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Thomas Friedman: A new mission for America --- International Herald Tribune --- Dec 6, 2004

Hydrogen Cars Business - Strategic Analysis & News Vol. 2 No. 4 --- There is need for a massive shift towards a new paradigm for sustainable fuel — hydrogen offers a promise that’s mind-bending.  Go out there and demand it, and keep asking for hydrogen-powered vehicles in the show rooms. The marketing people at head quarters will soon get to hear about it --- Dec 28, 2004

Iceland to Spread Green Energy Mantra in Europe --- Deutsche Welle --- Dec 22, 2004

Give the Gift of Conservation and Save Money --- McGuinty Government Offers Energy Conservation Tips For The Holiday Season --- Ontario Ministry of Energy --- Dec 17, 2004

COLORADO Hog Farm Installs Wind Turbine --- IREC --- Dec 22, 2004

H2U Student Design Competition Goes International --- 13 Hydrogen Power Park Designs Expected --- Dec 22, 2004

Caribbean Nations Vie To Be First Renewable Economies --- The Climate Institute

Governor Announces Funding to Promote Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicle Development in New York --- More Than $1.4 Million Will Fund Two Projects in Western NY and Capital Region --- American Wind Power & Hydrogen, LLC will receive $709,000 to convert the internal combustion engines on several light duty vehicles owned by the University of Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority to hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen will be produced by Praxair Incorporated in Tonawanda. As part of the project, American Wind will construct a regional fueling station in Western New York and develop a training program for vehicle technicians to work on hydrogen vehicles. --- New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research --- Dec 22, 2004

Nine International Records With BMW Hydrogen Combustion Engine Officially Confirmed by FIA --- New Ratings --- Dec 22, 2004

Fuel-Cell Vehicles Close the Gap --- Wired --- Dec 22, 2004

Hydrogen powered postie bike set for Tassie trial --- ABC Tasmania --- Dec 20, 2004

Tax credit spurs investment in wind farms --- At least 14 wind farm projects are under way across Kansas, and it's possible that as many as six will be up and running within a year. --- The Wichita Eagle --- Dec 19, 2004

The Engine Looks Familiar, But It Runs On Hydrogen --- The Day --- Dec 18, 2004

Is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator In Your Future? --- If the HFC is applied in a way that all excess electricity is sold back to the grid, the thermal side stream will represent a major challenge to the home builders and the hydronic heating contractors of the future.  If the thermal capacity cannot be thoroughly utilized, the HFC becomes less economically viable.  This will require even more thinking outside the box. Possibly, one HFC could serve the electrical needs for a family of one, but also the thermal needs of four houses by way of a miniature district heating system. --- Contractor Magazine --- Dec 18, 2004

Helpful hints: Hybrids, hydrogen --- California needs are driving the need for the auto industry to have an extreme makeover. --- Daily Breeze --- Dec 18, 2004

No one hurt in blast at National Semiconductor plant --- There was an explosion Friday while a tanker truck was unloading hydrogen gas at Fairchild Semiconductor's manufacturing plant, officials said. No one was hurt.  The explosion was apparently caused when a small hydrogen leak came into contact with a spark, said Mary Kahl, city spokeswoman.  The truck's safety features cut off the flow of hydrogen and firefighters kept the blaze from spreading, Kahl said.  Boston Globe --- Dec 17, 2004

SunLine makes history with hydrogen bus --- The nation’s first hydrogen-electric hybrid bus, operated by SunLine Transit Agency, the Coachella Valley’s bus system is powered by a V10 combustion engine, not a fuel cell. Hydrogen stored in tanks in the roof power the Ford engine, which in turn, powers a generator. The generator powers the electric drive system. --- The Desert Sun --- Dec 17, 2004

Regional power plan recommends conservation, wind power to reduce risk of future electricity shortages and high prices --- Northwest Power and Conservation Council --- Dec 16, 2004

