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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Alternative energy group promotes hydrogen motor vehicles --- A local West Point alumnus has joined forces with an alternative power specialist to form Thayer Gate Energy, a company that is promoting hydrogen power as an alternate for fleet vehicles. --- Mid-Hudson News --- Dec 30, 2005

Edison to Shut Down Polluting Coal Plant --- A massive coal-fired power plant that has provided Southern California Edison with 7% of its electricity — but emits vast quantities of air pollution that have clouded views of the Grand Canyon — will close at year's end to comply with a court ordered deadline, the utility confirmed Thursday. --- L.A. Times --- Dec 30, 2005

Jadoo Power to Introduce Fuel Cell Products for Prosumers at CES --- Dec 29, 2005

Nuclear's not the answer; combining hydrogen, wind and solar is --- John Dabrowski in the Asbury Park Press --- Dec 28, 2005

Congress and the DOE are cutting the budget of NREL, where scientists are working to solve America's energy problems and eliminate foreign energy imports.

NREL is one small part of the Department of Energy that is actually doing something to make us energy independent. Cutting its budget will result in more of our money going overseas to buy more foreign oil. If we cut the NREL budget, we are cutting our own throats.

Contact your senators and congresspersons immediately to get them to make sure NREL funding has priority.

If you want energy independence, call your congressperson and demand that NREL be fully funded.

If you want to continue giving more and more of your tax dollars to the giant oil companies, just do nothing.

Hydrogen Busses to Fuel China Modernization --- As part of China's march toward modernization, the Hythane Company will begin demonstrating its low-emission vehicle fuel system in support of China's national air quality program. The company has signed memos of understanding with five major cities to test and convert as many as 10,000 diesel busses to be powered by Hythane(TM) fuel, a blend of natural gas and hydrogen that reduces emissions by up to 50 percent compared to traditional natural gas. The project targets full conversion prior to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. --- Dec 28, 2005

Congress may yank wind from energy lab's sails --- "There's no excuse for these cuts. You just don't do this at a time when energy is such a big issue." --- Denver Post --- Dec 21, 2005

Layoffs in store at NREL --- Up to 100 scientists may go as Congress slashes budget --- Rocky Mountain News --- Dec 20, 2005

NREL Set To Layoff 100 Starting Next Year --- The Denver Channel --- Dec 20, 2005

Inventor hopes for federal funding --- A Beverly Hills man wants to build storage tanks to serve as fueling stations for hydrogen cell cars. --- St. Petersburg Times, Citrus County --- Dec 27, 2005

New battery puts power plant in your pocket --- Canon has announced plans to operate its printers, cameras, cellphones, and MP3 player using so-called PEM fuel cells. A prototype was presented in early November in Tokyo. Unlike many of their competitors, Canon's developers have cast their lot with hydrogen energy sources. --- IOL --- Dec 25, 2005

Dynetek Delivers Hydrogen Fuel Storage Solutions to TUG Technologies --- This demonstration project utilizes Dynetek's Hydrogen Fuel Storage System solutions by providing Hydrogen to tow tractors powered by a Ford Motor Company internal combustion engine. The Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2 ICE) vehicle platform provides the reliability necessary for the adoption of Hydrogen as an alternative vehicle fuel. --- Dec 23, 2005

Hydrogen-powered car coming to Burlington --- Rep. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday announced a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to build a small hydrogen-fuel generator and hydrogen pump at the Public Works site. It will take its power from a BED wind turbine. The electricity, using a device called an electrolyzer, splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen will be compressed and stored in a high-pressure tank on the small site. --- "We cannot overstate the significance of the problem or our need to break away from gasoline-fueled cars," he said in a prepared statement. "Cars are America's biggest reason for oil dependence and they represent the single biggest piece of our global warming problem." --- Burlington Free Press --- Dec 21, 2005

Sanders announces $1 million grant for hydrogen fueling station --- WCAX --- Dec 21, 2005

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. Acquires Additional Manufacturing Facility --- Dec 21, 2005

Democrats Block Alaska Oil Drilling --- Reuters --- Dec 21, 2005

Kyoto Treaty Powers Up U.S. Alternative Energy Firms --- American companies benefit from European demand for solar and wind power products. --- "It's a no-brainer to do business in solar in Europe," said Jon Slangerup, chief executive of Solar Integrated, whose 120 employees are producing about one mile of solar roofing panels a week at a plant in South Los Angeles. "The only question is: How much can you allocate and how fast can you install it?"  In Germany, the world's leading solar energy market, farmers are replacing crops with fields of solar panels, thanks to a government buyback program for renewable energy that spurred 150% growth in solar installations in 2004.  Britain, France and Spain also have introduced aggressive plans to reduce their production of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases over the next decade.  "Every available [solar] module is going to Germany," said Rhone Resch, president of the Solar Energy Industries Assn. in Washington. "It's Google-like growth." --- L.A. Times --- Dec 19, 2005

New twist to Arctic drilling deal Hurricane-ravaged states would have stake in oil revenues --- "The levees will be paid for when we drill in ANWR" -- Ted Stevens, the senator from Alaska describes how he is trying to blackmail Congress to vote for drilling in ANWR by withholding funds to help the victims of hurricane Katrina.  --- San Francisco Chronicle --- Dec 19, 2005 

Transportation researchers get DaimlerChrysler hydrogen car for the holidays --- UC Berkeley News --- Dec 20, 2005

FuelCell Energy's High Efficiency DFC 300MA Power Plant Certified to California's Strict 2007 Air Emissions Standards --- Modular Power Plant, Designated as 'Ultra-Clean,' Qualifies for Preferential California Rate Treatment; Lower Manufacturing Cost Makes Systems Accessible to Larger Market --- Dec 20, 2005

Breakthrough Institute Directors Call on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Resign from NRDC (pdf) --- Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, Co-Directors of the Breakthrough Institute and the authors of a widely discussed report arguing that environmentalism was failing to deal with the crisis of global warming, today called on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to resign his position as Senior Attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council. --- "In his high-profile activism against the Cape wind farm project, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is putting the protection of his personal privilege above action on the greatest ecological crisis in human history, global warming. His advocacy, and that of his uncle, Senator Edward Kennedy, could kill the Cape Wind project, which is vital to jump-starting America’s wind industry and battling global warming. We are calling on Mr. Kennedy to immediately resign from the Natural Resources Defense Council. It would be inappropriate, given Kennedy’s high-profile role as an anti-wind activist, for him to remain associated in any way with the NRDC. Kennedy’s association with the NRDC risks sending the message that environmental groups are not serious about global warming." --- Breakthrough Institute --- Dec 16, 2005

Oily bedfellows --- Analysis: linking fossil fuel interests and the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. --- Cape Cod Today --- Dec 20, 2005

Capitol Hill weighing tighter limits on wind farms --- Shipping buffer could sink project --- In yet another congressional maneuver that could kill a wind farm proposed off Cape Cod, a conference committee is considering language that would prohibit wind turbines within 1.5 miles of shipping and ferry lanes. --- Boston Globe --- Dec 9, 2005

Hyundai Motor to commercialize fuel cell vehicle by 2010: report --- Yahoo Asia News --- Dec 20, 2005

Fuel Cells Coming Into View --- The fuel cell industry is slowly reaching commercial status as companies place products in places unseen by the general public, such as forklifts and remote sites. These are directly competitive with existing technologies on a lifetime cost basis and, considering the environmental impacts, an overall superior choice for the purchasers. Having established a preferred status in such large market niches, the industry will soon begin to look to develop other markets where similar commercial advantages can be discovered. --- Red Orbit --- Dec 20, 2005

William J. Oswald, UC Berkeley professor emeritus and pioneer in the use of algae and bacteria to treat wastewater, dies at 86 --- UC Berkeley News --- Dec 16, 2005

William J. Oswald, 86; UC Berkeley Scientist Pioneered Use of Algae to Treat Wastewater --- Los Angeles Times --- Dec 16, 2005

Face-off over Arctic drilling funds in defense spending bill --- Opponents outraged over what they view as backdoor tactic --- "This is a brazen attempt by the Republican leadership to hold funding for our troops and relief for Hurricane Katrina victims hostage to a misguided effort to open up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.  The new strategy -- crafted by Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, who has been lobbying to open the refuge to drilling for 25 years -- still faces major pitfalls, and even GOP leaders said Friday it may not succeed. --- San Francisco Chronicle --- Dec 17, 2005

Hydrogen from waste = $$$ --- Entrepreneurs plan Butler plant --- Fort Wayne Journal Gazette --- Dec 18, 2005

Costs to turn waste into gas draw skeptics --- Fort Wayne Journal Gazette --- Dec 18, 2005

IEG leads Mid East towards hydrogen age --- AME Info --- Dec 18, 2005

Unst pioneers on a high as California talk beckons --- UNST'S PURE Project received news this week that five members of the team have had presentations accepted to the largest hydrogen conference in the world. --- The Shetland Times --- Dec 16, 2005

Key to Environmentally Sound Future May Be in South Valley --- Just like us, anaerobes digest sugars. As they do, they release hydrogen.  What Cox envisions is an anaerobe-based energy processing system. He's earned several patents in his quest for a practical way to use these mighty microbes to produce commercial quantities of hydrogen. If he's on the right track, anaerobic bacteria flatulence might one day power our TV sets, computers, refrigerators, hair dryers and electric-powered automobiles. Think of the headline: Microbe Farts Save the World! --- Hollister Free Lance --- Dec 16, 2005

Inauguration of a New Hydrogen Filling Station in Singapore --- Dec 16, 2005

$7.4M NASA grant extends hydrogen research at UCF --- Orlando Business Journal --- Dec 16, 2005

California Solar Rebates Tripled for Next Year --- Vote to allocate $300 million for next year is first stage in new, long-term solar plan --- RenewableEnergyAccess.com --- Dec 16, 2005

Plug Power Announces Purchase Order for 80 GenCore(R) Fuel Cell Systems From IST in South Africa --- FinanzNachrichten.de --- Dec 15, 2005

California PUC Proposes Nation's Biggest Solar Program -- 3,000 MW of Solar Power by 2016 --- SEIA --- Dec 14, 2005

S'pore is well-positioned to become a hydrogen producing centre: BP --- Channel News Asia --- Dec 14, 2005

War Costs Poised To Reach $500B --- CBS --- Dec 13, 2005

The case for hydrogen as an industry transformer --- Detroit Autos Insider --- Dec 12, 2005

Colorado Governor's Offices Announce Two New Tools for Economic Development Using Renewable Energy --- OEMC --- Dec 12, 2005 

The Handbook on Renewable Energy Financing for Rural Colorado (pdf)

Distributed Wind Generation Study for Northeast Colorado (pdf)

College wants to be a wind center --- An eastern New Mexico community college has moved a step closer to realizing its ambition to become a national training center for the wind power industry.  Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari has received the thumbs up in a study that looked at the feasibility of establishing a training program for wind turbine maintenance workers. --- PJM News --- Dec 12, 2005

Wind center proposed - The North American Wind Research and Training Center --- A new program is blowing in the wind for Mesalands Community College and it has already gathered support throughout the state. --- Quay County Sun --- Sep 12, 2005

Katrina Makes Case for Hydrogen Fuel Cells --- Jadoo, UltraCell provide alternative power supplies --- TV Technology --- Dec 7, 2005

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered Ice Refinisher Debuts --- Earthtoys --- Dec 6, 2005

Worse Than Fossil Fuel --- Biodiesel enthusiasts have accidentally invented the most carbon-intensive fuel on earth --- Monbiot --- Dec 6, 2005

ExxonMobil reports record-breaking profits and STILL gets tax breaks! --- On October 26, 2005, ExxonMobil announced a record-breaking $9.9 billion profit for last quarter. As if that weren't enough, Congress recently gave the oil and gas industry, including ExxonMobil, $10.7 billion in tax breaks for 2005 - 2009. It just does NOT make sense for taxpayers to subsidize an incredibly profitable multi-billion dollar industry while Congress slashes programs for the most needy. --- Write a letter to ExxonMobil CEO!

Capitol Hill weighing tighter limits on wind farms --- In yet another congressional maneuver that could kill a wind farm proposed off Cape Cod, a conference committee is considering language that would prohibit wind turbines within 1.5 miles of shipping and ferry lanes. --- Boston Globe --- Dec 9, 2005

Is the Bloom Off the Hydrogen Rose? --- EV World --- Dec 10, 2005

Hydrogen's time has come --- Editorial response by Stan Ovshinsky --- Dec 10, 2005

Hydrogen car attracts Dubai's attention --- MENAFN --- Dec 12, 2005

Tax incentives for alternative fuel users sought --- WITH a pending world oil crisis and the continued damage brought by fossil fuels to the environment, the Philippine government must grant tax incentives to those who will use alternative fuels, Senator Manuel Roxas II said Saturday. --- INQ7 --- Dec 10, 2005

For Clean Energy, No Nuclear Option --- Nuclear power raises a host of serious concerns, only some of which are addressed by safer “next generation” reactor technology. The transportation and storage of radioactive waste, the possibility of a terrorist strike on a reactor, and the risk of nuclear materials finding their way to hostile groups or governments are all risks with potentially disastrous consequences.  But to me, the biggest argument against nuclear energy doesn’t need any apocalyptic doomsday scenarios. It’s found in the bottom line: multi-billion dollar nuclear plants are simply not cost-effective compared to other energy sources. --- Clean Edge

Cows make fuel for biogas train --- The world's first biogas-powered passenger train is taking its first passengers between the Swedish cities of Linkoping and Vastervik. And the biogas comes from the entrails of dead cows. --- BBC News --- Oct 24, 2005

Air Products boosting hydrogen --- Company to spend $10 billion in next 10 years on capital projects. --- The Morning Call --- Dec 8, 2005

First responders get hydrogen car safety facts in Torrance Emergency personnel from across the state meet to prepare for the day when vehicles hit the road --- Daily Breeze. --- Dec 8, 2005

Threatened by warming, Arctic people file suit against US --- Breitbart --- Dec 7, 2005

SHEC LABS and the City of Regina Saskatchewan Announce the World's First Solar Hydrogen Production Station From Landfill Gas --- Dec 7, 2005

Hyrban Concept Car --- The Engineer Online --- Dec 6, 2005

The Backup Plan --- If Plug Power, a maker of hydrogen fuel cells, succeeds, it will be in an unexpected market. --- Technology Review --- Dec 6, 2005 

Colorado Could be the Next Solar State --- The pattern has been clear: vibrant solar industries can be created overnight in states that enact legislation supporting solar energy. Colorado could stand to be the next solar-strong state with a proposal underway for rebates of up to $4.50 per installed watt. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Dec 5, 2005

An American Energy Harvest Plan by Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell --- Renewable Energy Access --- Dec 5, 2005

Strategy for the Integration of Hydrogen as a Vehicle Fuel into the Existing Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure of the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor Project (pdf) --- NREL --- Sep 2005

Sandra Batt Joins Hydrogen Engine Center as CFO --- Dec 5, 2005

More of Third World fit for wind power: UN study --- Reuters ---   Dec 4, 2005

Painesville, Ohio, Company Produces Fuel Cells for Army Research --- Red Nova -   Dec 2, 2005

After hurricanes, a renewed interest in underground power lines --- Scripps Howard News Service --- Dec 1, 2005

Renewable Energy May Bring Economic Boom to Indian Tribes  --- There is an estimated 17,000 times more wind on the northern Great Plains than would ever be utilized.  Questions remain about financing wind turbines, connecting to the grid, exploring what type of agreement tribes would have with federal power authorities and - one of the largest 'ifs' - whether enough turbines are available. As more countries take advantage of the wind to generate clean power, a worldwide shortage of turbines has developed. --- Indian Country Today --- Nov 18, 2005

California Secure Transportation Energy Partnership Announced --- Dec 1, 2005

Worldwide Hydrogen Refuelling Stations --- H2Cars --- Dec 2, 2005

Hydrogen could help halve global carbon emissions by 2050: IEA --- Yahoo News --- Dec 1, 2005

Nuvera, Fiat Powertrain Technologies, and Centro Ricerche Fiat Sign Fuel Cell Engine Partnership --- Auto Channel --- Dec 1, 2005

Roadmap developed to expedite solar water heating in U.S. --- The United States should reduce the energy it uses to heat water by 25% by 2020, mainly through the use of solar and advanced water heaters. --- reFOCUS --- Nov 30, 2005

Plug Power Receives California Multiple Awards Listing --- Nov 29, 2005

Hydrogen on the Highway: Driving a Fuel-Cell Car --- NPR --- Nov 29, 2005

Los Angeles Airport Adds Hydrogen-Fueled Demonstration Vehicle to Its Alternative-Fuel Fleet --- AME Info --- Nov 29, 2005

Eyemouth boasts UK's first hydrogen powered home --- Berkshire Today --- Nov 24, 2005

Study: Midwest Warming May Harm Ducks --- Yahoo News --- Nov 29, 2005

BP to double investment in greener energy --- BP plans to double its investment in greener energy sources over the next three years, in reaction to soaring demand for low carbon energy, the world's second-largest listed oil firm by market value said on Monday. --- Washington Post --- Nov 28, 2005

Hot!! The Big Thaw: Global Disaster Will Follow If the Ice Cap on Greenland Melts --- Now scientists say it is vanishing far faster than even they expected. --- The two developments - the most alarming manifestations of climate change to date - suggest that the ice cap is melting far more rapidly than scientists had thought, with immense consequences for civilisation and the planet. Its complete disappearance would raise the levels of the world's seas by 20 feet, spelling inundation for London and other coastal cities around the globe, along with much of low-lying countries such as Bangladesh. --- Common Dreams --- Nov 20, 2005

Fuel Cells 2000's Worldwide Stationary Fuel Cell Installation database is now On Line --- Nov 2005

Ten Eco-Friendly Companies --- Pierre Rivard compares critics of hydrogen power to those who could never fathom color television, portable phones or the Internet. "They just lack vision," says Rivard, cofounder of Hydrogenics, an Ontario-based company. "People couldn't have imagined the advances we have made years ago." --- Newsweek --- Dec 5 issue

Move past era of oil, experts say --- Former CIA Director James Woolsey paints a dire scenario: A terrorist attack causes a months-long, 6 million-barrel reduction in Saudi Arabia's daily petroleum output, sending the price of oil skyrocketing past $100 a barrel. --- News & Observer --- Nov 25, 2005

Popular Science Best of What's New 2005:  Intelligent Energy Emissions neutral vehicle (ENV) --- November 2005

Fast-growing West needs new transmission lines to carry power --- Agency says incentive-based rates will help move electricity between states --- Press Democrat --- Nov 25, 2005

High Hopes For Hydrogen --- Tampa Tribune --- Nov 27, 2005

Fuel cell is on the job in King County --- Energy source powers Renton sewage plant --- Nov 26, 2005

Hydro continues Utsira project --- "The combined wind power and hydrogen facility on Utsira has become a globally recognized landmark in the development of new energy systems based on hydrogen. By continuing this project we hope to get even more experience and vital knowledge about combining wind and hydrogen," says Ulf Hafseld, responsible for business development in Hydro's unit for new energy. --- Hydro --- Nov 25, 2005

GM's r&d guru says 'cooperation would make sense' in drive to create hydrogen-powered vehicles --- An interview with Larry Burns, GM's vice president for r&d and strategic planning. --- Autoweek --- Nov 25, 2005

India Predicts Huge Rise in Hydrogen Power --- The Indian government this week issued a road map intended to put one million vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells on the road by 2020, at an estimated cost of $5.5 billion. The plan was unveiled by a government steering group chaired by Ratan Tata, one of India's top auto industry executives. --- Inside Line --- Nov 23, 2005

ForeverGreen Enterprises Plans to Construct New Waste-to-Hydrogen Production Facility in Dekalb County that is Expected to Create 150 Jobs --- Nov 22,  2005

Hydrogen-fuelled cars on Indian roads by 2020 --- The government on Monday unveiled a roadmap to put one million hydrogen-fuelled vehicles on the country's roads and generate 1,000MW from hydrogen by 2020 through public-private initiatives. --- Indo-Asian News Service --- Nov 21, 2005

Panel submits roadmap for hydrogen energy economy in India --- The Hindu Business Line --- Nov 21, 2005

Greenland, Iceland set to become hydrogen fuel leaders --- Water, wind and geothermal energy produce "the new oil" in the Nordic countries --- Nunutsiaq News --- Nov 18, 2005

A breath of fresh exhaust --- Hydrogen fuel cell prototype marks next step toward emissions-free cars --- Daily Bruin --- Nov 18, 2005

Learning center aims to fuel enthusiasm for hydrogen power --- Asbury Park Press --- Nov 17, 2005

Mass. takes first big step away from foreign oil --- Tewksbury Advocate --- Nov 17, 2005

Time to get on the hydrogen bus --- SunLine rolls out its innovative, new $3.1 million hybrid --- The Desert Sun --- Nov 17, 2005

Honda FCX: Ride pollution-free --- USA Today --- Nov 17, 2005

Okla. could be key in fuel cell technology --- The petroleum pipelines that crisscross through Oklahoma could be used to transport the fuel that will power the cars of the future, energy experts said Tuesday. --- Seattle Post-Intelligencer --- Nov 15, 2005

Floating windmill positioned off Karmøy --- Test results demonstrate that offshore windmills will be able to withstand very rough conditions.  "Deep waters close to land, as well the proximity of established shipyards and supplier industries, make the sea off Karmøy on the west coast of Norway the perfect location for the world's first floating windmill," said Alexandra Bech Gjørv, head of the New Energy unit in Hydro, at the company's energy seminar in Bergen on Wednesday. --- Norsk Hydro --- Nov 9, 2005

