Touched by an Angel" March 1, in a part and segment written for and about him. Entire show revolves around his hydrogen activities.

3. Weaver readying partially hydrogen-fueled caravan from Los Angeles to Washington to present 100,000 signatures to Congress for hydrogen, and to stop importing oil.

4. Party open to public at Palm Springs area celebrity-filled mansion raising funds for Weaver's non-profit Institute of Ecolonomics' "Drive to Survive 2003" caravan. Tom Hanks, Ted Danson, Linda Gray, Valerie Harper, Bill Pullman, Edward James Olmos and other noted personalities join the crusade. Some will attend the party.

Ten years of crusading to help "save the planet" from air pollution by gasoline, and substitution of hydrogen, by Dennis and his wife-for-57-years, Gerry, just rewarded by President Bush's endorsement of hydrogen in his State of the Nation address and several times since. Dennis publicly announced in 2001 his writing the President urging conversion to hydrogen.

Saturday night, March 1, the "The Good Earth" segment of "Touched by an Angel," on CBS, will show Dennis as Emmitt Rivers, a fictional zealot trying to save the planet with his hydrogen development. Talk about "reality" on TV! Dennis' "Gunsmoke" and "McCloud" were never like this...

The caravan, similar to but much larger than Weaver's "Drive for Life" in 2001 from L.A. to Denver, will be from May 1 to 14, with events, rallies, seminars and press conferences, in all cities en route from L.A. to Washington.

Other celebrities also are on the Drive to Survive Support Committee, some of whom will drive non-gasoline cars part way. Many will attend the Pre- Launch fund-raising Gala at the estate of Mr. and Mrs. William Shernoff in Rancho Mirage, California, from 3-6 p.m., March 22. Public may telephone 970- 626-3820 for reservations.

Ed Begley, Jr., Valerie Bertinelli, Mike Farrell, Beverly Garland, Larry Hagman, Daryl Hannah, Governor Gary Johnson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Michael Nouri, Joseph Sargent, Tom Skerritt, Jeffrey Tambor, U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, Lindsay Wagner, Roger Williams and others are on the Committee.

Weaver, whose career began more than half a century ago on Broadway, has always simultaneously coordinated his acting with his advocacies. His campaigning for hydrogen as a clean fuel has resulted in some journalists alluding to him as the father of the hydrogen automobile. Until such vehicles are available for daily use, Dennis and Gerry drive the Prius, a hybrid Toyota that combines electric and gasoline power.

Lifelong thespian that he is, Dennis Weaver today is particularly proud of the characterization he has created for "Touched by an Angel," the hydrogen- obsessed Emmitt Rivers, who will be seen for the first time the evening of March 1.

Daily for the past six years Weaver has been introducing the Starz Encore "Westerns" series, and he has just signed for a seventh year. At Christmastime he will be heard in a key role in Disney's big-budget animation feature attraction, "Home on the Range."

To participate in Mr. Weaver's endeavors and for further information: Website - http://www.dennisweaver.com . Or http://www.drivetosurvive.info .

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