Hydrogen Powers Xmas Tree --- Green Building Press

Butler Co. wind farm moves ahead --- The Wichita Eagle --- Dec 16, 2004

German business backing fuel cell technology --- Platinum Today --- Dec 16, 2004

Offutt Air Force Base To Get Two Fuel Cells --- Yankton Press & Dakotan --- Dec 16, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Launches Global Electric/Hydrogen Cooperatives Development Plan --- Dec 15, 2004

Michelin builds Active Wheel FCEV prototypes --- Auto Industry --- Dec 15, 2004

Hydrogen and fuel cell ERA-NET will complement technology platform, says coordinator --- Cordis --- Dec 15, 2004

National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment --- Short term, Edison called for aggressive development of renewable energy and the implementation of energy conservation and energy-efficiency programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Long term, a reasonable and balanced “cap-and-trade” system for reducing carbon dioxide emissions could be adopted once new carbon- dioxide removal technology has been developed and becomes commercially available. Absent a carbon-dioxide removal technology, a cap-and-trade system merely forces a shift in the fuel mix for electricity generation to higher-priced resources, raising consumer rates. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Dec 14, 2004

Rail in line for new age of 'steam' --- Engineers have seen the future of rail - and it's the 'steam' train. With infrastructure costs crippling the industry, oil prices higher than ever and cars overtaking trains in cutting pollution, experts are looking at a new way of running railways. The answer, claim experts, is hydrogen power, which would need no expensive and unreliable electrification, use no oil and give off nothing more harmful than water vapour. --- The Observer --- 12 Dec, 2004

Edison International Asks Regulators to Address Global Warming on a National Level --- Edison International --- 12 Dec, 2004

China looks to the elements for renewable energy --- The projects support China's national initiative that targets the creation of 20 gigawatts of new renewable energy by 2020. --- Dec 14, 2004

Security From The Sea --- It is estimated that a sea area of 150,000 square kilometers with a water depth of less than 35 meters could be available for offshore wind - and provide enough power to satisfy all of Europe's electricity demand. --- Renewable Energy Access --- Dec 13, 2004

Solar Powered Hydrogen Vancouver's NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation Showcases Renewable Hydrogen Generation System --- National Research Council Canada --- Dec 9, 2004

DOE Outlines Initiative On Power Plant Freshwater Impact --- Freshwater resources and reliable and secure coal-based central power systems are inextricably linked. Thermoelectric generation requires a sustainable, abundant and predictable source of freshwater - a resource that is in short supply in many parts of the U.S.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the thermoelectric generation sector accounted for 39%, or about 136 billion gallons per day (BGD), of all freshwater withdrawals in the nation in 2000, second only to irrigation. --- Power Engineering --- November, 2004

Hydrogen Generator Makes the Grade at Mirant’s Zeeland Power Plant --- After seven months of testing Proton Energy’s HOGEN H Series hydrogen generator to cool three electric generators, managers at Mirant Corp.’s Zeeland, Mich., power plant believe they have what they need to adopt Proton’s on-site hydrogen technology for the long haul-reliability, ease of use, a rapid payback on their investment and no frozen fingers. --- Power Engineering --- November, 2004

Hydrogen Man, Bill Ford --- Fuel Cell Works --- Dec 10,2004

Fuel Cells in the Deep Freeze --- New York Times --- Dec 12, 2004

Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation Seeks Proposals for Colorado Fuel Cell Initiative (pdf) --- Colorado OEMC --- Dec 9, 2004

No Escape from Dependency - Looming Energy Crisis Overshadows Bush's Second Term --- Common Dreams --- Dec 8, 2004

Astris Energy Markets New E7 Power Generator --- Dec 8, 2004

Fort Collins Utilities Wins DOE Wind Power Award --- Nov 17, 2004

Potential for wind power said to be great in Plains states --- Bismarck Tribune --- Dec 7, 2004

Wind Turbine Interactions With Birds and Bats:  A Summary of Research Results and Remaining Questions (pdf) --- National Wind Coordinating Committee --- November, 2004