Future cars could be fuelled by hydrogen technology --- A small CSIRO-developed hydrogen device the size of a domestic microwave oven may be all you need to fuel your car in the future. --- CSIRO --- Nov 15, 2005

DOE/Alliance to Save Energy Help Consumers Lower Taxes, Energy Bills With Info on New Federal Tax Credits For Energy-Efficiency Home Improvements, Hybrid Vehicles --- Alliance to Save Energy --- Nov 2005

Solar Decathlon Teams Testify Before Congress --- House Committee on Science --- Nov 2, 2005

Harry Braun Radio Talk Show --- Making America energy independent with wartime-speed by shifting from fossil and nuclear fuels to solar hydrogen technologies --- Harry Braun’s radio talk show will be aired on KOKC radio 1520 am beginning on October 31st. The show will initially be broadcast from 12:00 am to 1:00 am MST, Monday through Friday from Oklahoma City. However, in the evening hours, the FCC allows the 50,000 watt signal to be broadcast to a potential audience of over a million people in over 28 states. ABC News is provided on the hour, and all of the shows will be archived on the HarryBraunShow.com website so that individuals will be able to listen to the programs at their convenience. --- Nov 2, 2005

GM hydrogen vehicle may be the future --- The Journal News --- Nov 11, 2005

Hydrogen energy technology on display --- Portland Press Herald --- Nov 10, 2005

Chicago to build first ethanol-hydrogen fueling station --- Waste News --- Nov 10, 2005

Dorgan Says Efforts to Foster Hydrogen-Based Economy Are Paying Off --- Senator says increasingly, hydrogen’s future is now --- Nov 7, 2005

Dorgan: Nation en route to new hydrogen economy --- Grand Forks Herald --- Nov 7,  2005

Turbines may be link to hydrogen storage --- An experimental station at the University of Minnesota at Morris campus will use electricity to convert wind power to a storable energy form. --- Once it's running, the Morris hydrogen project will be second only to one already operating on the Norwegian island of Utsira, said Michael Reese, renewable energy coordinator at the wind outreach station at Morris.  The Morris wind and hydrogen project, partly funded with help from Xcel Energy Inc., is expected to cost about $9 million, Reese said. --- Star Tribune --- Oct 31,  2005

CO2 Sequestration Debunked! --- In searching for ways to counteract the greenhouse effect, some scientists have proposed capturing the culprit—carbon dioxide—as it is emitted from power plants, then liquefying the gas and injecting it into the ocean. But there are pitfalls in that plan. --- The carbon dioxide can rise toward the surface, turn into gas bubbles and vent to the atmosphere, defeating the purpose of the whole grand scheme. Even worse, if the liquid-to-gas conversion happens suddenly, the gas can bubble up in a plume and erupt—a potential hazard. --- Nov 3, 2005

Hot!! Workshop to Shed Light on Hydrogen Energy Economy --- Chewonki to Host First Renewable Hydrogen Energy Economy Workshop on November 9 ---  Oct 28, 2005

Conference features hydrogen-powered "Ice Bear" --- The Ice Bear is designed for ice hockey, but it is being displayed for an audience that cares more about hydrogen. --- Grand Forks Herald --- Nov 7, 2005

Cyber Defense Sub Techsphere Signs Exclusive With ISE Corporation for Hybrid Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions For Airships --- Red Orbit --- Nov 7, 2005

Affordable Power for Colorado Takes Step Forward; $180 Million Offered to Tap Energy of Rockies --- North American Power Group Takes Steps to Ensure Transmission Lines for Power Delivery; Project Could Open Gateway for Expanded Wind Power Development --- Nov 04, 2005

Montana's Energy Future: Clean or Dirty? --- “They keep talking about these new coal-to-fuel technologies,” Waller said referring to Schweitzer’s insistence on using cleaner technology, “but all those experts at the [Energy] Symposium kept talking about Fischer Tropsche and that is extremely dirty.”  Again, Waller wonders, if she and NPRC are right and coal is just a sully stepping stone to hydrogen, why not just step around it and build biomass, solar and wind infrastructure right off the bat?  “If we need a bridge and need it now,” she says, “We better go the alternative route. We should look forward rather than back at dirty technologies.” --- New West --- Nov 4, 2005

Cheyenne firm's wind turbines get makeover --- Outside the offices of Terra Moya Aqua Inc., the wind was gusting near 60 mph.  The gales provided a perfect backdrop for Friday's announcement of a design breakthrough in the company's vertical wind turbine, one executives say is already drawing international interest and could launch a new era of wind energy technology.  The new turbines are more efficient and less costly than propeller-driven machines and earlier versions of TMA's own mills, officials say. --- Casper Star Tribune --- 

Action Station --- European car manufacturers BMW, Fiat and DaimlerChrysler have joined forces with petroleum giants BP, Agip and Linde to develop the roadside infrastructure needed for a future hydrogen economy. The Zero Emission Region, or Zero Regio, project involves the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany and Italy. --- The Engineer Online --- Oct 31, 2005

New Cars Would Turn Fossil Fuels Into Dinosaurs --- Fears about declining fossil fuel supplies and rising gasoline prices might just become extinct. That's if hydrogen-powered cars catch on. --- Kansas City Info Zine --- Nov 6, 2005

Korea develops hydrogen container for fuel-cell cars --- A new type of hydrogen storage container received approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation in September and is now commercially available, the Ministry of Science and Technology said yesterday. --- The Korea Herald --- Nov 2, 2005

Fairchild International Enters Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Hydrogen Production Technology --- Primezone --- Nov 1, 2005

GM says money crunch won't stall development of hydrogen-powered vehicles ---  Autoweek --- Nov 1,  2005

Floating offshore wind energy and hydrogen fuel generating company tipping to Europe or Asia --- Inventor Tom L. Lee, Ph.D. has developed a floating wind turbine platform concept for accessing the higher winds out at sea, and converting wind energy efficiently to hydrogen and electricity. Would prefer to license its manufacture and distribution to a U.S. party. --- Open Source Energy Network --- Oct 31, 2005

TriMet installs fuel cell at its Powell Garage --- The BPA will use the demonstration project to help educate the public and raise awareness of fuel cell technology. In November public tours will be available. An identical fuel cell system was installed last year on BPA’s system in Vancouver, Wash. --- TriMet

Hydro-Quebec Distribution Issues Call for Tenders for 2,000 MW of Wind Power ---  Hydro-Quebec Distribution is issuing a call for tenders today for the purchase of 2,000 MW of wind power generated in Quebec to meet the long-term electricity needs of Quebec customers. --- Hydro-Quebec --- Oct 31, 2005

Solar power holds more promise than nuclear --- Tying nuclear energy to hydrogen, a clean fuel, does nothing to redeem nuclear energy from its fatal flaw.  Further, tying hydrogen to large-scale, highly centralized energy infrastructure is a mistake. Hydrogen can be produced and used locally, using small-scale and diversified technologies. There is no economy of scale associated with hydrogen production, storage and utilization.  The amount of solar energy falling on our state is many times our need. It can be captured on rooftops, parking lots and agricultural shelters scattered over the land and converted to hydrogen on the spot, where it can be stored for use as needed. --- The State --- Oct 31, 2005

General Hydrogen Announces Project With Tire Giant Bridgestone --- Oct 31, 2005

Turning wind into hydrogen --- If Xcel and the lab can improve the efficiencies of both wind generation and hydrogen storage, then hydrogen storage of wind energy may be financially feasible. While Xcel just wants to make electricity, there's another possible use for wind-made hydrogen. BMW makes a prototype hydrogen-powered car, and Shell Oil is opening hydrogen fuel stations in some U.S. cities. While widespread use of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel is many years away, a tiny market already has started to emerge.  Today, the ultimate goal of much global energy research is how to make affordable hydrogen fuel from "green" sources like wind.  Thus much more could be at stake in the Xcel-NREL partnership than whether one company can make its wind farms more profitable. At stake may be part of the answer to America's energy supply woes. --- Denver Post --- Oct 30, 2005

Lighten Up, Detroit! ---  Energy guru Amory Lovins urges carmakers to improve fuel efficiency by switching to modern, light-weight composite materials. --- EV World --- Oct 29, 2005

GM Motors Towards Hydrogen-Powered Cars --- By 2010 General Motors, the world’s largest car manufacturer, has promised to develop economically viable models of a hydrogen-powered car, the company announced Wednesday at an exhibition in St. Petersburg. --- St Petersburg Times --- Oct 28, 2005

GaN helps scientists generate hydrogen from water --- EE Times --- Oct 28, 2005

Hydrogen researchers step on the gas --- MSNBC --- Oct 28, 2005

Canon Exhibits Fuel Cell Running on Hydrogen Mounted on Digital Camera --- Tech-On --- Oct 27, 2005

Cohen: Our hydrogen future could start today --- Danvers Herald --- Oct 27, 2005

Azure Dynamics Delivers All-Electric Delivery Vans to US Post Office --- Azure Dynamics --- Oct 26,  2005

NanoLogix and Welch Foods Inc. Sign Agreement for Hydrogen Bioreactor --- Oct 18, 2005

GM Opens Russian R&D Science Office As Part of Global Network --- Oct 25, 2005

Congressman Terry Calls For Oil Companies to Reinvest Profits in Renewable Energy Infrastructure ---  --- Oct 25, 2005

Booming hydrogen sales lift Air Liquide --- Industrial use of hydrogen is set to double by 2008 as refiners seek to meet tighter regulations about sulphur levels in fuel. --- MSNBC --- Oct 26, 2005

Nuclear Nonsense --- The ever louder rumblings over the past half year of a nuclear power industry comeback reached a crescendo last month.  Make no mistake about it, the crescendo was no coincidence. It was masterfully orchestrated by a well constructed and well oiled public relations machine, painstakingly put together over the past year by a nuclear industry facing steep decline. --- All the signs indicate that nuclear is stopping at nothing to save its skin. As an astute article documenting nuclear's PR spending in the New Statesman, a British political commentary magazine, put it: "We are all being taken in by a carefully planned public relations strategy." --- A major part of that strategy is to subtly and quietly undermine the technical and economic ability of wind power to play a major role in electricity supply. In a true wolf-in-sheep's clothing trick, the nuclear lobby pours forth woolly words on "partnerships" with renewable energy, while savaging wind behind the scenes. Among the so-called "fact sheets" from the World Nuclear Association is one on renewables. It blithely tells us, after a wicked manipulation of statistics, that Britain's 20% renewables target "is neither technically nor economically feasible." That is a downright lie. Britain's power system planners are not idiots. They have studied the effect of 20% wind alone and there are no technical barriers. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Oct 21, 2005

Hydro seeks hydrogen car users --- HyNor Grenland seeks a commercial bid on a fleet of hydrogen vehicles - comprising 15 Toyota Prius hybrid cars with electric motors and internal combustion engines built to use hydrogen. HyNor Grenland also hopes to include Think’s new hydrogen hybrid scheduled to become available in 2006. --- Oct 24,  2005

Canon to develop fuel cells for printers, cameras --- While most of the development of tiny fuel cells is currently focused on devices that derive hydrogen from methanol, Canon is working on a system that supplies hydrogen directly from a refillable cartridge.  Canon's system would be more environmentally friendly because fuel cells that extract hydrogen from methanol emit some carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Fuel cells that use only hydrogen do not. --- Reuters --- Oct 25, 2005

Quantum Awarded Contract to Develop Aerospace Hydrogen and Oxygen Storage Systems --- Oct 24, 2005

The Car that Makes its Own Fuel --- Isracast --- Oct 23, 2005

Wind-energy Zephyr Blows In --- Though big wind-energy projects have yet to be proposed in Spokane County, a flurry of such development activity elsewhere in the Inland Northwest is bringing revenue here, and more projects are being eyed. --- Spokane Journal of Business --- Sep 29, 2005

Fuel Cell Firms Seek Volume Sales --- Multimegawatt Projects Would Speed Commercial Acceptance, Executives Say --- Courant --- Oct 25, 2005

Linde study shows: Cost is not a big obstacle to hydrogen car infrastructure --- Linde Oct 24, 2005

Tokyo show proves hydrogen is popular --- To believers such as Larry Burns, General Motors' vice president of research and development, the frenzy is validation — maybe even vindication — that hydrogen is quickly gaining acceptance as the eventual replacement for gasoline. "I think we're beginning to reach a tipping point," he said, standing next to the Sequel hydrogen concept vehicle introduced in January in Detroit. "Our industry is very serious." --- USA Today --- Oct 24, 2005

Oil guru says crude could hit $190 this winter --- "Everyone keeps thinking there is a (price) ceiling...There is no ceiling," said Simmons, who wrote in his book "Twilight in the Desert" that Saudi oil output is at or near its peak. --- MSNBC --- Oct 19, 2005

Auto officials say it's urgent to develop cars that run on fuels other than gasoline. Crude oil prices have doubled over the past five years as the global oil supply struggles to keep up with ballooning demand.

Automakers roll out concept cars that run on hydrogen in Tokyo --- "We could be facing a crisis in which the oil supply dries up," said Mitsuru Honma of Sanyo Electric Co., which supplies batteries for Ford Motor Co.'s hybrid vehicles. --- Orlando Sentinel --- Oct 20, 2005

Hot!! Wind energy gets even greener --- A pilot program uses wind to create hydrogen fuel, creating a "battery" to store currently unused power. --- The $1.75 million pilot program will be formally unveiled Wednesday at a Denver forum titled "New Energy Technologies for Coloradans," an event that is part of Colorado Tech Week.  The technology takes clean energy to even greener levels, using a renewable resource, wind, to make a nonpolluting fuel, hydrogen, in one of the nation's first attempts to combine the two energy resources.  "This helps us get more value out of wind energy and helps advance the prospects of hydrogen," said Frank Novachek, director of corporate planning for Xcel Energy. --- Denver Post --- Oct 18, 2005

Mazda's Dual-Fuel Roadster --- The thinking behind the dual-fuel 210-horsepower roadster, which Mazda will lease in Japan beginning in spring 2006, is straightforward. Burning hydrogen is cleaner than gasoline but not as practical, given the lack of infrastructure capable of delivering hydrogen to customers. By developing an engine that switches to gasoline once the hydrogen tank runs dry -- currently at around 100-km [about 62 miles] -- drivers can use hydrogen without having to worry about where the next fuel station is. --- Yahoo Finance --- Oct 21, 2005

Progress Energy Florida launches hydrogen teaching initiative for public schools --- Progress Energy --- Oct 20, 2005

Professor says hydrogen age is coming upon us --- Notre Dame faculty member writes about a new energy system --- South Bend Tribune --- Oct 20, 2005

Hydrogen to power TransLink test buses --- Waste hydrogen from the sodium hydrate plant could eventually be used to power up to 20,000 vehicles in the region ---  Tri-City News --- Oct 19, 2005

Mazda to Sell Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles in 3 Years --- Mazda Motor Corp., a third owned by Ford Motor Co., said it's planning to sell a hydrogen-hybrid vehicle within three years, pushing the technology of so-called green vehicles further than industry leader Toyota Motor Corp. --- Oct 19, 2005

The latest investor in green energy - the CIA --- Within hours, solar and wind energy units can be up and running in war or disaster zones. --- The Christian Science Monitor --- Oct 18, 2005

Fuel Cell Rivals Vie For Plant Contract --- South Windsor's UTC Power, a division of United Technologies Corp., and Danbury-based FuelCell Energy Inc. are vying to build a 10-megawatt plant planned by the Long Island Power Authority. --- Oct 19, 2005

Honda unveils hydrogen fuel-cell concept car --- Honda unveiled a new hydrogen-powered fuel-cell concept car on Wednesday which runs on a refueling unit that also supplies electricity and hot water for the home. --- Mail & Guardian --- Oct 19, 2005

Mazda steers into the market for hybrids --- A gas-electric version of Mazda's Tribute sport utility vehicle may be produced by 2007. The RX-8 Hydrogen RE, based on Mazda's sports car, runs on gasoline and hydrogen. The Premacy Hydrogen RE minivan can switch to a gas-electric hybrid engine. The three vehicles are among 22 Mazda models on display this week at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens Wednesday --- International Herald Tribune --- Oct 18, 2005

No Winter by 2105? New Study Offers Grim Forecast for U.S. --- National Geographic News --- Oct 17, 2005

Windfall? No, but Savings Ahead --- Because of skyrocketing natural gas and coal prices, Colorado's 29,000 wind-energy customers for the first time will pay less than Xcel Energy's 1.3 million customers who use conventionally generated power. --- L.A. Times --- Oct 15, 2005

Angstrom is Ready to Bring Portable Hydrogen Power to Real Users --- Angstrom Power Inc. today announced that the company will launch two products early in 2006: the G2 Micro-Hydrogen Charger and the R1 Refueling Station. The G2 charger, intended primarily for demonstration and evaluation, will be among the first demonstrations of handheld hydrogen powered devices in the world. --- Oct 14, 2005

University of Colorado Wins 2005 Solar Decathlon --- Solar Village to Remain Open to Public through Oct. 16 --- Oct 14, 2005

Wind turbine part of push for renewable energy source --- Naperville officials put a 115-foot wind turbine blade on display Tuesday to emphasize how big their hopes are for the renewable energy program. --- Daily Herald --- Oct 13, 2005

It's 'Genius': New Mercedes-Benz Fuel-Cell Concept Equals 81 MPG --- Edmunds --- Oct 13, 2005

USC, Siemens brainstorming fuel project for research campus --- On Friday, USC, Siemens and Beaufort-based XRDi officials met to discuss formalizing a research partnership to build and test a prototype diesel engine that runs on hydrogen fuel instead of petroleum. In five to eight years, the partners expect to develop an engine for commercial use. --- The State --- Oct 15, 2005

Energy bargain blowing in wind --- The $116 million filing for higher electric rates was based on soaring costs for natural gas and coal, the chief fuels used to generate power. But the fuel for wind turbines - moving air - carries no cost and no potential for cost increases.  "People should be lining up now at Xcel to buy wind power because it will save them a lot of money," said Rick Gilliam, senior energy-policy adviser for Boulder-based Western Resource Advocates, an energy and environmental research group. --- Denver Post --- Oct 14, 2005

Wind power less costly than price-inflated natural gas --- Pueblo Chieftain --- Oct 14, 2005

Xcel's wind-energy program sees applications skyrocket --- Xcel Energy said it took more than 300 applications Wednesday for its Windsource wind-energy program after a report this week that Windsource electricity will become cheaper than conventionally generated power by Nov. 1. --- Denver Post --- Oct 14, 2005

North Vancouver B.C. Carwash to be Powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell --- Oct 14,  2005

Minister Emerson Announces $12.2 Million Contribution to Advance Hydrogen Economy --- Oct 13, 2005

Wind energy will cost less for Xcel customers --- Wind power in Colorado — once a premium-priced product — soon will be cheaper for consumers than electricity generated from conventional sources, thanks to soaring natural gas costs.  The Energy Department on Wednesday forecast that natural gas prices will remain at about $12 per thousand cubic feet throughout the winter, about twice what it cost last winter. --- Rocky Mountain News --- Oct 13, 2005

Solar Decathlon Winner to be Announced on October 14 --- EERE Solar Decathlon --- Daily update page

Hot!! Hydrogen scheme hailed a success --- The backers of Europe's first community-owned hydrogen production facility have claimed to be close to making the project viable.  The group behind the scheme, Pure (Promoting Unst's Renewable Energy), predicts that within a few months it will have a viable scheme which can be used elsewhere.  Project manager Sandy Macaulay said the system was proving effective.  "We can either use hydrogen to convert back into electricity or we can use it as a fuel," he said.  "It allows us, effectively, to bottle the wind." --- BBC News --- Oct 10, 2005

General Hydrogen Announces Commercial Sale for US Army Project --- Oct 11,  2005

Mercedes-Benz Zero Emission F 600 HYGENIUS: Premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show --- Auto Spectator --- Oct 12, 2005

Environmental decay may prompt refugee surge-study --- A deteriorating environment could drive about 50 million people from their homes by 2010 and the world needs to define a new category of "environmental" refugee, a U.N. study said on Tuesday.  Desertification, rising sea levels, flooding and storms linked to climate change might displace hundreds of millions of people, according to the report by the U.N. University's Institute for Environment and Human Security. --- Reuters --- Oct 11, 2005

Indigenous Hydrogen fuel for Russian vehicles --- Bellona extends a co-operative hand to cut auto emission in Russia --- Bellona --- Oct 11, 2005

Dynetek Delivers Hydrogen Storage Systems to the People's Republic of China in Response to Clean Air Initiatives for 2008 Summer Olympic Games --- Oct 11, 2005

Students build fuel cell vehicle --- The Rebel Yell --- Oct 10, 2005

India begins trial run of hydrogen use in vehicles --- India on Sunday began pilot testing use of hydrogen in vehicles with the inauguration of the first hydrogen-CNG dispensing station here. --- Newindpress --- Oct 10, 2005

China To Build Its First Hydrogen Filling Station In Beijing --- A hydrogen filling station, the first of its kind in China, will be built at Yongfeng New and Hi-tech Industrial Base in Haidian District, Beijing, at the end of this year. --- Oct 10, 2005

Mercedes leads race to achieve hydrogen lift-off --- An A-class is the best prospect yet to take fuel cells out of the lab and into the real world, finds Nicholas Rufford of The Sunday Times --- Times Online --- Oct 9, 2005