Sustainable Antarctic engineering a winner --- An engineering team from the Australian Antarctic Division has won the prestigious President's Prize at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards for developing a wind-hydrogen system at Mawson station in Antarctica. --- Australian Antarctic Division --- Dec 1, 2004

Hydrogen-fuel car crafted in Korea --- A hydrogen fuel-propelled car entirely built with Korean technology has been developed for the first time, the Korea Institute of Energy Research said yesterday. --- December 09, 2004

Norway implements tax incentives for hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles --- The Norwegian government has proposed an incentive involving the removal of vehicle taxes–including registration fees and annual taxes for hydrogen fuel powered vehicles be removed as of January 1st next year. The issue under discussion by Norwegian parliament and only minor formalities remain in the political process, officials said. --- Bellona --- Dec 8, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Executes Options to Acquire New Energy and Environmental Technologies --- Dec 8, 2004

Hydrogen Highlight Of Renewable Energy Projects --- The Minister for Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Bryan Green, said “The Cape Barren Island proposal is particularly interesting, as it involves the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium in combination with a new wind turbine.”  The proposal was developed by the Tasmanian Government and Hydro Tasmania in partnership with the Australian Greenhouse Office.  It involves wind providing electricity, which will either feed directly into the distribution grid, or in times of low energy demand, be used to separate hydrogen from water for use as a fuel in a support generation system.  “This cutting edge hydrogen technology was developed by Hydro Tasmania and the University of Tasmania and this project provides an opportunity to demonstrate how hydrogen and wind can be used together to provide a clean, environmentally sustainable power supply in remote regions,” Mr. Green said.  “The biggest project so far has been the expansion of the King Island Wind Farm, which included two 850 kilowatt wind turbines and the innovative application of Vanadium Redox Battery technology.  --- Tasmanian Government Media Releases --- Dec 6, 2004

JR wants fuel-cell trains operating by 2010 --- Daily Yomiuri --- Dec 7, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Enters Agreement to Develop Two 100-Megawatt Wind Energy Electric/Hydrogen Cooperative Sites in China --- Dec 6, 2004

Fill 'er up — at home and with hydrogen --- Honda, partner see future in dual purpose energy station --- MSNBC --- Dec 6, 2004

'Robust' grid is needed to propel wind power --- Rocky Mountain News --- Dec 2, 2004

Schwarzenegger Aide Outlines Fuel Plans --- A top aide to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger described the administration's plans to reduce California's oil dependence, calling Thursday for more conservation, fuel-efficient vehicles, and hydrogen power. --- Yahoo News --- Dec 2, 2004

Trying to get wind power to the people --- Denver Post --- Dec 1, 2004

Green Power --- Advocates of wind power, solar cells, and hydrogen vehicles promise that any day now, they'll blossom from science-fair projects into major businesses, competing squarely with the cars we drive today and the energy sources we use now. --- Fast Company --- Dec, 2004

Hydrogen, the new fuel Zen? --- Times of India --- Dec 1, 2004

Chevron Energy Solutions to Install FuelCell Energy Power Plant at U.S. Postal Service's San Francisco Mail Processing Center --- FeulCell Energy --- Dec 1, 2004

Cleaner fuels, sourer crude creates surge in refineries’ hydrogen demand --- Eye For Energy --- Dec 1, 2004

Hyperion Offers Employees $5,000 Toward Purchase of Hybrid Cars --- Green Biz --- Nov 30, 2004

GM and Dow step up testing of hydrogen fuel cells --- Detroit Free Press --- Nov 30, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. to Convert Old Generation Wind Energy Farms in California to Produce Peak-Load Electricity and Hydrogen --- Nov 29, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Has Entered into an Agreement to Develop a 100-Megawatt, Wind Energy Electric/Hydrogen Cooperative in the Baltic Coast of Poland --- Nov 24, 2004

Mazda gets fired up on hydrogen --- Times Online --- Nov 28, 2004

Statoil plans hydrogen station Norway's oil and gas group --- Statoil will open the nation's first hydrogen filling point for cars at a petrol station in 2006 --- Nov 25, 2004