Hydrogen gas production plant to be built here --- The $200,000 Department of Energy Renewable Energy Grant will help the company develop a wind-turbine electrical generating system that, in conjuction with electricity from traditional sources, will be used to separate hydrogen from water. --- Mountain Home News --- Oct 9, 2005

California Hydrogen Highway completes the California Fuel Cell Partnership --- Carlist --- Oct 8, 2005

Hydrogen energy backed Businessman, Mesa, EVIT team up on alt-fuel project ---  If Russ Voorhees has his way, the hydrogen revolution will have started at the East Valley Institute of Technology.  The retired Phoenix patent attorney has been talking up the lighter-than-air energy source for years, and finally made some headway in the Valley on his goal to convert the United States to a cheaper, cleaner fuel by striking a deal with Mesa and EVIT, the technical education center that serves students from 10 school districts in the East Valley. Voorhees provides the financial backing, and EVIT students offer the brain and the brawn to pull the ambitious project off. It got started with three used Crown Victoria's from Mesa. --- The Arizona Republic  --- Oct 7, 2005

Fuel-cell cars aren’t far away, GM official says --- Kansas City Star --- Oct 6, 2005

Hydrogen power consumes entire Engenuity ’05 Annual Leadership Conference --- Columbia Star --- Oct 7, 2005

Ford Turns to Nanotechnology for Hydrogen Cars --- Ford Motor Co., Boeing and Northwestern University announced an alliance Thursday to research commercial applications of nanotechnology, a move that could spur the development of hydrogen-powered cars. --- Edmunds --- Oct 7, ,2005

Colorado's New Energy Technologies Forum to Take Place October 19 --- A panel on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will have speakers from the Colorado Fuel Cell Center, Ft. Collins Utilities, and Xcel Energy. They will address projects involved in hydrogen production, fuel cell applications, and the benefits of this technology for Colorado. --- Oct 6, 2005

GM Pushes Hydrogen-Fuel Cells For Our Future; Why Not H2 ICE? --- The Auto Channel --- Oct 6, 2005

Hydrogen as viable energy source subject of talk Oct. 13 at Bradbury Science Museum --- Community Dispatch --- Oct 6, 2005

The BOC Foundation awards grant to Hydrogen Solar Ltd for the development and demonstration of scalable hydrogen production using the Tandem Cell™ array at Beacon Energy Ltd. --- Oct 5, 2005

Hydrogen-Fueled Race Car Showcases Future Technologies --- National Geographic News --- Oct 5, 2005

University of Montana unveils Web site on hydrogen --- Billings Gazette --- Oct 5, 2005

H2 Hybrid --- This story begins and ends with Stanford Ovshinsky, an inventor of rarified stature who, many decades ago, made discoveries involving amorphous and disordered materials that created a whole new area of materials science. He was recognized with a Time Magazine “Heroes of the Planet Award” because of this work and how it led to many breakthrough applications, including his patented nickel-metal-hydride batteries (he and the company he founded, Rochester Hills, Michigan-based Energy Conversion Devices, hold the patents). As it turns out, this work has also led to the ability to store hydrogen in solid form at low pressure, a technology being developed by ECD business unit Ovonic Hydrogen Systems. --- Green Car Journal --- Oct 5, 2005

H2 Times Two --- The Vectrix VX-FCe fuel cell-electric hybrid scooter will go on sale within the next couple of years.  The Intelligent Energy ENV motorcycle will go on sale in 2006 --- Green Car Journal --- Oct 5, 2005

Gresham system turns sewage into electricity --- The city's new methane-powered generator will produce enough energy to power 275 homes for a year --- The Oregonian --- Oct 3, 2005

Hawaii Makes Waves While Wind Power Stalls --- OPT's wave energy converter consists of a vertically oriented column that absorbs the rising and falling motion of ocean waves to cause the buoy mechanics to move freely up and down. This movement in turn drives an electric generator that creates AC power. The AC power is then converted to high voltage DC, which can be cabled to the mainland for use. The company expects a typical 1 MW project such as this to cost (US) 7-10?/kWh. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Oct 4, 2005

Houses Arrive for Upcoming Solar Decathlon --- "These future engineers and architects are developing the most innovative cutting edge technology," Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman said. "Although the homes may seem fun and futuristic, the materials they use are available to anyone. These homes are living demonstrations of the transformative power of innovation. They demonstrate that we can have homes today that use less energy without giving up any of the comforts we now enjoy." --- Renewable Energy Access --- Oct 4, 2005

European Parliament Okays 20% Renewable Energy by 2020 --- Renewable Energy Access --- Oct 3, 2005

Republican Study Committee Calls to Drop Energy Star Program --- Renewable Energy Access --- Sep 30,  2005

2005 Hydrogen Road Rally:  The quest for the holy grail --- Twenty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, a hydrogen reformer, a mobile hydrogen refueler and numerous other technologies make the trek through Sacramento, Davis, Martinez, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, San Carlos and San Francisco. On the way you'll find government officials, birkenstock wearers, energy (oil) companies and Mayors of cities in California looking for answers, asking questions. --- Carlist --- Oct 5, 2005

GM joins effort to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles --- Automaker working with Savannah River National Laboratory --- The State --- Oct 5,2005

Mazda SENKU at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show --- The Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE (rotary engine) Hybrid concept features a hybrid power unit that combines a dual-fuel, hydrogen/gasoline rotary engine with an electric motor. --- Rotary News --- Oct 4, 2005

Long Island places a bet on future of fuel cells --- Long Island is due to take a pioneering step in this direction when the Long Island Power Authority selects the particular fuel-cell technology it will use in its first-of-its-kind fuel-cell generation project at its West Babylon substation. When operational, this substation will produce 10 megawatts of electricity, or enough to power 5,000 homes - making it the largest fuel-cell installation in the world. --- Newsday.com --- Oct 4, 2005

LIPA Request for Proposals To Develop a Ten Megawatt Fuel Cell Generation Project

Mazda develops hybrid with electric motor, hydrogen-powered engine --- Mazda Motor Corp. has developed a new type of hybrid car that runs by switching between an electric motor and a hydrogen-powered engine, and then automatically shifts to gasoline when it runs out of hydrogen. --- Free New Mexican --- Oct 4, 2005

The Mazda Renesis Hydrogen Rotary Engine (pdf)

S.C. set to unveil fuel cell strategy --- A 20-year strategy to make South Carolina a leader in the emerging hydrogen and fuel cell economy relies heavily on regional cooperation. --- The State --- Oct 4, 2005

Record-High Natural Gas Prices Force Reliant to Request Fuel Factor Increase --- The increase in natural gas prices is a national trend affecting all electricity suppliers and their customers. All of the other affiliated retail providers in Texas have filed for at least one price increase this year. The reason is that natural gas is the primary driver of the cost of electricity in Texas. Reliant Energy's current fuel factor, which was set in December, is based on a natural gas price of $7.50 per MMBtu. The price of gas in the company's current fuel filing is $11.39 per MMBtu. --- Reliant Energy --- Oct 3, 2005

U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Framework Published ---EV World --- Oct 2, 2005

Wind Power At Forefront of Energy Debate in Kansas --- While oil and gas resources in Kansas are being depleted, wind is abundant, especially in western Kansas. --- Wichita Eagle --- Sep 22, 2005

Fresno may lead research in clean energy --- As the world's premier farm belt, the Fresno area could become one of the leaders in the research and use of alternative and clean energy, according to a group studying the issue. --- Energy Central --- Sep 29, 2005

Romance Made Electric --- While much of the interest in electric motors among major automakers is focused on building gas-and-electric hybrid vehicles, the battery-powered electric car is showing signs of a pulse. --- NY Times --- Sep 29, 2005

You take the hydrogen road --- The fuel cell is alive and kicking, according to Larry Burns, GM's research supremo. --- "We've thought long and hard about this," he says, "and to get hydrogen refuelling stations to within two miles of every US citizen and maybe every 25 miles on the freeway would take $12 billion - that's half the cost of the Alaskan oil pipeline. Just think - the oil industry believes it will cost $200 billion of capital simply to secure the petrol infrastructure in the coming years. --- Oct 1, 2005

3 fuel-cell firms to launch at University of South Carolina --- The State --- Oct 3, 2005

Hydrogen autos on gas-guzzlers' tails --- Car makers put fuel-cell vehicles to test; transition likely still a decade away --- Oct 1, 2005

Road rally hawks hydrogen cars --- No more oil changes. No more pricey gas. No more trips to the service station. --- CNET --- Sep 30, 2005

McHugh Urges Continued Focus on Achieving Energy Independence --- Citing the impact of recent events on our nation's energy supply, Rep. John M. McHugh (R-NY) and nearly 40 of his House colleagues are urging that the Department of Energy (DoE) support full funding of hydrogen fuel cell programs in its Fiscal Year 2007 budget request. --- Oswego Daily News --- Sep 30, 2005

Off to a Future Run on Hydrogen  --- Fuel-Cell Cars Make Pit Stops in Bay Area ---Grand Forks Herald --- Sep 30, 2005

San Carlos joins ‘hydrogen fuel highway' plan --- Officials envision string of stations from S.F. to S.J. --- San Francisco Examiner --- Sep 28, 2005

NHA Cancels 2006 H2U Student Design Contest --- The National Hydrogen Association has cancelled their annual contest, due to a lack of funding --- NHA --- Sep 29, 2005

Stakeholder Seminar for UK Hydrogen Association to be Held in Conjunction with Ninth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium --- TTC Europe --- Sep 2005

U.S. Army and Chevron Technology Ventures Partner in Development of Hydrogen Fueling Technologies --- PR Newswire --- Sep 29, 2005

Hydrogen fuel nears for San Carlos --- PG&E breaks ground for $1.5 million fuel service station --- San Mateo Times --- Sep 29, 2005

Alaska landscape transformed by warmer climate --- Reuters --- Sep 28, 2005

Hydrogen gas production plant to be built here --- The $200,000 Department of Energy Renewable Energy Grant will help the company develop a wind-turbine electrical generating system that, in conjunction with electricity from traditional sources, will be used to separate hydrogen from water. --- Mountain Home News --- Sep 28, 2005

AC Transit Unveils World's Most Advanced Fuel Cell Bus --- UTC Power --- Sep 26, 2005

Green Light for New Concentrating Solar Power Project --- Renewable Energy Access --- Sep 23, 2005

Global Warming: Time for the Media to Stop Falling Into the "Balance" Trap --- Journalism isn't supposed to find balance, it's supposed to find the truth and then convey it to the American public. But when it comes to global warming, the media keep falling into the same old trap, set by polluting industries, of giving equal weight to the opinions of a handful of industry shills masquerading as "skeptics." This obsession with the appearance of balance is robbing the American people of the facts about this looming crisis. --- Huffington Post Blogger Laurie David --- Sep 27, 2005

GM Continues its Drive toward Hydrogen In 2005 California Fuel Cell Partnership Road Rally --- Sep 27, 2005

Hydrogen is focus of Gilbert startup --- W. David Thompson, the founder and former chief executive of satellite maker Spectrum Astro, said Monday he has formed a new company that will develop and manufacture hydrogen and solar energy systems. --- East Valley Tribune --- Sep 27, 2005

Hydrogen Engine Center Participates in CDN$6 Million Project --- Its Generator-Sets to Convert Hydrogen Rich Gas to Electric Power --- Sep 26, 2005

Better Mileage On Ice --- Why refrigerators are more efficient than cars --- L.A. Weekly --- Sep 23 - 29, 2005

Big auto makers want Bush to act on energy - WSJ --- Yahoo Finance --- Sep 27, 2005

Shaping Cape Cod's Energy Future --- "Things are getting almost biblical." --- Cape Cod Times --- Sep 23, 2005

Natural gas woes bigger story than crude oil --- Having seen his prediction that crude oil prices would reach $65 a barrel become reality, Dr. Michael Economides is making equally bold predictions about natural gas.  Natural gas prices, he said Wednesday while visiting Midland to address the Permian Basin section, Society of Petroleum Engineers, will reach $20 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) around Christmas.  Having forecast $65 oil, he said, he's now predicting $100 oil "but I'm not impressed with that. Natural gas is the real story." --- My West Texas --- Sep 25, 2005

Second filling station for fuel-cell cars to open soon --- Singapore Star --- Sep 25, 2005

Cars That Guzzle Grass --- New York Times --- Sep 25, 2005

Winter shutdown approved for wind farms --- To reduce bird deaths, some 4,000 aging wind turbines in California will be idled temporarily, and some will be scrapped and replaced with newer models. --- Physorg --- Sep 24, 2005

This is global warming, says environmental chief --- As Hurricane Rita threatens devastation, scientist blames climate change --- Sir John said: "Increasingly it looks like a smoking gun. It's a fair conclusion to draw that global warming, caused to a substantial extent by people, is driving increased sea surface temperatures and increasing the violence of hurricanes." --- The Independent --- Sep 23, 2005

Greenpeace takes role in wind debate --- Even for Greenpeace, a group known for turning high-seas drama into political statement, the foray into the Nantucket Sound wind farm debate has played like perfect theater. --- Cape Cod Times --- Sep 23, 2005

European HyICE Project Enters Final Test Phase --- Wards Auto --- Sep 19, 2005

Ford Delivers Fleet of Hydrogen Focus Fuel Cell Vehicles to Florida --- The Auto Channel --- Sep 23, 2005

The Answer? Engineuity Presents a Breakthrough in Alternative Fuel - Bye Bye Oil? --- The Auto Channel --- Sep 22, 2005

How Alternative Fuels May Change Economy --- Jerry Mader: "If you just look at power train jobs alone, that's 5-billion dollars a year of power train jobs that we could lose."  Because if Michigan doesn't do it, someone else will. --- WLNS News --- Sep 21, 2005

Vehicle Projects LLC Announces Contract to Develop Fuelcell Powerplant for Rail Applications --- Development of a complete 150-kW fuelcell powerplant for an offshore railway research organization is under contract with delivery scheduled for January 2006 --- Sep 20, 2005

Verizon sees savings from fuel cell pilot project --- Yahoo News --- Sep 20, 2005

9-Point Strategic Energy Action Plan Will Provide Relief for New Yorkers from High Prices Promote Energy Efficiency and Use of Alternative Fuels --- Governor George E. Pataki today unveiled a 9-point Strategic Energy Action Plan to help ensure that gasoline and home heating oil remain affordable and accessible to all New Yorkers. --- Sep 15, 2005

AEP’S Appalachian Power unit to install first U.S. use of commercial-scale energy storage technology --- AEP --- Sep 19, 2005

Welsh minister tries Focus fuel cell vehicle --- Autowired --- Sep 19, 2005

Researchers look for links between hurricane intensity, global warming --- The Oregonian --- Sep 16, 2005

Solar-energy expert: Government must take lead --- Government help is needed if America is to significantly shake its dependence on a fossil-fuel-based economy, a prominent solar-energy expert said. --- Richmond Times-Dispatch --- Sep 16, 2005

William L. Telander, CEO of U.S. Windfarming, Sued by Securities and Exchange Commission for "Hype and Dump" Fraud --- Allegedly, they were selling unregistered shares of Illinois-based Wind Farming, which supposedly was selling energy windmills to farmers but mainly was a fantasy pumped up by a publicity machine. --- San Diego Reader --- Aug 18, 2005

Hot!! Global warming 'past the point of no return' --- The greatest fear is that the Arctic has reached a "tipping point" beyond which nothing can reverse the continual loss of sea ice and with it the massive land glaciers of Greenland, which will raise sea levels dramatically. --- The Independent --- Sep 16, 2005

The Fuel Of The Future --- There’s no way around it. If you drive, you’re going to pay for it. Gasoline prices have never been higher in Iowa. But an Algona man is fighting back. His weapon to fight the rising cost of gasoline… Hydrogen.  In an old brick building on the Kossuth County Fairgrounds. Ted Hollinger builds what he calls the future.  “Someone’s got to do this, it might as well be me,” said Hollinger. He runs a company called the Hydrogen Engine Center. --- KWWL --- Sep 15, 2005

Hydrogen Cars May Have Serious Future in Las Vegas --- KLASTV --- Aug 11, 2005

Siemens receives order from FPL Energy for up to 600 megawatts of wind turbines --- Sep 14, 1005

Free Heat, Free Electricity Home Built By Long Island Students --- [T]he key difference with this solar home is that it will have a hydrogen fuel cell to store the extra solar energy that is generated by 54 solar panels.  Currently, most solar homes have a large bank of batteries in the basement to store electricity. The batteries take a lot of space and require maintenance. The hydrogen fuel cell will be able to store extra electricity for nights and rainy days. --- WNBC --- Sep 13, 2005

Hot!! Sucker's Bets for the New Century: The U.S. after Katrina --- In the last century, we've seen change in human societies speed up to an almost unimaginable level, one that has stressed every part of our civilization. In this century, we're going to see the natural world change at the same kind of rate. That's what happens when you increase the amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere. That extra energy expresses itself in every way you can imagine: more wind, more evaporation, more rain, more melt, more... more... more.  And there is no reason to think we can cope. Take New Orleans as an example. It is currently pro forma for politicians to announce that it will be rebuilt, and doubtless it will be. Once. But if hurricanes like Katrina go from once-in-a-century storms to once-in-a-decade-or-two storms, how many times are you going to rebuild it? Even in America there's not that kind of money -- especially if you're also having to cope with, say, the effects on agriculture of more frequent and severe heat waves, and the effects on human health of the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria, and so on ad infinitum. Not to mention the costs of converting our energy system to something less suicidal than fossil fuel, a task that becomes more expensive with every year that passes. --- Common Dreams --- Sep 7, 2005

MEPs call for EU hydrogen economy --- MEPs have called for a fundamental shift from fossil fuel dependency, at the launch of new manifesto on the benefits of an hydrogen economy.  The cross party group of MEPS said on Monday that they wanted to see the creation of a fully integrated EU hydrogen economy, "in the shortest possible time."  According to the group, moving towards the use of hydrogen will usher in a ‘third industrial revolution’ as early as 2025. --- EUPolitix --- Sep 13, 2005

End of oil era in sight, Rifkin warns --- EU Observer --- Sep 12, 2005

The New Prize: Alternative Fuels --- A recent study published in the journal BioScience forecast that for all cars and trucks to run on ethanol by 2048, "virtually the entire country, with the exception of cities, would be covered with corn plantations." Using more farmland to produce ethanol would also drive up food prices. And E85 cannot be transported through gasoline pipelines, because it sucks up grime and water.  E85 is also less energy-dense than gasoline, so a driver goes a bit less far on a gallon. Its current cost advantage is dependent on a 43-cents-a-gallon subsidy, versus a roughly 40-cent tax on a gallon of gasoline. Environmentalists have generally viewed the rise of flex-fuel vehicles as a boondoggle for automakers, because they are afforded fuel economy credits for making them. The credits have had the effect of driving up oil consumption. Many consumers who buy flex-fuel vehicles are not even made aware of the capability. --- The Ledger --- Sep 10, 2005

GM to delay production of fuel-cell concept car --- Mercury News --- Sep 9, 2005

Tasmanian enviro car nears completion --- Tim Jeanes:  "Even closer to reality is a project to see Tasmania's Cape Barren Island powered by electricity provided by wind and water. It's hoped the project will be underway by the end of this year.  The idea is for excess wind power to create hydrogen, to be turned into electricity for use on days when there's not enough wind to meet demand." --- ABC Australia --- Sep 10, 2005

UTM looks into hydrogen power --- The Mississauga News --- Sep 9, 2005

GlobeTel Announces Letter Of Intent With Solar, Fuel Cell Research Consortium --- The LOI states that ZSW will provide research and development engineering support under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement for the development of a state-of-the-art solar-electric propulsion system for Sanswire's Stratellite airship.  --- Spacewar --- Sep 9, 2005

Energy Saving Grants Awarded to the Colorado Office of Energy Management and Conservation --- Sep 8, 2005

Ford Delivers Fleet Of Focus Fuel Cell Vehicles To California --- Auto Spectator --- Sep 8, 2005

Ballard Agreement signed with General Hydrogen for more than 100 fuel cells for lift truck market --- General Hydrogen --- Sep 8, 2005

DaimlerChrysler gives two more fuel cell vehicles to California --- DaimlerChrysler  supplied two electric F-Cell passenger cars to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. --- Market Watch --- Sep 8, 2005

Hydrogen age ahead? --- At UTM and across the GTA, pilot projects powered by hydrogen fuel cells are starting to emerge --- The Varsity --- Sep 6, 2005

Stirling Energy Systems Signs Second Large Solar Deal in California --- Stirling Energy Systems ( SES ) announced today a contract with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to provide between 300 and 900 megawatts (MW) of solar power, approximately 30 times more solar power than is now being generated in the San Diego region. This contract represents the second record-breaking solar project signed by the company in the past month, which may surpass the earlier contract to become the world's largest solar installation. --- Sep 7, 2005

Hydrogen pill raises fuel hopes --- Danish researchers present an invention to solve one of the biggest hindrances in the way of hydrogen fuel replacing traditional oil and petrol --- Jyllands-Posten --- Sep 7, 2005

It's a gas, gas, gas --- Philip Thornton looks at a vehicle that is leading the way to a post-petroleum future for the motor car --- The Independent ---Sep 6, 2005

Innovative Hydrogen Transportation Project Unveiled in New Haven, Connecticut --- Fuel Cell Today --- Sep 6, 2005