Seven school districts now considering wind turbine --- Bismarck Tribune --- Nov 23, 2004

Portland, Maine, Laundry Uses Solar Energy; Other Firms Go Green, Too --- Portland Press Herald --- Nov 23, 2004

Work begins on 'green' bus plant --- Building work is to begin on a new hydrogen refuelling station for buses in Hornchurch.  The station, which had been opposed by local residents, has been approved by the government. --- BBC News --- Nov 22, 2004

Hydrogen Energy for Mawson --- Hydrogen to be produced from two wind turbines at South Pole --- The Australian Greenhouse Office will fund Aus$500,000 to demonstrate the use of hydrogen generated by wind in Antarctica --- Nov 24, 2004

Connecticut’s Clean Energy Communities Makes its Debut --- Solar Energy (Photovoltaic) Systems Available to Cities and Towns at No Cost --- Connecticut Clean Energy Fund --- Nov 16, 2004

Intrepid Prepares to Enter the California Energy Market --- Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. and the California Dairy Campaign announce a partnership to make available ITR’s proprietary digester technology to the California dairy industry. --- Sep 8, 2004

On the Future of EU Support Systems for the Promotion of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (pdf) --- EWEA Position Paper, November, 2004

Brazilian Landfill Gas to Energy Project Makes History as First Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project Registered Under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol --- World Bank --- Nov 18, 2004

Hondas and Hydrogen --- E Magazine --- Nov, 2004

N.C. set to sue over coal plants --- The News & Observer --- Nov 20, 2004

GE Global Research to Lead DOE Projects in Production of Hydrogen --- GE Global Research --- Nov 17, 2004

Altair Nanotechnologies, University of Nevada Research Foundation and Hydrogen Solar LLC Lead Alternative Energy Consortium With $3 Million Grant From U.S. Department of Energy --- Market Wire --- Nov 23, 2004

Energy guru sees oil-free world --- The United States has a future beyond oil, and Amory Lovins has a plan to take the country there. --- MSNBC --- Nov 22, 2004

Medieval harvests reveal climate change --- A group of French climatologists and ecologists has pored over records squirrelled away in parish papers and obscure municipal files to find which day the fabled grapes were picked in each year stretching back to 1370. ---Globe and Mail --- Nov 18, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming, Inc. Announces International Development Contracts for Multi-Megawatt Wind Energy Electricity/Hydrogen Cooperatives --- Nov 22, 2004

UPDATE: Hydrogen Fuel Research Funding Passed in Omnibus Bill --- American International Automobile Dealers --- Nov 22, 2004

U.S. SENATE: Funding step closer for research center --- Grand Forks Herald --- Nov 21, 2004

Odd cargo ---Giant wind turbines being shipped through the Port of Beaumont will generate enough renewable electricity to power thousands of Chicago homes. --- The Beaumont Enterprise, Texas --- Nov 19, 2004

Advanced fuel cell installed for test --- Billings Gazette --- Nov 16, 2004

American Honda Leases 2005 Honda FCX Fuel Cell Vehicles to New York State --- American International Automobile Dealers --- Nov 16, 2004

Sandia, Stirling to build solar dish engine power plant --- Goal is to deploy solar dish farms with 20,000 units producing energy --- Nov 9, 2004

Wind Energy Cooperatives to Produce Electricity and Hydrogen --- Nov 17, 2004

Maine’s First Renewable System is Underway --- Chewonki Hydrogen System is approved by local inspectors --- Nov 17, 2004

Construction under way on hydrogen power project --- The Chewonki Foundation has started construction on a $240,000 demonstration project designed to use renewable energy to generate hydrogen and power fuel cells for electricity production. --- Press Herald Maine Today --- Nov 17, 2004

Electric vehicles: Are they dead or alive? --- Toronto Star --- Nov 13, 2004

World's largest Hydrogen station opened in Berlin --- The Hydro electrolyser can be controlled from Norway and will produce hydrogen at demand. --- Norsk Hydro --- Nov 12, 2004