Gas Prices Drive Man to Commute by Horse --- Yahoo News --- Sep 4, 2005

US must find an alternative to oil guzzling - fast --- Seldom can a political leader have spoken more counter-intuitively than when President George W Bush appealed to his fellow citizens that they should "only buy gas if you absolutely have to". Not only his own career, but that of the dynasty that spawned him, has been built on precisely the opposite advice - use as much oil as you can, America, without a second thought for the consequences. --- The Scotsman --- Sep 4, 2005

Bajaj-US agency combine develops hydrogen-run auto --- Hindu Business Line --- Sep 2, 2005

Why Not Switch to Electric Cars? --- Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel --- Aug 30, 2005

Hydrogen gas deficit may affect steel firms --- Fort Wayne-based Steel Dynamics Inc. announced Friday that it is no longer accepting orders for some steel products that require the use of hydrogen gas. Supplies of hydrogen gas have been hit by killer Katrina.  Air Products Corp., one of the primary suppliers of hydrogen gas to the domestic steel industry, informed Steel Dynamics and other customers of a temporary outage at its New Orleans hydrogen-gas production plant because of Katrina. --- Fort Wayne Journal Gazette --- Sep 3, 2005

OSRAM feels impact of Katrina; layoffs possible --- As a result of Hurricane Katrina's impact on the supply of hydrogen gas, OSRAM Sylvania's plant in North Towanda Township could experience work interruptions in the upcoming days, a press release from the company said. --- The Daily News --- Sep 2, 2005

Lawmakers launch wind tour in Lamar --- In a relentless wind, standing under a 260-foot wind turbine on an open wheat field, lawmakers gathered Wednesday to promote renewable energy. --- Pueblo Chieftain --- Sep 2, 2005

Turbine shortage idles wind projects --- Plans to build another wind farm in Southeastern Colorado are on hold due to a shortage of available wind turbines, a Prairie Wind Energy spokesman said Thursday. --- Pueblo Chieftain --- Sep 2, 2005

Toyota to recall 14 fuel-cell vehicles --- Kyodo News --- Sep 2, 2005

Hydrogen Fuelled Three-wheeler Makes Debut at Siam Convention --- Fuel Cell Today --- Sep 2, 2005

A Solar-Hydrogen Home --- Fuel Cell Today --- Sep 1, 2005

Stormy Weather: Can We Link it to Global Warming? --- E Magazine --- Sep 1, 2005

Achieving a New Energy Future: How States Can Lead America to a Clean, Sustainable Economy (pdf) ---  --- National Association of State PIRGs --- Aug 31, 2005

Automakers steer fuel-cell cars to California roads --- Washington Post --- Aug 30, 2005

Methane-run devices power homes --- Landfill gas is used to turn micro-turbines to produce electricity --- Burbank Daily News --- Aug 28, 2005

Charting the long road to hydrogen power --- Refueling infrastructure for gaseous element holds key to adoption of fuel, experts say ---SF Gate --- Aug 31, 2005

Auto majors bond with IndianOil on hydrogen fuel --- Automobile majors like Tata, Mahindra and Mahindra and Eicher have joined hands with the state-owned Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil) in a futuristic venture to explore the use of clean hydrogen fuel in vehicles.  A few three-wheelers will soon start plying in the capital using a fuel mix of compressed natural gas (CNG) with hydrogen, seen as a renewable and clean fuel of the future, IndianOil officials said. --- Indo-Asian News Service --- Aug 31, 2005

Hot!! Warming hits 'tipping point' --- Siberia feels the heat.  It's a frozen peat bog the size of France and Germany combined, contains billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas and, for the first time since the ice age, it is melting.  Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, said the finding was a stark message to politicians to take concerted action on climate change. "We knew at some point we'd get these feedbacks happening that exacerbate global warming, but this could lead to a massive injection of greenhouse gases.  "If we don't take action very soon, we could unleash runaway global warming that will be beyond our control and it will lead to social, economic and environmental devastation worldwide," he said. "There's still time to take action, but not much.  "The assumption has been that we wouldn't see these kinds of changes until the world is a little warmer, but this suggests we're running out of time." --- The Guardian --- Aug 11, 2005

Drilling in refuge makes no sense --- St Cloud Times --- Aug 31, 2005

High Oil Prices: Bitter, But Necessary Medicine --- Whether we like it or not, high oil prices are with us to stay and the sooner we adapt to them, the less disruptive future declines in global oil production will be. --- EV World --- Aug 28, 2005

Volkswagen's Hydrogen Future is "Sunny" --- Volkswagen recently unveiled their new solar hydrogen fueling station. --- Blogcritics --- Aug 28, 2005

Austin Becomes 'Green Godfather' to Plug-In Hybrids --- Plug-In Austin advocates uniting the transportation and utility sectors by electrifying the transportation grid. In Austin's case, that translates into using the abundant West Texas wind power available through Austin Energy's GreenChoice program to charge the plug-in hybrids at night when the wind blows hardest. At prevailing energy rates, an electric gallon of gas would cost about 70 to 80 cents. --- Austin Chronicle --- Aug 25, 2005  

Mitsubishi accelerate electric car program--- The continually rising price of fuel has caused Mitsubishi to step up the development of an electric car. --- New Zealand Autocar --- Aug 25, 2005

Hydrogen fuel heads to Finnish line --- The Californian --- Aug 29, 2005

GM pushes fuel cell technology --- Lab near Rochester leads the effort --- The Buffalo News --- Aug 28, 2005

Here's how fuel cells work --- The Buffalo News --- Aug 28, 2005

Alternative energy research center fuels up for the future --- NextEnergy showcases new technologies --- Detroit News Autos Insider --- Aug 26, 2005

Michigan scientist is waiting for the world to catch up --- Stan Ovshinsky [has] more time to do what he wants to do, which is perfecting new forms of energy, he said. He has more than 200 patents, and ECD is the world leader in everything from fuel cells to photovoltaic solar cell technology.  Yet if he is right, his biggest impact is just over the horizon: The hydrogen-powered car. Or, to be more precise, a hybrid, which, the inventor says, combines the advantages of a NIMH (nickel-metal-hydride) battery with the efficiency of an internal combustion engine. --- Toledo Blade --- Aug 26, 2005

Fort Collins to give new fuel a test drive --- Fort Collins plans to convert its five or six 12-seater minibuses, which run on compressed natural gas, to hythane. The city is building a new fueling station that will mix hydrogen and CNG in the proper proportion.  Once the station is completed later this year, it also will offer pure hydrogen to run some fuel-cell vehicles that Fort Collins plans to acquire for demonstration purposes.  "We will have the first fueling station in Colorado to dispense pure hydrogen," said Gary Schroeder, energy services engineer for Fort Collins Utilities, a division of the city that serves 60,000 customers.  "If we start with a fueling station where fleets can come and fuel up, it will be the first step toward a pure hydrogen economy. If Denver and Colorado Springs also do it, then we can establish a regional corridor for hydrogen." --- Rocky Mountain News --- Aug 26, 2005

HEC breaks ground on new site --- The festivities came less than a year after HEC introduced the world's first production hydrogen fueled engine, a highly modified 4.9L in-line 6-cylinder Ford motor that is the engine of choice as the power source for baggage handling trucks at nearly every major airport in North America. --- The Algona --- Aug 25, 2005

Search for oil-free fuel urged --- San Bernardino Sun --- Aug 25, 2005

HydroGen Corporation Announces $1.25 Million Grant Award from the State of Ohio Department of Development to Fund Fuel Cell Commercial Demonstration Project --- Cleveland Business News --- Aug 30, 2005

Driving Green, Explosion-Free --- A recent marketing video from battery maker Valence Technologies makes its point with all the subtlety of a Jerry Bruckheimer film: Unlike the competition's, its batteries don't blow up. --- Wired --- Aug 26, 2005

Indonesia, S. Africa plan energy cooperation --- China View --- Aug 25, 2005

As oil prices soar, hydrogen fuel cells offer hope --- Fort Wayne Home Page --- Aug 25, 2005

Irvine Officials Head Down the Hydrogen Highway --- Irvine Mayor Beth Krom drives a sedan that runs on regular unleaded, but for the next several months she will also hold a key to the possible future of automobiles.  She and other Irvine officials will be taking turns at the wheel of a $1-million, hydrogen-powered fuel cell hybrid vehicle as part of a pilot program in conjunction with Toyota and the National Fuel Center Research Center at UC Irvine. --- Aug 24, 2005

Renewable Energy Brings Water to the World --- In the future, few things will be more important than ample supplies of clean water to ensure economic success, good health and political stability across the globe. Every day solar and wind energy systems are saving billions of gallons of clean water around the world and the opportunity exists to save much more water. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Aug 23, 2005

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2005 Final Announcement (pdf) --- WHTC will be held in Singapore, October 3-5, 2005

Hydrogen Engine Center breaks ground for new factory in Algona --- Globe Gazette --- Aug 23, 2005

Green light --- Development of hydrogen-powered aircraft remains stuck in low gear. What is stalling this apparently highly efficient and environmentally sound technology? --- Flight International --- Aug 23, 2005

Spare wind turbine power to fuel hydrogen cars --- ScottishPower plans to harness surplus electricity generated by turbines during high winds and convert it to hydrogen gas, which can be stored and used as fuel.  It envisages that urban refuelling stations — selling compressed hydrogen generated by rooftop turbines instead of petrol — could become commonplace across Britain, with the first appearing as early as 2010. --- Times Online --- Aug 21, 2005

Tucson FCEV: on the road in Europe to promote sustainable mobility --- Hyundai places second in the Rallye-Monte-Carlo Fuel Cell and Hybrids 2005 - gets 48 miles per kg H2 --- Times of Malta --- Aug 21, 2005

Future for hydrogen is bright in Algona --- HEC holds ground-breaking event --- Messenger News --- Aug 19, 2005

University of Wyoming Professors get grant for work on hydrogen fuel cells --- Laramie Boomerang --- Aug 19, 2005

A peanut packer at Portales wants his own turbine to cut power bills --- Centre For Energy --- Aug 18, 2005

The Electric Car's Not Dead; Asian Companies Strive for Breakthrough --- Three Asian automakers are hoping to have electric cars on sale before the end of the decade. --- Edmunds --- Aug 18, 2005

World running out of time for oil alternatives --- Reuters --- Aug 18, 2005

Panel recommends developing electric cars --- Autoblog --- Aug 17, 2005

TOYOTA FCHV Acquires Vehicle Type Certification --- Aug 17, 2005

Hydrogen fuel cell solution may come from Finland --- Hydrocell predicts that if and when its cells go into mass production, they'll sell for about $50 each, meaning the full array that might replace the engine of a car would cost slightly more than $1,000, far less than any new automotive engine brings today. --- Midway Driller --- Aug 16, 2005

The First Element Hydrogen Highway: Road to the Future, or Dead-End Alternative? --- Santa Barbara Independent --- Aug 9, 2005

Bush's oilmen got it all wrong in Iraq --- Newsday --- Aug 9, 2005

Energy Policy Act Signed by President Improves Market Access for Wind Power --- AWEA --- Aug 9, 2005

Solar-Power-Augmented Prius Takes the Grid Out of “Plug-in” --- Green Car Congress --- Aug 15, 2005

Company shows off hydrogen car at University of Akron --- High gas prices got you down? The future of cars and better gas mileage is making a home in Akron.  A company called ECD Ovonics showed off one of its hydrogen cars today at the University of Akron. --- Aug 15, 2005

Photos: Hydrogen car

Rising fuel prices worry business owners, travelers and public officials --- Some people, like Peter Arnold, the renewable energy coordinator at the Chewonki Foundation in Woolwich, are waiting to see how high the price will go before society starts to change the way it consumes fuel.  "(The higher prices) will indeed slacken our demand at some point," he said. "Fuel will become a much more valuable commodity."  Arnold said Americans need to start investing money and resources into developing new types of fuel, like hydrogen or ethanol, which can be produced at will, rather than pumping more and more oil from a limited supply of fossil fuels. --- Times Record --- Aug 15, 2005

Advocates hope credit moves solar power beyond niche --- St. Petersburg Times --- Aug 15, 2005

Plugging away at fuel economy --- Homemade hybrids get 250 miles to gallon --- The Journal Gazette --- Aug 15, 2005

$3 gas could fuel changes --- Analysts predict near halt to sales of large vehicles --- The Times Herald --- Aug 14, 2005

Experimental Hybrid Cars Get Up to 250 Mpg --- Yahoo News --- Aug 14, 2005

Midtown fuel cell may be glimpse of the future --- New York Newsday --- Aug 14, 2005

Nein Lives --- Germany says auf Wiedersehen to nuclear power, guten Tag to renewables --- Grist --- Aug 12, 2005

China to Build 1st Offshore Wind Power Plant --- China Internet Information Center --- Aug 13, 2005

The International Clean Technology Center - Transition to the Hydrogen Solar Future (pdf) --- “Our cities must plan to develop a Green Economy and deconstruct the fossil energy Gray Economy, if our grandchildren are to prosper in the 21st Century!” Gene Johnson, Executive Director, ICTC --- Green Economy News --- Vol. 2, Issue 2

Highway bill funds hydrogen bus research --- Fleet Owner --- Aug 12, 2005

S. Korea Unveils Plan For Hydrogen-Based Economy --- Yahoo News --- Aug 12, 2005

UK lecturer creates fully-working hydrogen car --- Auto Wired --- Aug 12, 2005

Hydrogen Fuels House --- A fishing village in Berwickshire is to have Scotland's first hydrogen-powered house. --- Red Nova --- Aug 12, 2005

Hydrogen Cars May Have Serious Future in Las Vegas --- KLASTV --- Aug 11, 2005

Island looks to hydrogen to solve job woes --- Treeless Unst seen as ideal spot for economy based on using gas to power generators and providing fuel --- The Guardian --- Aug 11, 2005

P.U.R.E. (Promoting Unst Renewable Energy) --- Project to use wind to produce hydrogen on the island of Unst in Shetland, UK is under way.

P.U.R.E. project description

P.U.R.E. - Promoting Unst Renewable Energy Web Site

Shetland Strategy for Renewable Energy Development (pdf)

siGEN Press Release:  Hydrogen Era Begins in Scotland (pdf)

From bowels of the earth, hot water for energy, heating --- Icelandic New Energy, the company founded in 1999 to steer Iceland toward energy sources of the future, has as its goal total conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen by 2050. --- Community Times --- Aug 10, 2005

Project will use Plug Power technology for rural customers --- Yahoo News Aug 10. 2005

In Iceland, pollution-free technologies provide example --- Besides mass transit and eventual automobile usage, fuel-cell technology is envisioned for a host of energy applications, including home heating and home electricity and even cellular phone power.  Although the technology is expensive, the comparative cost of producing hydrogen has held steady as the price of oil on the world market increases. --- Community Times --- Aug 9, 2005

Astris Energi to Exhibit Fuel Cell Vehicle at Canadian National Exhibition --- Yahoo Finance --- Aug 11, 2005

Major New Solar Energy Project Announced By Southern California Edison and Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. --- SCE --- Aug 9, 2005

BP trumpets Peterhead as beacon for clean energy --- Scotsman --- Aug 10, 2005

Solar Legislation Shines in Oregon --- RenewableEnergyAccess.com --- Aug 9, 2005

Teledyne Delivers 12 Kilowatt PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant to NASA --- Yahoo News --- Aug 9, 2005

Editorial: Energy bill good only for Texas contingent --- All the hoopla aside, the energy bill that President Bush will sign Monday in Albuquerque is another sucker punch to American consumers and taxpayers.  It will do little to strengthen the nation's long-term security or energy independence, future economic vitality or sputtering commitment to a clean environment. --- Albuquerque Tribune --- Aug 6, 2005

UK first for Eyemouth hydrogen fuelled home energy centre house --- Fuel Cell Works --- Aug 9, 2005

Focused sunlight cleans up hydrogen production --- New Scientist Aug 13, 2005

Plug Power touts new fuel-cell tax credit --- Legislation signed by President Bush on Monday includes a tax credit that would benefit fuel-cell users, according to Plug Power Inc. --- The Business Review (Albany) --- Aug 9, 2005

Residents upset about fuel cell plan --- A proposal to test an experimental hydrogen-powered fuel cell within a few hundred feet of homes in Rimini is drawing the ire of some residents. --- Billings Gazette --- Aug 8, 2005

Hydrogen buses to roll in Valley --- Two hydrogen-powered shuttle buses will pull into the Lehigh Valley early next year, staying for a two-year test that should give many Valley residents their first view of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. --- Morning Call --- Aug 6, 2005

Hybrid Fuel Cell Scooter Gets Grant for 40 Vehicle Fleet Demo --- EV World --- Aug 5, 2005

Shortages Stifle a Boom Time for the Solar Industry --- New York Times --- Aug 5, 2005

Americans support hydrogen --- Survey Finds Americans Support Energy Independence, Hydrogen-Based Economy --- Carlist --- Aug 4, 2005

Fuel's gold --- Turning corn into ethanol may not be worth it --- San Diego Union-Tribune --- Aug 3, 2005

Wind turbine electricity ushers in new hopes for Bangladesh --- Bangladesh.net --- Aug 3, 2005

Brewery's shift to hydrogen power offered as example of indrustry working to protect Sierra --- Tahoe World --- Aug 3, 2005

Fuel Cell Motorbike to Hit U.S. Streets --- A sleek, almost silent, nonpolluting fuel cell-powered motorcycle is set to begin gliding down U.S. streets by the end of 2006. --- National Geographic News --- Aug 2, 2005

Weizmann Institute solar energy project promises to advance use of hydrogen fuel --- Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs --- Aug 4, 2005

Ice shelf collapse was biggest for 10,000 years --- Researchers have measured a 2.5C increase in average temperatures in the Antarctic peninsula over the past 50 years and many scientists believe there is little doubt that this rise can be linked to global warming and climate change exacerbated by man-made pollution. --- The Independent --- Aug 4, 2005

Hot!! Oil and Blood --- It's the oil, stupid.  What has so often gotten lost in all the talk about terror and weapons of mass destruction is the fact that for so many of the most influential members of the Bush administration, the obsessive desire to invade Iraq preceded the Sept. 11 attacks. It preceded the Bush administration. The neoconservatives were beating the war drums on Iraq as far back as the late 1990's. --- NY Times --- Jul 28, 2005

Ralph Lowenstein: It's the oil, stupid --- AM850 --- Aug 1, 2005

Pilot fuel cell-powered buses head for Beijing --- Yahoo Asia News --- Jul 28, 2005

Honda FCX Integrates Hydrogen Station Locating Navigation System --- Auto Channel --- Jul 27, 2005

America Needs Real Energy Solutions --- Statement of Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club --- Jul 27, 2005

Apollo Alliance Editorial on the Energy Bill --- Jul 27, 2005

Energy Bill Wouldn't Wean U.S. Off Oil Imports, Analysts Say --- Washington Post via NRDC --- Jul 26, 2005

Congress Told Hydrogen Fuel Decades from Being Practical --- Voice of America --- Jul 25, 2005

The Peak Oil Crisis:  Rationing --- It has to come sooner or later. As oil becomes scarcer and scarcer and price rises higher and higher, pressures will grow for a formal allocation system. Rationing will come, if only to calm the havoc at the gas lines and the social upheavals that are bound to occur as long as rationing is only by price --- Falls Church News-Press --- Jul 14-20, 2005

Hot!! Indian Americans Develop Hydrogen Fueled Autorickshaw --- Sapru’s current emphasis is on development, testing and commercialization of Hydrogen-ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) two and three wheeled vehicles for transportation, & Hydrogen-ICE generators for distributed power generation. She is pursuing alliances to create an infrastructure as well as to facilitate commercialization of hydrogen technologies in India. Which is why she is evaluating the availability and potential cost of hydrogen in developing countries. --- INDOlink --- Jul 20, 2005

Seven U.S. governors urge president to back renewables --- reFOCUS --- Jul 20, 2005

Heaven Help Bus --- A visit to Iceland spurs dreams of a hydrogen future ---Grist --- Jul 19, 2005

New Vehicle to Debut in 2009 --- The Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) said Monday it is developing a new public transportation vehicle that can run on asphalt roads and on magnetic railways like a subway train. --- Korea Times --- Jul 18, 2005

Move over CNG, a hydrogen auto? --- US company develops hydrogen-fuel-run three-wheelers, trial runs successful --- The Sunday Express --- Jul 17, 2005

Wind power could generate more than enough sustainable electricity to meet global energy needs, according to new research --- CNN --- Jul 15, 2005

Tas researchers launch combustion engine --- Tasmanian researchers say they have revolutionised energy production with the invention of an internal combustion engine that runs on a combination of hydrogen and diesel. --- The Age --- Jul 15, 2005

FUTURE POWER: DTE to unveil hydrogen energy park --- Detroit Free Press --- Jul 15, 2005

TOM WALSH: We need to speed fuel freedom --- Detroit Free Press --- Jul 15, 2005

TOM WALSH: World can be safer by kicking the oil habit --- Detroit Free Press --- Jul 8, 2005

Nuclear Dinosaur --- There is no power source less compatible with the GOP's love of free markets and disdain for regulation and subsidy than nuclear fission. Without government intervention, there simply would be no nuclear industry. --- Washington Post --- Jul 7, 2005

Ontario Study Identifies Social Costs of Coal-Fired Power Plants --- EV World --- Jul 7, 2005

Toyota Agrees to Stop Crushing Electric SUVs --- EV World --- Jul 14, 2005

South Coast AQMD Asks Toyota 'Don't Crush' RAV4 EV's --- EV World --- Jul 7, 2005

Fuel cell future? PBS program explores --- Robert Krulwich and Car Talk brothers Click and Clack use their talents to explain process.  Program to air on PBS July 26. --- MSNBC --- Jul 13, 2005

Why GM Is High on Hydrogen --- Interview with GM VP of R&D --- Wired Magazine --- Jul 13, 2005

Making a Plug for Hybrids --- Wired News --- Jul 11, 2005

Cornell ecologist's study finds that producing ethanol and biodiesel from corn and other crops is not worth the energy --- Jul 5, 2005

Los Angeles Airport Awarded Top Honor in Airport Industry Environmental Achievement --- Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has won this year's Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) Environmental Achievement Award in the large-airport class for constructing the first retail hydrogen-fueling and generation station at an airport. --- Yahoo Biz Australia --- Jul 13, 2005

Beating Swords into Wind Turbines, or Solar Panels if You Like --- Rather than plowshares, what could the United States have done if it beat its swords into wind turbines or, if you prefer, solar panels? What could we have accomplished toward building a renewable future here in North America instead of launching a war in the oil-rich heart of the Persian Gulf? The answer is simple: a lot. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Jul 11, 2005

Can the Hydrogen Car Ever Start? --- Today’s experimental hydrogen fuel cells use so much platinum that there is not enough of the precious metal to replace all the world’s petrol engines. --- Resource Investor --- Jul 7, 2005

Toyota: GM Fuel-Cell Tie-Up Coming Soon --- ABC News --- Jul 11, 2005

Uphill Drive --- GM places big bet on the future of fuel cell technology --- Los Angeles Business Journal --- Jul 11, 2005

Hydrogen-powered SUV on display in Livingston --- Bozeman Daily Chronicle --- Jul 9, 2005

Lawmakers take some of the air out of `hydrogen highway' plan --- In a setback for one of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's centerpiece environmental efforts, state lawmakers on Thursday approved barely half the money the state Environmental Protection Agency had said was needed to start building a ``hydrogen highway'' across California. --- Yahoo News --- Jul 8, 2005

Hot!! With Interest: To cut oil dependence, look to the skies --- Both Boeing and Airbus have studied airplanes fueled by liquid hydrogen, and these may be the most promising. They wouldn't require any technological breakthroughs, just redesigned planes capable of carrying more of the lighter, colder hydrogen fuel.  Only governments could coordinate the big aerospace businesses and give them the incentive - if not the order - to switch. And there's reason to believe that governments, given the inclination, could do just that without too much fuss.  Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain has vowed to push for an agreement on carbon-based pollution as host of the Group of 8 summit meeting that starts Wednesday. He might greet his colleagues by suggesting that next time, they fly in on oil-free equipment.--- International Herald Tribune --- Jul 2, 2005

Read about hydrogen airplanes:

Cryoplane (pdf) --- Excellent paper about the Airbus Cryoplane design.