Berlin Joins The Hydrogen Race --- Car Keys --- Nov 13, 2004

Tsunami Triggered in Nantucket Sound --- Environmental Impact Study for Cape Wind issued --- UtiliPoint --- Nov 11. 2004

Hydrogen fuel firms agree to merge --- Hydrogenics takes over Stuart Energy All-stock deal --- The Star --- Nov 11, 2004

Hydrogenics Corporation to Acquire Stuart Energy Systems Corporation ---  Hydrogenics --- Nov 11, 2004

Washington Station Offers Gas, Snacks and Hydrogen --- Hydrogen is selling for $1.99 per kilogram --- New York Times --- Nov 11, 2004

Gas station first in U.S. to pump hydrogen --- Shell, GM team up in Northeast Washington, D.C. --- MSNBC --- Nov 11, 2004

Hydrogenics bids $155M for Stuart Energy in hydrogen-economy merger --- Business Centre --- Nov 10, 2004

Energy bill viewed as crucial to hydrogen, related growth --- FarmWeek --- Nov 10, 2004

Residents Protest Nation's First Hydrogen Refueling Station ---WTOP Radio --- Nov 10, 2004

Rockford Airport's Renewable Hydrogen Project Releases Request for Qualifications --- Illinois Coalition --- Nov 9, 2004

Report sees few drawbacks to Cape Cod, Mass., wind farm project --- Boston Globe --- Nov 8, 2004

EPA honors Moab Area Community as Nation’s First Green Power Community ---EPA --- Nov 5, 2004

Queen plans to harness water power on her Balmoral estate --- Scotsman --- Nov 7, 2004

Department of Energy Supports Seven States in Effort to Install 1000 MW of Concentrating Solar Power Systems --- DOE --- Nov 3, 2004

AMEC JV Submits Planning Application to Build Worlds Largest Onshore Wind Farm --- Lewis Wind Power Ltd proposes building a 234 turbine wind farm with a capacity of 702MW that would supply enough green energy to meet the average electricity needs of around 1.1 million people, over 20% of Scotland’s population, and achieve around 6% of the UK’s renewable energy targets --- Amec --- Nov 3, 2004

Benning Road hydrogen refuelling station ready for grand opening --- Shell Hydrogen --- Oct 29, 2004

Japan Environment Ministry proposes 2,400 yen per ton carbon tax plan --- The Environment Ministry unveiled a carbon tax Friday to discourage use of fossil fuels and promote the use of energy-saving appliances so Japan can meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. --- Japan Times --- Nov 6, 2004

Jadoo Receives First DOT Approval to Transport Hydrogen-Based Storage System via Air Cargo --- Nov 4, 1004

Tasman Resources announces Chinese agreement to convert 10,000 Beijing buses to hydrogen (pdf) --- 10,000 diesel buses will be replaced with buses running on a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen before the 2008 Olympics.  It will be the largest hydrogen fleet rollout in the world. --- Oct 18, 2004

HSU's Schatz Lab demonstrates new fuel cell tester --- Times Standard --- Nov 2, 2004

Hydrogen powered RX-8 has effective range of 390 miles --- Autoblog --- Nov 1, 2004

Metallic Power Shuts Doors --- San Diego Union Tribune --- Oct 28, 2004

Inside Today --- Fuel Cells and Hydrogen --- Morning Call --- Oct 24, 2004

Fuel Cell Installed at Fire Station at Elmendorf Air Force Base --- Air Force Link --- Oct 21, 2004

The Colorado Renewable Energy Standard Ballot Initiative: Impacts on Jobs and the Economy --- 2,000 new jobs will be created --- Union of Concerned Scientists --- Oct, 2004

Las Vegas Valley Water District to Install 3.1 MW Solar Energy System --- Las Vegas Valley Water District --- Oct, 2004

FedEx to Build California's Largest Corporate Solar Power System on FedEx Facility in Oakland --- Oct 18, 2004