Future flight --- Europa

Hydrogen Aircraft Fuel Research Plans --- Flug Review --- Sep, 1998

Skunk Works Magic --- Terrified at the prospect of Soviet spyplanes flying over U.S. airspace with the impunity that the U-2 crossed Mother Russia, the Skunk Works found itself with $96 million and an assignment to build an ultrasecret hydrogen-powered space plane to counter the new red menace. --- Popular Mechanics --- Sep 1, 1999

Hydrogen in airplanes --- In 1956, a B57 was flown with LH2, and in June of 1989, a Cheetah was flown using only hydrogen. --- Bellona

New National Coalition Formed to Promote Clean, Renewable, Domestic Wind Energy Development --- Jul 6, 2005

Fuel-cell vehicles run clean, but is their future clear? --- The Japan Times --- Jul 7, 2005

Fuel cell-powered sports car in the offing --- Cranfield University is at the heart of an ambitious and highly innovative collaborative attempt to produce the world’s first high-performance fuel cell powered sports car. --- Business Weekly -- Jul 6, 2005

Hydrogen powered-car seeks efficiency record --- Platinum Today --- Jul 5, 2005 

Oil 'will hit $100 by winter' --- Worst-ever crisis looms, says analyst · Surging demand to keep prices high --- The Guardian --- Jul 3, 2005

Hydrogen station fuels dispute in Jamestown --- Sun-Sentinel --- Jul 1, 2005

Micro-power hailed as cheap, safe energy of future --- Renewable power, particularly schemes where thousands of homes have their own microgenerators for heat and electricity, are a far cheaper way of meeting the UK's energy needs and combating climate change than nuclear stations, says a report out today. --- The Guardian --- Jun 29, 2005

Volkswagen, Sunlight and Hydrogen --- The German state of Lower Saxony’s first  solar hydrogen filling station is about to commence operation at the Volkswagen Technology Center Isenbüttel --- Auto Spectator --- Jun 29, 2005

AeroVironment Flies World's First Liquid Hydrogen Powered UAV --- SpaceWar --- Jun 29, 2005

GM Survey Finds Americans Support Energy Independence, Hydrogen-Based Economy --- Jun 29, 2005

Future climate could be hotter than thought - study --- Global temperatures in the future could be much hotter than scientists have predicted if new computer models on climate change are correct, researchers said on Wednesday. --- Reuters via Yahoo --- Jun 29, 2005

Senate passes strongest national policy for solar energy in two decades --- The Senate bill would give homeowners that purchase solar electric or water heating systems a credit worth up to $2,000, and boost incentives for businesses to install solar as well. The credit would be available to homeowners through the end of 2009, and to businesses through the end of 2011. --- SEIA --- Jun 28, 2005

Wind Turbines Operational at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base --- Renewable Energy Access --- Jun 22, 2005

California family giving long-term test drive to hydrogen car --- San Luis Obispo Tribune --- Jun 29, 2005

Fueling a hydrogen boom --- S.C. lawmakers want to increase alternative gas research here --- The State --- Jun 29, 2005

Greenlight Energy Gains Approval to Build Large-Scale Wind Farm in Northeastern Colorado --- ENN --- Jun 24, 2005

Richardson plans to expand wind power --- The Bureau of Land Management plans to allow the rapid deployment of thousands of wind turbines on public lands in 11 Western states. But few would be built in New Mexico unless Gov. Bill Richardson, a fan of wind power, can figure out how to extend transmission lines closer to BLM property. --- Albuquerque Tribune --- Jun 23, 2005

Vehicle with the highest fuel efficiency: "PAC-Car" sets new world record --- The car is lightweight, weighing in at only about 30 kilograms. And, PAC-Car has now achieved its goal: it finished the course at the Shell Eco-Marathon taking place on the Michelin test track at Ladoux, France, using only 1.07 grams of hydrogen. This converts to about 5134 kilometres per litre of petrol, a new world record in economical fuel consumption. This means that PAC-Car would only use eight litres to drive around the globe. --- Uni-protokolle --- Jun 26, 2005

Shore Losers --- U.S. leaders, residents turn backs on impending coastal chaos --- Grist --- Jan 15, 2005

Columbia moving forward to become hydro fuel cell research hub --- WIS10 --- Jun 24, 2005

'Apollo Program' for hydrogen energy needed, Stanford researcher says --- Wind is the most promising means of generating hydrogen, said Jacobson, who with former postdoctoral fellow Cristina Archer recently published a study that mapped global winds and showed the world, especially the United States, has more than enough wind to meet all its energy needs. Jacobson envisions wind turbines generating electricity on wind farms that are linked in a network to ensure energy production even when parts of the grid have windless days. The electricity would travel through transmission lines to a filling station--similar to today's gas stations. There, it would enter an electrolyzer, passing through water and splitting it into oxygen, which would be released into the air, and hydrogen, which would get compressed and stored. --- Because wind generation of hydrogen provided the best health and climate benefits, the researchers did a cost analysis to compare the cost of a gallon of gasoline with that of a gallon of hydrogen generated by wind electrolysis. The cost of making hydrogen from wind is $1.12 to $3.20 per gallon of gasoline or diesel equivalent ($3 to $7.40 per kilogram of molecular hydrogen)--on par with the current price of gas. But gasoline has a hidden cost of 29 cents to $ 1.80 per gallon in societal costs such as reduced health, lost productivity, hospitalization and death, as well as cleanup of polluted sites. So gasoline's true cost in March 2005, for example, was $2.35 to $3.99 per gallon, which exceeds the estimated mean cost of hydrogen from wind ($2.16 equivalent per gallon of gasoline). --- Eurekalert --- Jun 24, 2005

Study shows advantages of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles --- Fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen produced by wind and natural gas offer the greatest potential health benefits, and could save 3, 700 to 6,400 lives annually in the United States by reducing air pollution. --- People's Daily --- Jun 24, 2005

Oregon gets bright spin on growing wind power --- A federal review says the state's location, and access to users and transmission lines, gives it an advantage for the clean energy --- The Oregonian --- Jun 22, 2005

$2.7 million grant for UND's EERC to advance hydrogen research efforts --- Grand Forks Herald --- Jun 22, 2005

Midlands has allies in fuel initiative --- Aiken, Greenville join hydrogen project --- The State --- Jun 22, 2005

Portable fuel cell from Voller Energy… is expensive. --- Engadget --- Jun 17, 2005

Morgan engages eco-overdrive --- Morgan, the classic car maker, is to build what it claims will be the world’s first environmentally friendly sports car, intended to produce zero emissions while matching petrol-driven rivals for speed and handling. The vehicle, powered by a fuel cell which converts hydrogen into electricity, would produce nothing but water vapour and would be ultra-quiet. --- Times Online --- Jun 19, 2005

Create the hydrogen economy right here --- As Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Hydrogen Economy, says, if the auto industry doesn’t invent the future of hydrogen, someone else will. That someone will dictate the terms, which could be disastrous for automakers, suppliers, Detroit and Southeast Michigan.  That’s why the city and state must work with the auto industry to make this region the center of automotive hydrogen research, technology, engineering and production. If not, we can sit and watch as another region — or country — boldly grabs the opportunity, leaving Southeast Michigan to fight for table scraps. --- Crain's Detroit --- Jun 20, 2005

Hydrogen Highway: Breaking America’s Foreign Oil Addiction --- Christian Broadcasting Network --- Jun 20, 2005

Domenici Backs Off Warming Limits --- Republican Sen. Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico announced Monday that he would not sponsor an amendment to address global warming as part of this year's energy bill, a development that reduced the probability that Congress would act to regulate greenhouse gases. --- L. A. Times --- Jun 21, 2005

Debate Over Global Warming May Heat Up --- A conflict between U.S. lawmakers and the Bush administration over global climate change could boil over in the coming week when the Senate debates legislation that would require U.S. industry to cut emissions of heat-trapping gases. --- L. A. Times --- Jun 20, 2005

Global Warming Gains Higher Profile in Senate --- Three plans proposed fall short of the Kyoto pact but still could draw opposition from the Bush administration and the House. --- L. A. Times --- Jun 19, 2005

APC debuts fuel cell backup power --- The fuel cell system runs on bottled hydrogen gas --- The InfraStruXure with Integrated Fuel Cells system, which fits within a single 42U rack, provides up to 30 kilowatts of power using bottled hydrogen gas as fuel. --- Computerworld --- Jun 14, 2005

Gwladys Fouché visits pioneers of wind and hydrogen power --- From the bridge of his boat, the captain looks at what makes him a pioneer of the future. On the remote Norwegian island of Utsira stands a small hydrogen plant with two wind turbines gracefully rotating in the sky. "In 50 years' time, they will be everywhere. No one will use oil any more!" --- The Guardian --- Jun 16, 2005

Hebrides could pioneer energy research --- "The Outer Hebrides has one of the richest renewable resources in the world which, if harnessed to produce hydrogen, offers a commercially viable alternative to traditional fuel supply" - Iain Mackinnon, Western Isles Council's director of technical services --- The Scotsman  --- Jun 16, 2005

London Array, UK’s flagship large offshore wind farm comes a step closer as CORE, E.ON UK and Shell WindEnergy apply for consent --- If built, the wind farm could generate up to 1,000 megawatts of renewable electricity, enough for more than 750,000 homes - equivalent to the household demand of Kent and East Sussex combined, or a quarter of greater London homes. --- Shell --- Jun 10, 2005

Douglas signs renewable energy incentive bill into law --- Using a 31-foot-long wind turbine blade as his writing table, Gov. James Douglas on Tuesday signed into law a new package of carrots -- and eventual sticks if the carrots don't work -- to encourage Vermont's utilities to invest in renewable energy. --- Brattleboro Reformer --- Jun 15, 2005

Clean energy road map aired: Hydrogen coalition advances specific initiatives for Massachusetts statewide progress --- Daily News Tribune --- Jun 15, 2005

Feeling the Heat --- President Bush has been running from the issue of global warming for four years, but the walls are closing in --- New York Times --- Jun 14, 2005

White House Staffer Resigns Two Days After Revelation He Edited Climate Change Documents --- Car Buyer's Notebook --- Jun 12, 2005

Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition To Unveil Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiatives to Capture Future $46 Billion Industry --- American International Automobile Dealers --- Jun 13, 2005

Coalition unveils renewable-energy tax credit plan --- Local officials unveiled a "Roadmap to Renewable Energy" Wednesday, hoping to spur the development and use of fuel cells in Massachusetts, which generate electricity by passing hydrogen through a membrane. --- Boston Business Journal --- May 8, 2005

Thorp Leak at Sellafield continued unchecked for 9 months say British nuclear officials and media --- The leak of 20 tonnes of plutonium and uranium liquid mixed with nitric acid discovered last month at Sellafield’s controversial Thorp reprocessing facility had apparently been going on undetected for nine months, constituting Britain’s worst nuclear mishap in 13 years, Britain’s The Independent and UK nuclear officials said Monday. ---  --- Bellona

Nuclear leak at Sellafield --- The spill of a highly dangerous mix of nuclear fuel dissolved in concentrated nitric acid into a huge stainless steel chamber is not a danger to the public.  But it may take months to clean up because the chamber is now so radioactive that it is impossible to enter.  Experts may have to build special robots to recover the 20 tonnes of liquid contaminated with uranium and plutonium and fix the pipe at the £2.1bn plant.  The leak is likely to be a financial disaster for the taxpayer as income from the Thorp plant - calculated to be more than £1m a day - is supposed to pay for the clean-up of redundant nuclear facilities. --- Manchester Evening News --- Jun 9, 2005

Chinese and British scientists try to give a push to hydrogen economy --- They believe the clean energy, including the hydrogen, will narrow the gap between the developed nations and the developing countries. "It uses renewable and abundant resources. And developed countries need huge investment on changes of their fixed infrastructure to use it. But developing nations needn't do that because they have less fixed infrastructure," said Dr. Wallace. --- People's Daily Online --- Jun 7, 2005

Transportation: Farther? Faster? Cleaner? --- For the past 18 months, Gregg Kelly has driven a hydrogen-powered car that he leases from the American subsidiary of Toyota Motor.  One evening, Kelly pulled into his driveway and was greeted by his dog, a black Labrador retriever.  "My dog ran immediately to the back of the car and started drinking out of the tail pipe," recalls Kelly --- International Herald Tribune --- Jun 6, 2005

Japanese group to try clean energy circumnavigation of Iceland --- Mainichi Daily News --- Jun 5, 2005

Hydrogen can be element of automotive revolution --- Greenville Online --- Jun 5, 2005

Honda FCX: What a Gas! A Week in Suburbia With a Hydrogen Honda --- New York Times --- Jun 5, 2005

The little Country that could --- NYSTED, DENMARK - While the future of the proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound remains uncertain, this northern European nation that leads the world in offshore wind energy plans to build hundreds more turbines in its coastal waters, and 7-year-old Brewster boy Dylan Brady was there to see the turbines which are up and running now. --- Cape Cod Today --- May 27, 2005

Interview: BMW Technology Guru Raymond Freymann --- The hydrogen will come from renewable energies. "Initially, maybe we will make it from natural gas, but eventually all hydrogen will be produced using renewable energy — such as solar power." Hydrogen will typically come from electrolysis (in which hydrogen and oxygen are generated from water). Salt water or fresh water can be used. Freymann says, "There is so much potential renewable energy. Enough solar energy falls on the Earth in 70 minutes to satisfy the world's energy needs for one year." --- Edmunds Inside Line --- May 16, 2005

Secretary Bodman, Johanns Announce Memorandum of Understanding to Advance Hydrogen Development from Biomass --- USDA --- May 25, 2005

Groups push renewable energy for power line project --- Reno Gazette-Journal --- May 22, 2005

Winds Of Change Sweeping Berkshires --- Hartford Courant --- May 31, 2005

Climate Change Poses Greater Security Threat than Terrorism --- Renewable Energy Access --- May 30, 2005

Western governments finally eyeing hydrogen fuel cell --- New pipelines are not the answer to the world's energy problems --- Whittier Daily News --- May 30, 2005

Purolator hybrids hit the streets --- The HEVs are expected to eliminate up to 50 percent, and the FC-HEVs up to 100 percent of greenhouse gasses currently emitted with conventional gasoline-diesel delivery vehicles. If the experience of these vehicles lives up to expectations, the company intends to add up to 400 HEVs to its fleet annually.  "The piloting of this green technology takes us one step closer to realizing our vision to lead the industry to a future standard of zero vehicle emissions," Robert Johnson, president and CEO of Purolator, said in a press release. --- Today's Trucking --- May 30, 2005

Wind turbines cut energy costs --- British Gas will be trialling the wind turbines in Scotland and South West England later in a pilot programme later this year which, if successful, could expand to include properties across Britain. --- This is Money --- May 26, 2005

One man's castle runs on hydrogen --- Electricity from solar panels splits water --- MSNBC --- May 30, 2005

CNGVC Supports Hydrogen Highway Initiative, Says Natural Gas Is Clear Bridge  --- Group Says Existing Network of Compressed Natural Gas Stations Across California Provide Hydrogen Infrastructure, Link to Gaseous Fuels --- The Auto Channel --- May 26, 2005

Plan would add 2,000 hydrogen-powered cars to California roads --- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has embraced the $53.5 million, five-year blueprint, although it is substantially more modest than his aggressive hydrogen highways initiative. --- SignOnSanDiego --- May 26, 2005

Solar group prepares to file recommendations for government levels --- Political leaders in the United States must “act now to begin the transition to a clean domestic energy standard,” according to the country’s solar energy society. --- reFOCUS --- May 25, 2005

Bush pumps up idea of hydrogen future --- President visits filling station in Washington --- MSNBC --- May 25, 2005

Hydrogenics Signs Contract to Provide Fuel Cell System for U.S. Army Armoured Vehicle --- May 25, 2005

Jump-starting hydrogen car dream --- The "California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint" is set to be formally unveiled Thursday in Sacramento. If state lawmakers approve funding, California would move ahead of the 13 other states pursuing hydrogen initiatives. --- Kansas City Star --- May 24, 2005

Wind farm plan moves ahead --- Official approval is a step toward a facility in Adams County --- Rocky Mountain News --- May 24, 2005

Highland residents air views --- Opponents call the plan a 'crime against nature,' but supporters say it could bring much-needed money.  Should Highland County keep undeveloped one of the state's most pristine landscapes, or should it be Virginia's gateway to industrial wind energy? --- Richmond Times-Dispatch --- May 24, 2005

Green Nordic Hydrogen Link Started --- Hydrogen Link is a network project for the establishment of a Green Nordic Hydrogen Transportation Corridor between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany --- May 5, 2005

Patagonian town casts fate to the wind --- With some experts predicting that hydrogen fuel produced at wind-powered electrical facilities could eventually overtake oil as the main source of the world's energy, residents and officials hope this desolate, half-forgotten region of southern Argentina could become the Middle East of the future. --- Minneapolis Star Tribune --- May 22, 2005

Scottsdale man creates a home that runs on hydrogen --- KVOA Tuscon --- May 21, 2005

Turin 2006 Focus:  Hydrogen Scooters in Olympic Fleet --- Hydrogen scooters will be part of the fleet of vehicles used for transport in Turin during the 2006 Winter Games. --- Torino 2006 --- May 21, 2005

Green grease monkeys show off cars --- 17th annual Tour de Sol showcases alternatives --- MSNBC --- May 18, 2005

Grant fuels further study on wind power project --- The Denali Commission has awarded Chugach Electric Association an additional $471,000 for its Fire Island wind project. --- Alaska Journal --- May 15, 2005

GE Energy's 2005 Wind Revenues to Increase 300% Over 2002, Its First Year of Wind Operations --- May 15, 2005

Argentine Town Hopes to Transform Wind Into Windfall --- Region Rich in Invisible Energy Resource --- The town has already begun to sense the potential benefits from its invisible resource. This year, an Argentine oil company announced it was launching feasibility studies for an internationally financed, $19 billion wind-powered facility here that would export hydrogen around the world. --- Washington Post --- May 15, 2005

Government report gives new wind to green energy --- Wind power is better than nuclear power stations for tackling global warming, the Government's official environmental advisers will tell Tony Blair this week. --- The Independent --- May 15, 2005

Wind power farms bid on the future --- Firms compete against coal and gas for new Xcel plants --- Move Over Chicago.  Colorado could get the bragging rights to the "windy" title. --- Rocky Mountain News --- May 14, 2005

Clean Patagonian Energy from Wind and Hydrogen --- A laboratory situated in the southern Patagonia region of Argentina is producing hydrogen from wind energy to supply power to a village -- and prove that it is possible to replace the polluting fuels derived from petroleum. --- IPS --- May 12, 2005

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago --- Common Dreams --- May 3, 2005

N.M. blows by Colo. in wind rank --- Denver Post --- May 12, 2005

The Car of the Future --- Anuvu's Magic Carpet --- Would you buy a car that goes 700 miles on a fill-up, and costs only $20 to fill the tank? --- ECOWorld

Annual Rankings Demonstrate Continued Growth of Wind Energy Industry in the United States --- Most Populous States, Recognized Corporate Leaders Continue to Hold Top Rankings in 2004; New Players Emerging --- AWEA --- May 12, 2005

Mitsubishi Motors to Drive Forward Development of Next Generation EVs --- The Auto Channel --- May 12, 2005

Hydrogen part of more stable economy --- By developing alternative energy sources together with hydrogen technology, we can indeed build a more stable, less dependent and more environmentally friendly economy -- a stronger nation. --- Seattle Post-Intelligencer --- May 11, 2005

Japanese Automaker Mitsubishi to Start Selling Electric Cars in 2010 --- ABC News --- May 11, 2005

AQMD Offers Incentives to Refuel Natural Gas Vehicles at Home --- Incentive funding offered by AQMD and the MSRC will total $2,000 per unit for a total of 400 units, lowering the cost of each unit to $1,500 for the consumer. Installation of a unit costs an additional $1,000 to $2,000. Driving a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle can cut fuel costs in half. On average, fueling a CNG passenger vehicle will cost about 4 cents per mile compared with 8 cents per mile for a similar gasoline vehicle. --- May 6, 2005

America's 50 Dirtiest Power Plants Emit Up To 20 Times More Pollution Than Plants With State-Of-Art Controls --- Poweronline --- May 11, 2005 

Wind power industry gaining ground across U.S. --- Pueblo Chieftain --- May 10, 2005

Baculite Mesa a possible site for wind farm --- Pueblo Chieftain --- May 10, 2005

Denver readies for national wind-energy showcase --- Pueblo Chieftain --- May 10, 2005

Solar energy payback will be one year within a decade, says NREL --- reFOCUS --- May 11, 2005

Cows Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell --- A dairy farm in Minnesota is the first in the world to run a hydrogen fuel cell from the biogas captured from dairy cows. --- AgReport --- May 10, 2005

Kansas Wind Co. Seeks Investors For $200M Fund --- Wind developer Krystal Energy is raising equity for a planned $200 million wind development fund. The vehicle will be used to finance construction of 170 MW in wind facilities scattered throughout the country's windiest regions, says Troy Helming, ceo in Lenexa, Kan. --- Institutional Investor News --- May 6, 2005

Wind farm permit sought for wind farm --- Construction of the world's largest wind farm should get under way in eastern McLean County next spring --- Pantagraph. --- May 6, 2005

Metro Detroiter plans energy-efficient railway --- His Whitmore Lake firm designs a transit system that runs on hydrogen, solar power. --- Detroit News --- May 8, 2005

The beauty of wind farms --- In Toronto alone, it is estimated that 10,000 birds collide with the city's tallest buildings every year. Compared with this, the risk to birds from well-sited wind farms is very low.  Even at Altamont Pass in California, where 7000 turbines were erected on a migratory route, only 0.2 birds per turbine per year have been killed. Indeed, the real risk to birds comes not from windmills but from a changing climate, which threatens the very existence of bird species and their habitats. --- NewScientist --- Apr 16, 2005 

Whistler to hop on hydrogen highway --- The town had been planning a major pipeline carrying only natural gas. But, in part because natural gas supplies are diminishing, the town is now planning a smaller pipeline outfitted for hydrogen should the day come when hydrogen fuel technology is developed. --- Vail Daily --- May 9, 2005

Rand Cam Engine Prepares to Power World into 21st Century; Streamlined Engine Delivers Power with more Efficiency, Less Weight and Noise --- BusinessWire --- May 9, 2005

Hydrogen energy touted at conference --- Chewonki is in the process of installing a fuel-cell system that uses well water and solar power to create hydrogen, which can fully power the environmental education group's energy-efficient headquarters for four days. --- Bangor Daily News --- May 9, 2005

The newest hybrid; Hydrogen and Petrol --- The hydrogen combustion engine has more potential than petrol-only engines. The hydrogen-ice allows for the gentle transformation to the ultimate energy, hydrogen. Instead of creating another hybrid or vehicle that only gets more gas mileage BMW and Ford are introducing the world to what many people have said cannot be done or won’t be done for years to come. --- Carlist --- May 7, 2005

Ford Supplies Hydrogen Shuttle Vans to California Desert Community --- EV World --- May 7, 2005

Superwarriors may be cell powered action men --- ITM Power is to use the demo launch of its breakthrough fuel cell stack to try to break into two multi-billion pound futuristic military projects aimed at equipping individual UK and US soldiers with fully integrated, hi-tech, battlefield combat systems. --- Business Weekly --- May 6, 2005

SHEC Labs Releases Fuel Energy Equivalency Calculator --- SHEC Labs --- May 5, 2005

Blacquiere worried about hydrogen village fire --- The fire marshall says firefighters will need specialized training in order to handle fires. --- CBC --- May 4, 2005

Bush Energy Proposal a Program of Strength through Exhaustion --- With a troubling backdrop of skyrocketing gas prices, and worldwide concerns over energy, President George W. Bush outlined energy proposals last week that he said would help ensure energy independence and national security. Rather, the business-as-usual proposals are nothing more than a program of strength through exhaustion, a recipe for higher prices, and a sure way to increase US dependence on imports of petroleum, natural gas and uranium. --- "We must begin now to rapidly move renewable technologies into large-scale production and the marketplace", Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, Ph.D. (R-MD) recently told the House of Representative in a Special-order hour-long presentation on Peak Oil, where he called for a new Apollo-scale program to accelerate renewable energy into the main stream." --- Renewable Energy Access --- May 2, 2005

Governor Steps-up State's Renewable Energy Commitments --- Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack has issued an executive order that sets up a purchasing requirement for state agencies to purchase at least 10 percent of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2010. -- Renewable Energy Access ---May 3, 2005

Norway’s road construction giant to cut CO2 emissions in half with the help of hydrogen --- Mesta, Norway’s state owned road construction and maintenance giant, has ambitious plans of cutting their own carbon dioxide emission by 50 percent by December 2012, and has, to this end, put Norway’s first hydrogen vehicle—on lease from The Bellona Foundation—into commercial use this week. --- Bellona --- May 3, 2005

HERA Partners with McGill University --- CNW Group --- May 3,2005

Hydrogen-fuel shuttles coming --- Valley joins Ford's test program for alternative fuels at clean-air confab --- The Desert Sun --- May 3, 2005

Hydrogen powers Hunt Valley firm --- Teledyne subsidiary working on futuristic fueling stations --- Jeffersonian --- May 3, 2005

Livingstone's green vision --- London's mayor, Ken Livingstone, has launched a vision of a green future for the capital with buildings shrouded in lush vegetation, populated by wildlife and powered by hydrogen, not fossil fuels.--- The Guardian --- May 2, 2005

A New Kind of Combustion in Detroit --- US News --- May 9, 2005

Midwest research projects look to hydrogen --- Aberdeen News --- May 1, 2005

Hydrogen, other energy systems enable home to be efficient and self-sustaining --- East Valley Tribune --- Apr 30, 2005

The 6,000-square-foot home includes:
• Photovoltaic panels that generate solar energy used to electrolyze water in fuel cells that produce hydrogen to heat or cool air and water, run generators and fuel hydrogen-powered vehicles.
• A "circulatory system,’’ as Bryan Beaulieu describes it, that uses hydrogen power to pump hot or cold water through pipes in walls, floors and roofs to heat or cool the home.
• Concrete roofs a foot thick, and topped by two feet of soil provide "geothermal mass," and help insulate the house.
• Devices that convert organic materials, such as food waste, paper and plant waste into methane and hydrogen gas.
• A hydrogen-powered filtering system that removes dust, pollen and other particles from indoor air.
• A venting system that pushes out hot air through adjustable window panels atop roofs.

Bush Wrong: House Passed Energy Bill Threatens Economic and National Security ---  President Bush wrongly praised the energy bill passed by the U S House of Representatives last week. The bill brings national insecurity and threatens to deplete America’s dwindling oil reserves and leave our nation, our freedoms and liberties prostrate before the world’s corporate oil barons and the dictators that control OPEC. But a Senate bill that stops stifiling undepletable energy devopment and levels the policy playing field between undepletable fuels and depeltables may be able to rescue America from the dangers of rapidly approching peak oil. --- “Every tax dollar the House bill gives to the highly profitable, oil, gas and nuclear giants, chokes off competition from new, undepletable fuels capable of economically replacing oil and nuclear energy. But for sustainable fuels to be deployed in time to avoid the disaster that looms from peak oil, Congress must provide a level playing field with oil, coal, gas, and radioactive fuels.” said Roy McAlister, President of the American Hydrogen Association and Co-President of CleanPeace.  McAlister, a scientist, engineer, educator and world authority on hydrogen and its production from undepletable resources said, “As a long term researcher, I can assure the American public that the proven technologies to produce, transport, and safely utilize hydrogen from undepletable resources are available today and can be utilized by rapid conversion of existing internal combustion engines and other equipment.”

 --- eMediaWire --- Apr 30, 2005

Hydrogen home an energetic test --- Engineer and inventor Bryan Beaulieu is nearly finished creating a $2 million home that will run on hydrogen.  Beaulieu's home will trap sunlight in solar panels and convert it to electricity. That electricity will run a washing machine-size appliance called an electrolyzer, which separates water into hydrogen and oxygen.  The hydrogen will be trapped in high-pressure tanks and run through an electric generator, producing a clean electricity that keeps lights, computers, ceiling fans - whatever the family needs - humming.  "It works just like you use natural gas," said Beaulieu, 55, "but with no pollution."  The solar panels will soak up tens of thousands of watts of energy during the day and store it for evening, when the family needs more power.  "He's using a type of environmental management of radiation from outer space to heat in winter and cool in the summer," McAlister said. "He's converting what would have cost society a lot in terms of garbage and sewage into resources greatly needed." --- The Arizona Republic --- Apr 29, 2005

Another day at the hydrogen-powered office --- The world’s first office block powered by wind, rain and sun is to be built in Scotland in a bid to prove that eco-friendly energy can meet the needs of business.  The £3.2 million Hydrogen Office will generate its own electricity using two wind turbines, solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells. The fuel cells enable excess electricity to be stored in the form of hydrogen made from water - possibly collected in a rain barrel - and then used during dark, windless days.  Project manager Derek Mitchell said: "It is designed to demonstrate that with renewable and hydrogen energy you can meet the energy needs of an office of this size.  "We are using current technologies - we’re not developing any new ones - but we are linking them together in a way that’s never been done before." --- Scotsman --- Apr 29, 2005

The Hydrogen Office --- Business Environment Partnership

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Partners with Aerospace and Defense Industry Companies to Develop, Produce and Install a New Generation of Wind Turbine Systems for Rural and Urban Settings --- Apr 29, 2005

Hot!! North Dakota Governor Hoeven Signs Broad New Renewable Energy Legislation New Renewable Energy Office To Benefit Wind, Biodiesel, Ethanol And Transmission --- State of North Dakota --- Apr 27, 2005

Harvesting the Wind to Build North Dakota's Future - Governor John Hoeven (pdf) --- Apr 27, 2005

Florida Department of Environmental Protection , Delta Airlines, Ford Present Hydrogen Tugs --- Apr 27, 2005

Hydrogen Bill Passes Florida House --- Apr 27, 2005

Reid Calls on Bush to Take Real Steps Towards Price Releif and Energy Independence--- Senator Reid --- Apr 27, 2005

Florida Department of Environmental Protection , Delta Airlines, Ford to Tug on Hydrogen for Power --- Apr 26, 2005

State sees future in hydrogen fuel --- Tax incentives, grants would lure companies to Florida --- House Bill 1597, which is set for floor debate in the state House of Representatives today, gives tax breaks or grants to companies that purchase hydrogen-powered equipment or develop and demonstrate hydrogen technology. --- Sun-Sentinel --- Apr 26, 2005

Owners charged up over electric cars, but manufacturers have pulled the plug --- San Francisco Chronicle --- Apr 24, 2005

Some drivers beating high gas prices by converting their cars to electric --- San Diego Union Tribune --- Apr 23, 2005

Solar Integrated Technologies and GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services Collaborate on Innovative Solar School Project  --- The first to benefit from the arrangement will be the San Diego City Schools, which estimates it will save millions in roofing and energy costs over the next 20 years. A total of 14 San Diego schools expect the new solar roofing systems to be operational in the next few weeks, followed by additional installations over the next two years. --- SIT --- Apr 2005

Hydrogenics And PEI Energy Corporation Partner To Develop Prince Edward Island Wind-Hydrogen Village Project --- Apr 22, 2005

Hydrogen fuel to help lessen US dependence on foreign oil --- By Samuel W Bodman --- (US Secretary of Energy) --- Gulf Times --- Apr 24, 2005

Hydrogen: The future's fuel? --- UF researchers want to convert water into fuel --- Gainesville Sun --- Apr 24, 2005

Liftoff to the Future? ---Stennis manager sees hydrogen as alternative to fossil fuel --- The Sun Herald --- Apr 24, 2005

All That Gas Brazil leads the charge in alternative fuels ready to give crude oil a run for its money --- Outlook Magazine --- May 2, 2005

Western Minnesota winds could be made into hydrogen --- Minnesota Public Radio --- Apr 22, 2005

Hydrogen vehicles granted accessed to coveted taxi and bus lanes in Norway --- The contour of an early market for hydrogen vehicles is thus emerging in Norway. --- Bellona --- Apr 22, 2005

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Has Completed Negotiations for A Partnership Agreement with Apache Electric to Manufacture New, High Efficiency Wind Turbine Motors --- Apr 21, 2005

American Indian delegation to Washington urges clean energy --- A coalition of American Indians recently lobbied Congress for clean energy and a halt to the long-held tradition of making Indian country a dumping ground for nuclear waste, disease-producing coal mines and power plants that destroy the environment. --- Indian Country Today --- Apr 21, 2005

Hydrogen village on P.E.I. will use wind power to create hydrogen fuel --- Prince Edward Island will become the testing ground for a new clean energy system that uses wind power to produce hydrogen fuel. --- Macleans.ca --- Apr 21, 2005

Fuel cell "AutoTram" developed --- Platinum Today --- Apr 21, 2005

Honda's Fuel-Cell Car Almost Ready for Prime Time --- Bloomberg --- Apr 18, 2005

Hydrogen power debuts --- Vancouver took delivery of the first factory-produced fuel cell cars as part of a three-year test to determine feasibility of the technology --- CanWest News --- Apr 18, 2005

US and China Collaborate to Clean the Air for 2008 Olympics --- Among the JWG plans for the transportation side is a Hydrogen Park in the Olympic Village featuring five buses using HCNG (a mix of hydrogen and natural gas). --- Green Car Congress, Apr 16, 2005

Energy agency lauds wind farm --- The U.S. Department of Energy has praised the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm as an important first step, and perhaps the foundation, of a more focused American wind energy industry. --- Cape Cod Times --- Apr 14, 2005

SCE to Solicit More Renewable Power --- Stockwatch --- Apr 14, 2005

HAMMER Facility Well Positioned for Hydrogen Safety Training of First Responders --- NHA Hydrogen Safety Report --- April 2005

HSU Wins Grand Prize in Energy Duel --- Humboldt State University’s Evolution Energy Systems Team won the grand prize in the National Hydrogen Association’s 2005 “H2U” Student Design Competition. --- Humboldt State News --- Apr 15, 2005

Island to lobby for Kyoto cash --- The minister said the province is closer to signing a deal to turn part of western P.E.I. into a hydrogen village. It would see wind-generated power from North Cape used to create hydrogen fuel. --- CBC --- Apr 14, 2005

Hydrogen village idea closer to reality --- Government officials aren't saying much, but it seems a large-scale project to explore alternate energy use is inching closer to western Prince Edward Island.  It would turn the Tignish area into a "hydrogen village," using wind energy produced at North Cape to turn hydrogen into a fuel source for use in cars and fishing boats. --- CBC --- Apr 8, 2005

New Tidal Power Station to surpass the rest --- Engineers from the University of Hertfordshire are modelling a new tidal power station, designed by Tidal Sails AS from Norway, which they claim, will be more efficient than any existing schemes. --- University of Hertfordshire --- Apr 7, 2005

New York City taps tide for electricity --- This May, Verdant Power is scheduled to place six turbines on the bottom of New York City’s East River to supply power to a food market on Roosevelt Island in the river, which separates Manhattan from the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. ---MSNBC --- Feb 15, 2005

Hydrogen Gas --- General Motors is betting that hydrogen-powered vehicles will one day make you forget about those billion-dollar losses it's racking up --- Forbes --- Apr 25, 2005

Auto firms recruit engineers ---Advances in fuel cells, computerization and hybrids spur need for skilled personnel.  --- Autos Insider --- Apr 10, 2005

A Quiz for GM --- Bob Lutz's Comments Are an About-Face On the Importance of Hybrid Vehicles --- Wall Street Journal --- Apr 11, 2005

Engineers push fuel economy to front seat at auto summit --- As gas prices soar, researchers grapple with new technologies that improve mileage.  --- Autos Insider --- Apr 11, 2005

Quantum Ships Hybrid Vehicles to U.S. Army --- Quantum MP Hybrid(TM) to be Unveiled at SAE 2005 World Congress --- Yahoo Finance --- Apr 11, 2005

MDV's Fuel Cell Debut --- Venture Capital company invests in Jadoo --- Apr 11, 2005

Wind farm proposed east of DIA --- FPL Energy eyes Adams County for 50 turbine towers --- Rocky Mountain News --- Apr 5, 2005

States get into the driver's seat of fuel-cell development --- USA Today --- Apr 13, 2005

Motorbikes Ride High on Hydrogen --- BusinessWeek --- Apr 14, 2005

Reva plans hydrogen fuel cars --- Rediff --- Apr 14, 2005

Hydrogen fuel cells power TV news crews --- A start-up is targeting what it considers a commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cells: the evening news. --- ZD Net --- Apr 12, 2005

GE: Wind power fit for Thailand --- Bangkok Post --- Apr 12, 2005

Fiat Seicento Hydrogen At 1st Montecarlo Rally For Fuel Cell And Hybrid Cars --- Auto Spectator --- Apr 12, 2005

'The world is changing' --- Dennis Weaver urges environmental awareness during conference --- Weaver believes hydrogen is the way to go. He said every nation on Earth could have its own source of energy with hydrogen.  "Most of our environmental problems come from the fact that we're using oil," he said. "We don't have to be dependent on that foreign oil. We need to free ourselves from that dependency." --- Joplin Globe --- Apr 7, 2005

Jay Leno Buys First Lithium I-Cell Zero-Emissions Vehicle --- Renowned comedian and Tonight Show host Jay Leno is to take delivery of R-Cars first production car, a retrofitted Chrysler Crossfire. Producing zero emissions, the R-Car uses the latest high-power, long-life battery technologies from Californias Hybrid Technologies Inc., maker of batteries for mobile products, plus other components developed by a consortium of companies including R-Electric Car Company, Global Hybrid Corp., Solium Power Corp., and WhistlerTel. --- Automobile.com --- Apr 10, 2005

Oil problem too big for leaders to handle --- If we keep sending the same kind of opportunists, nitwits, special pleaders and party hacks we have up there now, then bad times are surely coming. You can't expect a bunch of shade-tree mechanics to service a space shuttle, and you can't expect a bunch of knuckleheaded office-seekers to solve today's complex problems. --- News-Press --- Apr 7, 2005

Hull turbine gets OK from state; Hingham residents say environmental review was lax  --- Patriot Ledger --- Apr 11, 2005

Bikes come clean - hydrogen power for two wheels --- Motoring --- Apr 7, 2005

The Fuel Cell Seminar Announces Student Award For Fuel Cell Research --- The award will consist of a medal, a $2,000 monetary award and a complimentary registration to the Fuel Cell Seminar to present your poster.  Recipient Eligibility: Currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate students pursuing research in a fuel cell related field. --- Apr 6, 2005

Rolls-Royce ramps up fuel cell investment --- MSNBC --- Apr 6, 2005

Avoid Oil Crisis with Renewables, Security Leaders Advise --- Environment News Service --- Mar 30, 2005

Building the Hydrogen Boom How Iceland's abundant natural wonders -- spouting geysers and turbulent rivers -- are turning one tiny country into a world leader in clean energy. --- Onearth --- Spring 2005

UW students compete to make hydrogen cars, other renewable projects --- Wisconsin Technology Network --- Apr 4, 2005

Fly with Hydrogen --- American Farm Bureau --- Apr 4, 2005

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up' --- The human race is living beyond its means. A report backed by 1,360 scientists from 95 countries - some of them world leaders in their fields - today warns that the almost two-thirds of the natural machinery that supports life on Earth is being degraded by human pressure. --- Guardian --- Mar 30, 2005

Clinton: Build fuel cell auto 'right here in the Rochester area ' --- First-of-its-kind military pickup might generate thousands of jobs --- Rochester Democrat and Herald --- Apr 2, 2005

Westport Announces New Funding for Hydrogen Bus Demonstration --- Apr 4, 2005

World's Most Eco-Friendly Carwash Breaks Ground --- World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Carwash --- eMediaWire --- Apr 2, 2005

Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule --- New York Times --- Apr 1, 2005

Colorado Fuel Cell Proposal Accepted by Governor's Office --- OEMC --- Apr 1, 2005

California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint Plan, Vol1, Summary of Finings and Reccomendations,  (pdf) --- 

California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint Plan, Vol2, Consultant Report2 (pdf) --- 