GE Energy Reports More Than $1.3 Billion in Orders and Commitments for New U.S. Wind Projects; PTC Extension Spurs Surge in U.S. Wind Turbine Sales --- Oct18, 2004

JAPAN: Mazda hydrogen-petrol rotary gets go-ahead for public road tests --- just-auto.com --- Oct 27, 2004

Department of Energy Awards CU-Boulder $1.2 Million for Hydrogen Fuel Production --- The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded the University of Colorado at Boulder $1.2 million over four years for a novel proposal to produce clean hydrogen fuel by using concentrated sunlight to split water. --- AScribe Newswire --- Oct 26, 2004

Quantum Ships First Fuel Cell Vehicle to U.S. Army --- Oct 25, 2004

Hydrogen Hummer unveiled --- Schwarzenegger hails it, but questions remain --- Marin Independent Journal --- Oct 23, 2004

H2H: GM Creates Hydrogen-Powered HUMMER --- "The H2H is a bold experiment that along with the Hydrogen Highway Network will help California demonstrate the economic and technical viability of hydrogen," said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. --- Oct 22, 2004

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Rotary Engine: A Sports Car (and engine) Like No Other --- – Mazda Unites Alternative Fuel Power and Zoom-Zoom– Oct 26, 2004

Hydrogen Refueling Station Opened --- KABC News --- Oct 22, 2004

Daimler Chrysler Puts More Fuel Cell Vehicles on Public Roads --- The Auto Channel --- Oct 22, 2004

Hydrogen powered Hummer, for Ahnold’s eyes only --- Autoblog --- Oct 22, 2004

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and H2H Photos --- Yahoo AP --- Oct 22, 2004

Ford seeks takers to test its hydrogen-fueled bus fleet --- "We're looking for customers," Bill Ford said. --- Detroit News Auto Insider --- Oct 20, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry: Energized over energy --- "Hydrogen has the potential to power our cars without pollution," Kerry said in an interview with AAA. He said he would jump-start the marketplace by fueling 50,000 federal government cars and trucks with non-petroleum fuels by 2010. --- Post-Gazette --- Oct 20, 2004

U.S. Army’s National Automotive Center as New Member of California Fuel Cell Partnership --- Oct 19, 2004

DTE Energy, Partners Unveil Hydrogen Vehicle Tech Park --- Mitech News --- Oct 19, 2004

Pair touts hydrogen-powered cars --- Tai Robinson, of Intergalactic Hydrogen, demonstrates his hydrogen Toyota truck during Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive 2004 --- Durango Herald --- October 14, 2004

Hydrogen Power in China --- Will Fuel Cells Ever Be Clean, Cheap, Efficient? --- EcoWorld --- Oct, 2004

Canadian Government supports hydrogen fuel projects --- Brampton Guardian --- Oct 15, 2004

Panasonic home fuel cell expected to debut on the Japanese market next year --- New Zealand Herald --- Oct 15, 2004

Weststart-CALSTART Announces HTUF Supplier Selection --- Oct 15, 2004

Volkswagen Says It Will Develop Fuel-Cell Vehicles in China --- Bloomberg --- Oct 13, 2004

Ford reveals plans for ultra-clean hydrogen engine and stepped-up China strategy --- Autos Insider --- Oct 13, 2004 

New Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition Goes Public at Hydrogen and Fuel Summit  --- Business Wire --- Oct 13, 2004

Project makes a case for waste --- Feedlot owner aims to create efficient power, help environment by building the nation's largest anaerobic digester.  Methane gas produced at the feedlot will generate enough electricity for more than 5,000 people.  --- Denver Post --- Oct 12, 2004

Ford Unveils World’s Cleanest Internal Combustion Engine at Bibendum --- Oct 13, 2004

HY-LIGHT Fuel Cell Vehicle Debuts at Bibendum --- Oct 12, 2004

Polyfuel Announces Breakthrough Technology Advance for Automotive Fuel Cells --- New Membrane Technology Brings Fuel Cell-powered Consumer Vehicles Much Closer --- Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investor --- Oct 5, 2004

Membrane may boost fuel-cell cars --- Toronto Star --- Oct 5, 2004

George Bush and John Kerry on the environment --- SF Chronicle --- Oct 7, 2004

Saudi oil the wrong kind of crude --- The world’s oil refiners are unimpressed by Saudi Arabia’s boost to production capacity that would only swell supplies of sour, high sulphur crude while they hanker for sweet oil --- Pakistan Daily Times --- Oct 3, 2004

Astris Energi Reports s.r.o. Production Line Success --- Oct 7, 2004

Hydrogen economy looks out of reach --- US vehicles would require a million wind turbines, economists claim --- Nature --- Oct 7, 2004

The Arithmetic of Renewable Energy (pdf) --- It would take 100,000 wind turbines to produce enough hydrogen to power all the automobiles in the UK --- Paper by Andrew and Jim Oswald to be published in "Accountancy Magazine" --- Oct, 2004

Astris Energi Demo a Hit with General Public --- Sep 30, 2004

Hydrogen Engine Center announces breakthrough --- The Algona --- Sep 30, 2004

Ford Unveils Hydrogen-Powered E-450 Shuttle Bus --- Sep 30, 2004

Wind Energy Tax Incentive Wins Extension to End of 2005 --- AWEA --- Sep 24, 2004

Ford parks its natural gas bandwagon --- Naples Daily News --- Sep 26, 2004

Opinion:  Latest spike shows energy plans are running on empty --- A bold plan would be on the scale of the Apollo program and would seek to make hydrogen- and electric-powered cars as common as gasoline-powered ones are today. Bush and Kerry have plans to promote hydrogen, but not nearly on the scale or timetable necessary. --- USA Today --- Sep 23, 2004

Nuclear Energy Belongs in the Technology Museum (pdf) --- Hermann Scheer, World Council for Renewable Energy --- Nuclear energy is still too expensive and too dangerous. Huge amounts of water are needed in a time of increasing water shortage. Uranium supplies are limited.  The end of the fossil energy age approaches. Its ecological limits draw near as material resources are exhausted. The advocates of nuclear energy see a new day dawning. Even some of its critics have joined the appeal for new nuclear power plants. 442 nuclear reactors are now operating worldwide with a total capacity of 300,000 Megawatts. Two and a half times this number will be added by 2030 and four times as many by 2050, says the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the bastion of the global nuclear community --- Sep 19, 2004

NHA Announces 2005 H2U Hydrogen Power Parks Design Contest --- Sep 21, 2004

International Solar Energy Society Announces Release of White Paper:  “Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future” --- Sep 20, 2004

Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive --- H2TOY: Air Cleaning Adventure Starting from Snowbird, Utah in the Wasatch, with Rocky Mountain stops in Golden, Aspen, Telluride, and Durango, Colorado. Join us at any town along the way for a slide show on American Fuel Vehicles. Special showings of Dennis Weaver's documentary movie, "the Drive to Survive 2003" will be held each night.  This event starts on: 10/1/2004 and lasts 6 days.

Quest for Energy is Race Against Time --- If we want to abate this threat, and the other horrors of global warming, we have to stop burning oil, or more exactly back out of it and the other fossil fuels, and move into hydrogen fuel and other renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar power. --- RE Insider --- Sep 20, 2004

City experiments with energy --- Kapolei Hale will use hydrogen and solar technology, and expects to save money --- Sep 18, 2004

Wind-Hydrogen Pilot Project Awarded Federal Grant --- U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announced Monday that a consortium of energy companies and research institutions in North Dakota has been awarded a federal grant of $497,050 to undertake an innovative pilot program to produce, store and distribute hydrogen fuel. The project could be a major step toward efficiently producing hydrogen fuel using wind energy in North Dakota. --- Sep 20, 2004

North Dakota Wind Power, Hydrogen Consortium --- Solar Access --- Sep 20, 2004

BMW sets nine records for hydrogen-drive cars with combustion engine with a top speed in excess of 300 km/h --- Sep 20, 2004