Eden Energy signs China Hythane deal --- SMH --- Apr 1, 2005

Automakers rush to develop hydrogen cars --- World Peace Herald --- Apr 1, 2005

GM delivering fuel-cell truck --- Defense deal to be announced in Honeoye Falls --- General Motors Corp. today will turn over the world's first fuel cell-powered truck designed specifically for use by the U.S. military. --- Rochester Democrat and Herald --- Apr 1, 2005

Hydrogen fuel promoter wants bigger test projects --- More public exposure will increase familiarity with the new energy source, he says.  Hydrogen researchers need to move past small, isolated test projects and launch larger, more regional efforts if they want to advance the ''future fuel,'' a leading industry executive said at a hydrogen convention Wednesday. --- The Morning Call --- Mar 31, 2005

Bus to the future: World’s first hybrid hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (HHICE) mass-transit bus, on East Coast tour, stops in Montclair  --- The Montclair Times Mar 31, 2005

Toshiba's New Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Recharges in Only One Minute --- Mar 31, 2005

Alberta Solar-Heating Project First in North America --- Natural Resources Canada --- Mar 31, 2005

GM, DOE Sign $88-Million Agreement to Advance Fuel Cell Development --- GM --- Mar 30, 2005

Hydrogen conference convenes in Washington --- Washington Times --- Mar 30, 2005

LIPA Dedicates First Combined Fuel Cell & Solar Power System Installation on LI The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) today dedicated the first combined use of solar power and fuel cell systems on Long Island. The unique combination of alternative energy technology systems are located at the Local 25 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) headquarters in Hauppauge. The 15 kilowatt (kW) solar power system and 5 k fuel cell unit will provide electric power and domestic hot water to the facility.--- LIPA News Center --- Mar 29, 2005

Latest Study Shows Ethanol Generates More Energy Than It Takes to Produce --- Greenbiz --- Mar 29, 2005

Leaky Pipe Spills Crude, Salt Water Onto Tundra --- Reuters --- Mar 29, 2005

Denmark wants Europe's first hydrogen train --- CORDIS --- Mar 29, 2005

Geo-Greening by Example By Thomas L. Friedman --- Finally, by doing nothing to reduce U.S. oil consumption we are only hastening the climate change crisis, and the Bush officials who scoff at the science around this should hang their heads in shame. --- New York Times --- Mar 27, 2005

Wind power foes just naive blowhards --- The Age --- Mar 26, 2005

What Happens Once the Oil Runs Out? By Kenneth S. Deffeyes --- New York Times --- Mar 25, 2005

Power answers blowing in the wind --- Nuclear power offers an alternative, but it creates radioactive wastes that last for hundreds of years and nuclear power plants make perfect targets for terrorists. In contrast, using a 2-megawatt wind turbine to generate electricity for one year can cost as little per kilowatt-hour (kwh) as coal, without producing the same 8,300 tons of carbon dioxide. And while terrorists may target oil tankers and nuclear power plants, turbines are a safe bet. Bombing one would be as anticlimactic as knocking over a tree. --- Japan Times --- Mar 24, 2005

Pepperidge Farm to generate on-site electricity --- A 250-kilowatt Direct FuelCell (DFC) will be installed in the third calendar quarter of 2005. --- Bloomfield Journal --- Mar 25, 2005

Unlikely Bedfellows Lobby Against U.S. Gas-Guzzlers --- A group of former national security officials on Monday took up the cause of weaning U.S. drivers from their oil addiction -- normally the realm of environmental groups -- and asked the Bush administration to spend $1 billion on lighter, more fuel-efficient automobiles. --- Reuters --- Mar 28, 2005

Spock doc puts hydrogen power in perspective --- APT Worldwide, the international sales division of US public television distributor American Public Television, has secured international representation rights for a one-hour documentary, The Hydrogen Age. --- C21 Media --- Mar 28, 2005

Interview: Germany's environment minister Jürgen Trittin --- "If nuclear power is environmentally friendly then the earth is flat. The climate argument is really the last straw of the atomic lobby, after all the other arguments since Chernobyl have proved to be bitter illusions.  In Germany we've got to the stage where what we are talking about is that renewable energy delivers too much energy - not too little. The politics of sustainable energy never meant relying on a single energy source but on a mixture. We are in the process of composing anew our energy mixture, which at the moment is made up of a third nuclear energy. By 2020 the nuclear component will have disappeared, while the renewable energy part (not just wind but also sun, biological and geo-thermal) will double. Fossil fuels such as gas and coal will also play an important role, though in much more efficient power stations than today. And don't forget our most productive and least used source of energy up until now - energy efficiency." Germany's environment minister Jürgen Trittin --- Guardian Unlimited --- Mar 15, 2005

Enel to Help Develop Hydrogen Power Station to Cut Pollution -- Enel SpA, Italy's former power monopoly, will help build what it says is the world's-largest hydrogen-fueled power plant to produce electricity without emitting gases that contribute to global warming --- Bloomberg. --- Mar 25, 2005

China's Next Cultural Revolution --- The People's Republic is on the fast track to become the car capital of the world. And the first alt-fuel superpower. --- Decades behind developed nations when it comes to supporting a car culture, China may actually benefit from its very backwardness. All those bicycles mean there isn't a cumbersome - and entrenched - gasoline infrastructure to stand in the way of the next big thing. That's why China hopes to eventually bypass the oil-based auto culture and go right to a hydrogen economy. --- Wired Magazine --- April, 2005

Renewable energy given priority --- Now, according to the Law of Renewable Energy, the central government will set prices for electricity from renewable sources according to the source types.  Power grid operating companies will have to buy the electricity generated in their neighbouring renewable energy power houses.  Any extra costs incurred by the grid companies will be added to the price of electricity generated by all means and shared by all electricity users. --- China Daily --- Mar 23, 2005

W2 Energy Inc. Announces Development of Rotary Hydrogen Engine --- Primezone --- Mar 22, 2005

Hydrogen-fuel projects receive funding --- Central Florida stands to benefit from 2 of the initiatives to find alternate energy sources. --- Orlando Sentinel --- Mar 22, 2005

Hot!! Startech Environmental Hydrogen Ideally Suited to New Internal Combustion Engine Initiative --- Senator Byron L. Dorgan and the National Hydrogen Association to Promote Hydrogen Fueled Internal Combustion Engines in the Energy and Water Bill --- Mar 21, 2005 

Switching Gears --- Millennium Cell once believed its technology would be used in fuel cells for automobiles. But now the Eatontown company hopes the technology can be used to power laptop computers, military radios and medical equipment. --- Asbury Park Press --- Mar 20, 2005

Russia Attends Hydrogen Conference in Rio --- Russian Information Agency Novosti --- Mar 20, 2005

Hot!! Senator Dorgan Introduces Two Bills to Advance Alternative Fuels --- Record oil prices point to need for ethanol initiative, “Apollo Project” for clean hydrogen fuel cell technologyDorgan has likened the 10-year, $7.9 billion hydrogen research program he is proposing to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Apollo program, which landed a man on the moon in less than 10 years. --- Mar 17, 2005

THE ARNOLD REVOLUTION --- While President Bush hunts the terrorists down and pressures nation-states to give up their sponsorship of terror gangs, Schwarzenegger is working to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism once and for all — by ending our dependence on foreign oil and stopping the worldwide economic and climatic distortions that global oil usage causes.  He's doing it by providing aggressive state leadership to open the way for hydrogen fuel cell cars. While President Bush speaks of the advent of these vehicles in the indefinite future, Gov. Schwarzenegger is bringing them to the here and now by converting gas stations along California's interstate highways to provide hydrogen fuel as well as gasoline.  Since California accounts for 20 percent of U.S. new-car purchases, the tail will wag the dog and a national hydrogen grid will become almost inevitable. --- New York Post --- Mar 17, 2005

Hydrogen-Burning Fireplace, Freestanding Stove Hot Items At Expo --- BuildingOnline --- Mar 17, 2005

Heat & Glo™ Aqueon™ Creates Fire from Water --- The world's first hydrogen-burning fireplace launches next generation of hearth products --- Feb 24, 2005

Hydrogen fuel station in the works --- City of Burbank converting five Priuses to run on hydrogen. --- Officials said Burbank's hydrogen project could help in that initiative, by giving potential owners of fuel-cell vehicles a place to fuel up.  "This hydrogen internal combustion engine ... (works) as a bridge technology between the fuel-cell vehicles and the conventional-fuel vehicles, and they have the potential to considerably reduce emissions," said Tina Cherry, a spokeswoman for the AQMD. --- Los Angeles Daily News --- Mar 17, 2005

No stopping global warming, studies predict --- Even if people stopped pumping out carbon dioxide and other pollutants tomorrow, global warming would still get worse, two teams of researchers reported on Thursday.  Sea levels will rise more than they have already risen, worsening the damage caused by extreme high tides and storm surges, and droughts, heat waves and storms will become more severe, the climate experts predicted. --- Reuters Foundation --- Mar 17, 2005

Economic Meltdown - Sorry, But We’re Toast --- It’s only 2005 and already the demand for oil is exceeding the (normal) supply? And, what is Bush’s response to this new state of affairs?  Hide it from the American people, so he can continue with his war-agenda.  Unbelievable. Welcome, Fellow Sharecroppers! This is a very serious situation. America is facing a calamity of incalculable magnitude and, yet, the government keeps obfuscating the facts while the media oozes its reassuring platitudes that “all is well”. --- ZNET --- Mar 17, 2005

Lamar ranchers' project growin' with the wind --- Xcel Energy is expected to accept the landowners' proposed 46-turbine wind farm this week. For generations, southeast Colorado farmers and ranchers have endured unrelenting winds that scour the plains.  Now, a handful of them are ready to put wind in its place: through the blades of 46 turbines representing Colorado's first grassroots wind-power project. --- Denver Post --- Mar 15, 2005

Hydrogen Bike Revs Up --- The world’s first purpose-built hydrogen-powered motorcycle was unveiled today. --- Scotsman --- Mar 15, 2005

Distributed Energy Systems' Operating Units to Engineer and Install Hydrogen Fueling Station in Vermont --- Yahoo Finance --- Mar 15, 2005

Fight against high fuel costs gets jolt from electric cars --- Local drivers say solution perfect if trips kept short --- Lancaster Eagle Gazette --- Mar 15, 2005

'Baywatch' Actress Is 1 of 2 Arrested at Protest --- "Baywatch" actress Alexandra Paul and another woman were arrested Monday after blocking the path of trucks hauling GM's pioneering EV1 electric cars to Arizona to be destroyed, police said. --- L.A. Times --- Mar 15, 2005

Goal of new state legislation: one million sun-powered homes and businesses by 2018 --- "This plan would create the largest market for solar energy in the world," said Rhone Resch, president of the Solar Energy Industries Association.  With its decade-plus horizon, Resch said, the program would give the solar industry the stability it needs to invest in manufacturing and drive down the cost of solar panels, which account for about half the cost of a typical home photovoltaic system.  The most aggressive deployment of photovoltaic systems, Resch said, would eliminate California's need to build controversial liquefied natural gas terminals, which Sempra Energy and other companies say will be needed to fuel the state's growing number of electricity facilities. --- San Diego Union-Tribune --- Mar 13, 2005

Victorville OKs hybrid power plant --- Gas and solar-thermal facility would be built at Southern California Logistics Airport --- Victorville Daily Press --- Mar 12, 2005

Forklifts now run on fuel cells and hydrogen --- Machine Design --- Mar 2005

Colorado Green could triple wind generation --- The Colorado Green Wind Power Project, the fifth largest wind farm in the nation and the largest in the state, may triple in size. --- The Pueblo Chieftain --- Mar 10, 2005

GM's Burns plans fuel cell sales in 2010 --- In 2010, we will have in place a fuel-cell system that's production validated and ready to go head-to-head with internal combustion engines. It will have to produce power for $50 per kilowatt, the same as a gasoline engine. It will have a 300-mile cruising range and a 6,000-hour or 150,000-mile life. That's when we can tell people there's another game in town as well as the internal combustion engine. --- Detroit Free Press --- Mar 10, 2005

Fuel cell fuels promise --- Honda's FCX performs like a conventional car, but hydrogen storage, availability are hurdles --- Detroit Free Press --- Mar 10, 2005

Redirecting America's Energy - The Economic and Consumer Benefits of Clean Energy Policies (pdf) --- Greater support for renewable energies in the United States could create 154,000 new jobs each year until 2020 and save US consumers $billions, says the U.S. Public Interest Research Group --- New Energy Future --- Mar 9, 2005

Group sees hurdles to hydrogen power --- New York may be ahead of other states in its push to make hydrogen as welcome and available an energy source as oil or natural gas, but there's a long road ahead. --- Times Union --- Mar 9, 2005

Green Motoring From Mazda Draws Nearer --- Mazda Motor Corporation has received approval from the Japanese government to operate a hydrogen-gas filling station as it continues its development of the world’s first dual-fuel rotary engine, the H2RE (Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE). The new facility will store and supply fuel for the hydrogen-rotary powered vehicles and Mazda looks likely to have street-legal versions in use within the next two years. --- Carpages --- Mar 9, 2005

GM touts fuel cell storage advance --- Autos Insider --- Mar 9, 2005

Global warming debate is over, UW prof says --- Calls new study as solid as proof that smoking causes cancer --- The Capital Times --- Mar 8, 2005

Representative Christopher Cox Secures $2 Million for Quantum's Army Hydrogen Infrastructure Program --- Feb 28, 2005

Capex studies US$19bn, 16GW wind-to-hydrogen plans --- Argentine energy company Capex aims to start pre-feasibility studies in two months on a US$19bn project to generate 16,000MW of wind power to produce 13.3 million cubic meters a year of hydrogen --- Business News Americas --- Mar 4, 2005

Ford Motor Company to Display Hydrogen Technology at 2005 GSE Expo --- Ford Motor Company plans to introduce its first commercial hydrogen-powered V-10, E-450 shuttle bus to the airline ground support market at the 2005 Ground Support Equipment Expo, March 8-10 in Las Vegas, Nev. --- I-Newswire --- Mar 3, 2005

$65 Million Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Program Included in House Bill --- EV World --- Mar 3, 2005

General Motors' Hy-wire takes bow --- General Motors Corp. says it's less than five years away from its goal of commercializing fuel cell vehicles --- Rochester Democrat and Herald --- Mar 2, 2005

Sporty Mercedes fuel cell car unveiled --- Range reaches 250 miles, and a third more power --- MSNBC --- Mar 2, 2005

It's down to wire for electric car's fans --- After Chris Reeves first caught a look at the EV1, he'd do nearly anything to lease the electric sports car of the future. Now he'd do nearly anything to get one back. Reeves is one of dozens of electric car buffs to stand vigil for 10 straight days hoping to save the last of the General Motors fleet -- 77 EV1s in California and roughly twice that number in New York -- from the crusher. --- Daily News --- Feb 24, 2005

Prince hops on green bus --- Powered by hydrogen fuel cells and emitting only water vapour, the bus ferried the Prince to another of Perth's environmental projects, the Subiaco Sustainable Home. --- The Daily Telegraph --- Mar 1, 2005

Florida Fire Marshals to Receive Hydrogen Training --- Feb 28, 2005

Hydrogen Valley to put Wales on green map --- IC Wales --- Feb 24, 2005

Hydrogen Valley Bid to Make Wales a Centre for Clean Fuel Technology --- WDA --- Feb 24, 2005

Air Products builds fuel station to help San Jose buses run clean --- The California city will use hydrogen to power three vehicles over three years. --- The Morning Call --- Feb 26, 2005

Florida DEP Deputy Secretary Bedwell addresses California Hydrogen Business Council --- Feb 25, 2005

Ford Power Products Introduces Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines to Industrial Marketplace --- Ford --- Feb 24, 2005

Dorgan to Introduce Bills to Promote Hydrogen Power, Renewable Energy --- Feb 23, 2005

Hydrail Conference to be held in Charlotte --- Feb 23, 2005

Study: Europe could afford hydrogen stations 2,800 facilities priced at $4.6 billion, less than expected --- MSNBC News --- Feb 24, 2005

Ice Melting Everywhere --- Earth Policy Institute --- Feb, 2005

Hydrogen prospectors gather in Santa Fe --- LA Monitor--- Feb 23, 2005

'Hydrogen highway' starts clean-fuel push --- Daytona Beach News Journal --- Feb 19, 2005

Biodiesel Legislation in Washington State Aims to Reduce Reliance on Oil; Provide Tax Incentives for Alternate Fuels --- American International Automobile Dealers Association --- Feb 18, 2005

Island harnesses wind to chauffeur disabled locals  --- One of Scotland’s windiest islands is to use its chief natural resource to help power a new taxi service for its elderly and disabled residents.  An electric car, which will transform the lives of local people without transport, will be powered by four small windmills on the Orkney island of Westray. --- The Scotsman --- Feb 16, 2005

Ocean, Arctic Studies Show Global Warming Is Real --- Reuters --- Feb 17, 2005

Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans' --- "If you take this data and combine it with a decade of earlier results, the debate about whether or not there is a global warming signal here and now is over at least for rational people." Dr Tim Barnett, Scripps Institution of Oceanography --- BBC News --- Feb 17, 2005

Gov. Bush: Hydrogen powered buses the start of clean fuel in Florida --- Florida eventually will receive eight of the buses to be used to shuttle car rental customers at Orlando International Airport and tourists at the NASA visitor center. The state is paying $250,000 for each _ the same cost as a traditional shuttle _ under a partnership with Ford Motor Co. Hertz Corp. will pay for maintenance, service and operation of the buses. --- Associated Press --- Feb 19, 2005

UTC Fuel Cells-Powered Car Fills Up at Nation's First ChevronTexaco Hydrogen Fueling Station --- The Auto Channel --- Feb 18, 2005

ChevronTexaco opens hydrogen fuel station --- ChevronTexaco Corp. Friday opened a hydrogen fueling station in Chino, Calif., the first of six pilot stations in a federal program to promote the study of the fuel's potential. --- AP Biz Wire --- Feb 18, 2005

Governor Bush Unveils Hydrogen Energy Technologies Act and Breaks Ground on Florida's First Hydrogen Energy Station --- Florida Energy Office --- Feb 18, 2005

Ferndale to consider privately financed transit system --- Trains would run on elevated rails --- The high-tech system would include solar panels generating electricity used to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen would supply energy for stainless-steel train cars that could be powered by fuel cells, turbine engines or internal combustion engines, and the cars would run free of friction on elevated rails via what science fiction writers have long dreamed of, and which now is used by transit systems in China and Japan -- magnetic levitation. --- Detroit Free Press --- Feb 14, 2005 

Paint Power --- Ford's new solution captures the volatile organic compounds from paint waste and concentrates them into a rich mixture of hydrocarbons. That mixture is then fed into a fuel reformer that turns it into a hydrogen-rich gas. The gas is then fed into a stack of solid oxide fuel cells, where a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen occurs, producing electricity, water vapor and a tiny amount of carbon dioxide. --- Forbes --- Feb 14, 2005

Postcards from the Edge --- Photos of Tuvalu show global warming in action --- Grist --- Feb 16, 2005

“Energy Security from the Sea” The 2nd Annual EnergyOcean 2005 Conference & Exhibition, April 26-28, 2005, Washington Convention Center

$2 Billion Investment Needed for Hydrogen Infrastructure by 2012 --- ABI Research --- Feb 16, 2005

Harnessing hydrogen to fuel the future --- A Los Angeles entrepreneur who cruises around Taos in a hydrogen-powered limousine is now the proud owner of a hydrogen fueling station.  It's sure to be a hit this week at the first annual International Hydrogen Energy Implementation Conference, where the fueling station will be on display Thursday and Friday. --- The New Mexican --- Feb 15, 2005

Blagojevich launches plan to expand wind power throughout state --- Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Monday formally launched his plan to make wind power a required part of the state's energy makeup, a requirement that could spawn a "wind farm" boom in the Metro East area and across the state. --- St. Louis Dispatch --- Feb 15, 2005

U.S. cities eye ocean waves for power --- Reuters --- Feb 14, 2005

Hot!! It's much too late to sweat global warming Time to prepare for inevitable effects of our ill-fated future --- At the core of the global warming dilemma is a fact neither side of the debate likes to talk about: It is already too late to prevent global warming and the climate change it sets off. Among the steps needed to defend ourselves is quick action to fortify emergency response capabilities worldwide, to shield or relocate vulnerable coastal communities and to prepare for increased migration flows by environmental refugees. --- San Francisco Chronicle --- Feb 13, 2005

Hydrogen fuel cell project at Princeton farm called world's first --- Princeton Union-Eagle --- Feb 10, 2005

California Energy Commission Awards Beacon Power $1.2 Million Contract for Major Energy Storage Project --- Beacon Power --- Feb 14, 2005

Harkin Seeks to Expand Use of Ethanol --- Continuing his push to increase the use of clean, renewable energy, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) on Feb. 14 introduced legislation to help turn ethanol into hydrogen for use as fuel in a new generation of hybrid electric vehicles. --- Grainnet --- Feb 14, 2005

FPL to build solar panels thanks to green customers --- Palm Beach Post --- Feb 12, 2005

Opinion:  Captain Ozone Promotes Renewable Hydrogen With Public Service Announcements --- Feb 8, 1005

President Proposes $322 Million for Department of Energy Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Programs (pdf) --- US Fuel Cell Council --- Feb 8, 2005

Fuel Cells Move From Batteries To Battery Chargers --- Information Week --- Feb 7, 2005

Japanese Institute Succeeds in Continuous Hydrogen Production from Woodchips --- Earthvision --- Feb 8, 2005

German Federal Minister for the Environment, Jürgen Trittin officially inaugurates the REpower 5M prototype --- The world’s largest wind turbine, the REpower 5M, was officially inaugurated today. --- REpower --- Feb 2, 2005

Warning: The Hydrogen Economy May Be More Distant Than It Appears --- Nine myths and misconceptions, and the truth about why hydrogen-powered cars aren’t just around the corner --- Popular Science

City evaluates cost sharing proposal with IdaTech --- Bend.com --- Feb 3, 2005

Fuel-cell forklift shows hydrogen's advance --- Toronto Star --- Feb 5, 2005

FPL Energy and Carlyle/Riverstone purchase solar assets in California --- FPL Energy --- Feb 1, 2005

The Short Path to Oil Independence -- An ENN Commentary by Lester Brown --- Jan 31, 2005

It's the Pipelines, Stupid --- Freezer Box --- Jan 31, 2005

Global warming inevitable for decades to come, science conference told --- Turkish Press --- Feb 1, 2005

Mobile Phones Drive Fuel Cell Development --- If mobile phones start offering functions like digital broadcast reception and WLAN support, existing batteries will be too weak. Could fuel cells provide the answer? --- NE Asia --- Feb, 2005

48 Groups Refute President's Claim That Nuclear Energy Is " A Renewable Source of Energy" --- Jan 26, 2005

Hydrogen Energy Conference Attracts National Attention --- The New Mexico Hydrogen Business Council is convening the Annual New Mexico Hydrogen Energy Implementation Conference in Santa Fe on Thursday and Friday, February 17 and18, 2005

George Clooney buys British electric car --- Clooney, 43, has ordered the Tango, an eco-friendly vehicle, from the British firm Prodrive. --- Reality TV World --- Jan 16, 2005

The New Color of Oil --- Our entrepreneurs are at it again. This time they're finding fresh ways to help the U.S. kick its oil habit.  In Silicon Valley hydrogen, solar, and wind power are being talked about as if they were the next Internet. --- Fortune 

Hydrogen project charges up students at Lawrence Tech --- The facility is adjacent to DTE Energy's electrical substation, which uses solar panels to convert daylight into electricity. Dedicated in October 2004, it will be fully operational in about two months.  At the site, engineers plan to use a water electrolysis system to split Southfield tap water into hydrogen and oxygen. --- Detroit News --- Jan 28, 2005

Joining forces to promote hydrogen technology --- The European Hydrogen Association (EHA), an organisation that promotes the use of hydrogen technology, has decided to step up its activities and has launched an ambitious program for the coming years. "This is very positive," says Ivar Hexeberg, head of hydrogen activities in Hydro. --- Jan 25, 2005

Saskatchewan rolls out hybrid pickup truck --- Saskatchewan is taking a lead role in the exploration of hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles.  Premier Lorne Calvert unveiled a modified pickup truck in Saskatoon today that runs on gasoline and hydrogen. --- Globe and Mail --- Jan 31, 2005

Saskatchewan Premier Unveils World's First Prototype Hydrogen/Diesel Pickup Truck --- Apr 21, 2004

Wind energy project taking flight --- Abingdon students hope to secure grant to study feasibility of turbines --- Peoria Journal Star --- Jan 23, 2005

Toyota unveils hydrogen-powered fuel cell hybrid bus before expo --- Yahoo Asia News --- Jan 31, 2005

World's Glaciers Slowly Disappearing --- AP --- Jan 29, 2005

WWF: Global Warming May Kill Polar Bears --- AP --- Jan 29, 2005

'Dangerous' Global Warming Possible by 2026 - WWF --- Reuters --- Jan 29, 2005

Global warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought' --- Global warming might be twice as catastrophic as previously thought, flooding settlements on the British coast and turning the interior into an unrecognisable tropical landscape, the world's biggest study of climate change shows.  Globally, average temperatures could reach 11C greater than today, double the rise predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the international body set up to investigate global warming. Such high temperatures would melt most of the polar icecaps and mountain glaciers, raising sea levels by more than 20ft. --- The Independent --- Jan 27, 2005

Hydrogen Future Drives Into The Big Apple --- GM And Shell Announce Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet And Refueling Station; NY To Be Critical Link In "East Coast Corridor" --- GM --- Jan 27, 2005

Xcel in negotiations to build wind power projects --- Xcel Energy is negotiating with three companies that will build wind power projects totaling 400 megawatts, enough to power 120,000 Colorado customers. ---  Rocky Mountain News --- Jan 27, 2005

Fuel Cells Rally --- Developers of proton-exchange membranes for fuel cells predict an automotive revolution --- Chemical & Engineering News --- Jan 26, 2005

Influential US lawmakers, solar industry leaders share vision for solar power future --- SEIA --- Jan 25, 2005

SLO group working to shut nuclear plants --- Spokeswoman for Mothers for Peace has formed an offshoot organization dedicated to stopping the relicensing of Diablo Canyon and San Onofre --- San Luis Obispo Tribune --- Jan 25, 2005

Move to control spread of windfarms --- A COUNCIL will be asked today to draw up its own plan to deal with the proliferation of windfarms, after the Scottish Executive failed to implement a national strategy. --- The Herald --- Jan 26, 2005

Bill Ford Points to Hybrids and Hydrogen as “Game-Changers” --- Green Car Congress --- Jan 25, 2005 

Global warming approaching point of no return, warns leading climate expert --- Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the official Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told an international conference attended by 114 governments in Mauritius this month that he personally believes that the world has "already reached the level of dangerous concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere" and called for immediate and "very deep" cuts in the pollution if humanity is to "survive".  His comments rocked the Bush administration - which immediately tried to slap him down - not least because it put him in his post after Exxon, the major oil company most opposed to international action on global warming, complained that his predecessor was too "aggressive" on the issue. --- The Independent --- Jan 23, 2005

China's Ever-Growing Oil Needs May Result In A Global Shortage --- Investor's Business Daily --- Jan 26, 2005

Gov't Investment in Eco-friendly Energies Up 66 Pct this Year --- South Korea will increase spending on new and renewable energy projects in line with expectations high oil prices will continue into the longer term, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said Monday. --- Yonhap News --- Jan 24, 2005

MidAmerican wind farm likely to grow --- MidAmerican Energy Co. is proposing to expand the wind farm it is building in Iowa - a project that already is one of the largest on land. --- Omaha World-Herald --- Jan 25, 2005

The WADE Economic Model:  China (pdf) --- Distributed Energy can meet demand growth at lower cost than central generation.  In every scenario, DE is able to meet new demand growth requirements in China with both lower capital and retail costs than central generation. --- Dec, 2004

Kawasaki Heavy paves way for mass distribution of liquid hydrogen --- Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. said Wednesday it has succeeded in transporting liquid hydrogen in a special container over a long distance of some 600 kilometers, paving the way for the mass distribution of liquid hydrogen for fuel cells. --- Yahoo Asia News --- Jan 26, 2005

Grad student pursues his dream of fuel-cell car --- The Daily Iowan  --- Jan 24, 2005

Kansas Governor Adopts Balance Between Prairie and Wind Energy (pdf) --- Sebelius:  "We must establish a vision for Kansas that emphasizes increased renewable energy production in appropriate areas." --- Kansas Energy Council --- Jan 14, 2005

Local firms and colleges working to develop hydrogen as fuel of future --- Chlorine-producing chemical plants in Niagara Falls, chiefly owned by Dupont, make hydrogen as a byproduct. --- Buffalo News --- Jan 23, 2005

Scientists charge up weapons for their final assault on batteries --- Timesonline --- Jan 22, 2005

More Environment-Friendly, Fuel Cell Powered Hondas to Traverse the Streets of Los Angeles Soon --- 24-7 Press Release --- Jan 22, 2005

Metaldyne chief calls for hydrogen-powered cars, gas tax --- Metaldyne Corp. Chairman and CEO Tim Leuliette told a group of automotive executives Wednesday that the industry must unite toward hydrogen-powered cars and proposed a gas tax to fund development and infrastructure. --- Crains Detroit --- Jan 19, 2005

Read the entire speech (pdf) by Tim Leuliette of Metaldyne Corp.

Salazar calls for alternative energy --- Rocky Mountain News --- Jan 20, 2005

U.K's First Fuel Cell Powered Home --- Green Building Press --- Jan 20, 2005

Dr. Hydrogen Roger Billings is obsessed with the simplest of atoms. And he knows we will be, too, eventually. --- The Pitch --- Jan 20, 2005

Electric trucks may get reprieve --- Ford Motor Co. said it would meet today to discuss how to accommodate a handful of California drivers who are refusing to turn in their leased, electric-powered Ford Ranger trucks, which the carmaker wants to scrap. ---  Sacramento Bee --- Jan 19, 2005

General Motors and Weekly Reader Drive Students to Explore Fuel Cell Technology --- GM --- Jan 18, 2005

As hybrid cars move ahead, more energy efficient cars fall behind --- Times Daily --- Jan 20, 2005

ADB to help Afghanistan develop solar energy --- According to the ADB, the solar radiation in Afghanistan averages about 6.5 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day, and the sky is sunny for about 300 days a year.  "The potential for solar energy development is huge, not only generating electricity but also for water pumping for water supply and small scale irrigation, provision of potable water, hot water for homes, hospitals and other buildings," says Ali Azimi, an ADB Senior Environment Specialist and mission leader for the project. --- Xinhuanet --- Jan 18,2005

UCD researchers brief U.S. Senate on future of hydrogen economy --- California Aggie --- Jan 19, 2005

RV1 emission-free bus trial "a great success" --- London SE1 --- Jan 15, 2005

Hydrogen Cars Are Almost Here, But... There are still serious problems to solve, such as: Where will drivers fuel up? --- Business Week Online --- Jan 24, 2005

Hydrogen fuel not just hot air --- Larry Burns says hybrid math just doesn't add up.  "Let's say tomorrow morning we woke up and every one of the cars in the US -- 220 million cars and trucks -- had a hybrid system in it that could make it 25 per cent more efficient," he supposes.  "How many years do you think the US could go forward before we started consuming more petrol that we consume today?  Six." --- The Australian --- Jan 19, 2005

Hot!! Energy gives region spark --- Efforts to harvest wind energy in Cambria County also are bringing cutting-edge research into what could be the fuel of the future: Hydrogen. --- Tribune-Democrat --- Jan 1, 2005

Alternate fuel fleet eyed for cost savings --- Asbury Park Press --- Jan 16, 2005

Ontario set to boost fuel cell development --- Toronto Star --- Jan 14, 2005

Green hydrogen buses are a 'hit' --- A £4m trial of three zero-emissions buses on routes in central London has been a success, transport bosses say. --- BBC News --- Jan 14, 2005 

Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. and TOTO Ltd. Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Development of a 2-3 kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System --- Canada News Wire--- Jan 12, 2005

The End of Oil? --- MIT Technology Review --- February, 2005

A Strategic Framework for Hydrogen Energy in the UK (pdf) --- Dti --- December report

Volume fuel cell cars at least 25 years away, Toyota says --- High-volume hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars are at least 25 years away, says Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.'s top fuel cell expert. --- Automotive News --- Jan 10, 2005

Report: Hydrogen Policy in the U.S. Not Enough to Prevent Collision Course with China and India Over Use of the World's Oil --- Inform --- Jan 12, 2005

Hydrogen propulsion vehicles by SAE India --- As part of its efforts to foster industry and academic interaction, SAE India is working on a proposal to launch a vehicle using hydrogen propulsion by 2008,chairman of SAE's southern section Dr Aravind S Bharadwaj said here today.  "Our expert panel is finalising a proposal to launch 1000 vehicles using hydrogen propulsion by 2008. This vehicle fleet will consist of 500 small three-wheelers, 300 large wheelers and 200 buses." --- Chennai Online News --- Jan 12, 2005

One fuel-cell Honda for one U.S. driveway --- Want to be the first on your block to park a new hydrogen fuel-cell car in your driveway? How about the first in your country?  Honda said Tuesday that it will lease one FCX fuel-cell vehicle to a real person later this year. Anyone can apply, but it's probably going to be someone in California. --- Mercury News --- Jan 12, 2005

Firm to oversee hydrogen-power buses for the city  --- Yale Daily News --- Jan 12, 2005

Dynetek Industries Ltd. Announces Delivery of Hydrogen Storage Systems to Ford Motor Company --- Jan 11, 2005

Alternative-fuel vehicles star, but wide use is miles away --- USA Today --- Jan 11, 2005

Ener1 to Acquire Giner Electrochemical's Fuel Cell Business --- Jan 11, 2005

Way cleared for start of hydrogen pipeline --- Toledo Blade --- Jan 11, 2005

Iceland's hydrogen buses zip to oil-free economy --- Reuters UK --- Jan 10, 2005

California's Hydrogen Future: A Senate Briefing --- UC Davis --- Jan 10, 2005

GM offers a Sequel to fuel-cell prototype --- International Herald Tribune --- Jan 10, 2005

Gm concepts hype hydrogen, hybrids --- Automaker unveils 3 new vehicles that cut or eliminate gasoline use --- Lansing State Journal --- Jan 10, 2005

Funding to Promote Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicle Development --- Governor George E. Pataki announced more than $1.4 million in state funding for two hydrogen-powered vehicle demonstration projects in Buffalo and Albany. --- Jan 9, 2005

Hydrogen starting to roll --- GM, Ford and Honda part of 'frenzy' to put element-powered vehicles on the road. --- Indystar --- Jan 9, 2005

Hybrids reach show's front line --- Environmentally conscious will find venue is rich with new model debuts. --- Detroit News Autos Insider --- Jan 9, 2005

Iceland's hydrogen buses zip to oil-free economy --- Reuters Foundation --- Jan 9, 2004

Florida Purchases World's First Commercial Hydrogen-Powered Shuttle Buses --- Already an established leader in hydrogen technology, the State of Florida is ordering eight of the V-10, Ford E-450 buses -- the world’s first commercially available hydrogen vehicles. --- Florida Energy Office --- Jan 9, 2005

The beginning of the end for oil --- The End of Suburbia has sold more than 10,000 DVDs and has been aired on TV around the world.  Now the documentary maker behind the celluloid hit has announced the follow up, Escape From Suburbia, exclusively to Aljazeera. --- Jan 8, 2005

Talk of oil decline moving into mainstream --- The Beacon Journal --- Jan 8, 2005

Good news about renewable energy --- Rocky Mountain News --- Jan 7, 2005

A powerhouse in the making --- When Mississauga based Hydrogenics Corporation entered into an agreement to acquire all the outstanding common shares of Stuart Energy Systems Corporation in a share exchange takeover bid, the exciting prospects for successful commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell systems got even better --- The Mississauga News --- Jan 6, 2005

Deka Batteries Teams with Nuvera Fuel Cells to Develop Advanced Power Options for Industrial Trucks --- Nuvera --- Jan 6, 2005

BMW stresses hydrogen as performance fuel --- "We believe that in the output range above 140 horsepower, there is still no other clean, practical alternative to hydrogen.  The H2R concept car is more than a mere exercise. We will offer customers a production car with a hydrogen combustion engine during the production period of the current BMW 7 series." --- Detroit News Auto Insider --- Jan 5, 2005

Platinum galore: remote island of Unst gets ready for a boom in precious metals --- After months of combing Unst, in the Shetland Islands, for signs of mineral deposits, geologists are on the verge of establishing whether the tiny community of 720 people could be sitting on a jackpot of platinum. They believe there is enough on Unst to make a mine financially viable.  In April, the island will open the first community-owned hydrogen production plant in Europe to harness wind power that will help split hydrogen from oxygen in water so it can be bottled. The main catalyst in the electrolyser which converts the water into hydrogen is made from platinum, so to have a source of the essential ingredient for a new industry on their doorstep could be a great help. --- The Independent --- Jan 5, 2005

Vehicle of the Week - Arnold's Hydrogen Hummer --- Forbes --- Jan 4, 2005

Major Milestone Met in Government-Industry Drive to Develop Affordable Fuel Cell --- Now Delphi Corp., a partner in the U.S. Department of Energy’s advanced fuel cell development program, has reported that it has exceeded the power density level required to meet the government’s $400 per kilowatt cost goal for fuel cells. --- Department of Energy --- Jan 3, 2005

Efforts to harvest wind energy in Cambria County also are bringing cutting-edge research into what could be the fuel of the future: Hydrogen --- Tribune-Democrat --- Jan 2, 2005

Articles of Interest From 2004

Hydrogen Energy for Mawson --- Hydrogen to be produced from two wind turbines at South Pole --- The Australian Greenhouse Office will fund Aus$500,000 to demonstrate the use of hydrogen generated by wind in Antarctica --- Nov 24, 2004

Washington Station Offers Gas, Snacks and Hydrogen --- Hydrogen is selling for $1.99 per kilogram --- New York Times --- Nov 11, 2004

Nuclear Energy Belongs in the Technology Museum (pdf) --- Hermann Scheer, World Council for Renewable Energy --- Nuclear energy is still too expensive and too dangerous. Huge amounts of water are needed in a time of increasing water shortage. Uranium supplies are limited.  The end of the fossil energy age approaches. Its ecological limits draw near as material resources are exhausted. The advocates of nuclear energy see a new day dawning. Even some of its critics have joined the appeal for new nuclear power plants. 442 nuclear reactors are now operating worldwide with a total capacity of 300,000 Megawatts. Two and a half times this number will be added by 2030 and four times as many by 2050, says the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the bastion of the global nuclear community --- Sep 19, 2004

Nuclear Power 'Threatens the World Too' --- Scotsman News --- Sep 14, 2004

Talk of the nation Science Friday --- Building a Hydrogen Economy

"The same money we spent on the war on Iraq -- if we had spent it on renewable energy, we would need no oil from Iraq anymore."  Amy Jaffe, Wallace S. Wilson fellow for energy studies, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Associate director, Rice Energy Program at Rice University in Houston.  

A new paper on the International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHTDF). will be presented at the the 19th World Energy Congress, Sydney, AUS, 5-9 Sept 04.

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines to Provide Alternative to Gasoline --- Clean Energy, Inc. has finalized the acquisition of an international exclusive license from HPA, LLC for a turnkey hydrogen delivery system for internal combustion engines. --- Business Wire --- Aug 23, 2004

EHN undertakes an innovative research project to produce hydrogen from wind power --- An experimental laboratory has been installed in the Universidad Pública de Navarra to carry out the research. --- Corporación Energía Hidroeléctrica de Navarra, S.A. (EHN) --- Aug 12, 2004

Ames Iowa City Council Approves Wind-Hydrogen Project --- Ames Tribune --- Jun 24, 2004

Flood risk to 2bn by 2050, says study --- The Guardian --- Jun 14, 2004

Bush Administration Tries to Censor NOAA Website on Global Warming and Abrupt Climate Change --- The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies - Film plot rings true as NOAA runs up against White House --- Grist Magazine --- Jun 2, 2004

Despite the initial efforts of the Bush Administration to censor the NOAA abrupt climate change website, the site, A Paleo Perspective on Abrupt Climate Change, was put back on line.

Representative Christopher Cox (R-CA) Proposes legislation to Support Hydrogen Fueling Stations, as well as legislation related to chemical hydride storage.  See the following links for the representative's articles about the legislation:

Background on Draft Legislation
Removing Obstacles to Hydrogen
H. R. 4205:  Tax incentives for hydrogen fueling stations 
Text of Proposed Legislation About Chemical Hydrides (pdf)

Wind power could ease gas needs --- Alaska Journal of Commerce --- May 10, 2004

Utsira project --- The hydrogen plant on Utsira has started producing electricity. This means that the 10 households in the island community west of Karmøy are one step closer to becoming a self-sufficient hydrogen society.  The 2-3 year full-time operational test is slated to begin July 1, 2004.  See the AP story.

P.U.R.E. (Promoting Unst Renewable Energy) --- Project to use wind to produce hydrogen on the island of Unst in Shetland, UK is under way.

P.U.R.E. project description

P.U.R.E. - Promoting Unst Renewable Energy Web Site

Shetland Strategy for Renewable Energy Development (pdf)

siGEN Press Release:  Hydrogen Era Begins in Scotland (pdf)

A Toxic Cover-Up? --- CBS 60 Minutes --- ”'I had never seen anything so corrupt and lawless in my entire career as what I saw regarding interference with a federal investigation of the most serious environmental disaster in the history of the Eastern United States,' says [Jack] Spadaro.  What he's talking about is what he calls a government cover-up of an investigation into a disaster 25 times the size of the Exxon Valdez spill.  It happened in October of 2000, when 300 million gallons of coal slurry - thick pudding-like waste from mining operations - flooded land, polluted rivers and destroyed property in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. The slurry contained hazardous chemicals, including arsenic and mercury.  'It polluted 100 miles of stream, killed everything in the streams, all the way to the Ohio River,'” says Spadaro --- Apr 4, 2004

Hydrogen Economy --- San Antonio Current --- "Eliminate all those damn subsidies. It's stupid to have low oil and gas prices that encourage us to use more oil and gas, and have to import more to keep the system going," Professor David Pimentel, Cornell University --- Mar 17, 2004

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us --- The Observer --- Feb 22, 2004

Uncle Sam's New Year's Resolution --- "Let's make the choice now to convert America to 100% renewable power. The technology is available and affordable today, the potential is available and bountiful, and the savings would be enormous.  As a 'Green' Republican (if there is such a thing), I get really excited about the raw economics of such a transition," Troy Helming, CEO Kansas Wind Power --- Feb 2, 2004

How much are we paying for a gallon of gas? --- Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

How Many Windmills Would $87 Billion Buy? --- Jan 12, 2004

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