AWEA --- American Wind Industry Needs Consistent Business Environment to  Bring Wind Power's Promise to the Country --- Projects Across Country Await Renewal of Federal Tax Incentive --- Aug 10, 2004

Nuclear Power 'Threatens the World Too' --- Scotsman News --- Sep 14, 2004

Will hydrogen from water soon run your car? --- "Alaska's remote small villages, high costs of conventional fuels and abundant sources of renewable energy - wind, and in some places, hydro and geothermal - make the state ideal to demonstrate the hydrogen economy," said Jack Robertson, Executive Director of the Northwest Hydrogen Alliance --- Alaska Journal of Commerce ---  Sep 13, 2004

Global Warming:  Hurricanes are just the start --- The Guardian --- Sep 12, 2004

Renewable energy fans, Xcel at odds --- Study disputes utility on Amendment 37's costs for consumers --- Rocky Mountain News --- Sep 10, 2004

Regulator urges brisk wind energy policy --- Pat Wood III, Chairman of FERC, speaks at Kansas electricity conference --- Lawrence Journal-World --- Sep 9, 2004

Wind power gets airing in Park City --- Deseret News --- Sep 9, 2004

Shell Solar, GEOSOL and WestFonds officially open World’s largest solar park - Leipzig, Germany --- Shell Solar --- Sep 9, 2004

Ford tests a hydrogen F-350 --- V-10 Super Duty 4x4 pickup is based on its existing gasoline engine designs --- “If you want to build a hydrogen infrastructure, the way to do it is to get on with building hydrogen fuel systems for cars,” said Ray Smith, program leader for energy technologies and security at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  "When the fuel cell guys get their economic act together, the transition will be relatively smooth." --- Detroit News Autos Insider --- Sep 7, 2004

Talk of the nation Science Friday --- Building a Hydrogen Economy

"The same money we spent on the war on Iraq -- if we had spent it on renewable energy, we would need no oil from Iraq anymore."  Amy Jaffe, Wallace S. Wilson fellow for energy studies, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Associate director, Rice Energy Program at Rice University in Houston.  

"We have the money, we have the technology. All we lack is the decision to solve this problem."  Stephen Pacala, director of Carbon Mitigation Initiative. Petrie Professor of Ecology, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton.  

Insurers raise the eco-alarm --- Australia's biggest insurer, Insurance Australia Group, says that the world is headed for decades of more cyclones, storms, floods and droughts as a result of global warming. --- The Weekend Australian --- Sep 4, 2004

Japan island seeks to be emission-free --- “The project is unique because we use hydroelectric power to produce hydrogen, which means all we need is water,” said Takami Kai, an associate professor from Kagoshima University, which is heading the project. --- Manila Sunday Times --- Sep 5, 2004

Commentary: A solution to global warming --- Denver Post --- Aug 22, 2004

Up close with Schwarzenegger's green guru - California EPA chief on global warming and hydrogen promise --- MSNBC --- Aug 26, 2004

A new paper on the International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHTDF). will be presented at the the 19th World Energy Congress, Sydney, AUS, 5-9 Sept 04.

The Hope for Hydrogen --- We should embrace hydrogen largely because of the absence of a more compelling long-term option --- by Joan Ogden and Daniel Sperling --- Issues in Science and Technology Online --- Spring, 2004

Abandoned mine cleanup in peril --- Coal industry tax must be renewed, U.S. Interior official warns --- Charleston Gazette  --- Aug 31, 2004

Plug Power Offers GenCore 5T24 Fuel Cell --- Aug 31, 2004

What's Under the Hood? A Few Surprises in a Hydrogen-powered Vehicle --- San Diego State University --- Aug 30, 2004

The High Road If China steers its auto industry toward hybrids and perhaps hydrogen cars, the world may have no choice but to follow --- MSNBC Newsweek --- Sep 13 issue

HEC Announces First Production Hydrogen Fueled Engine --- Aug 30, 2004

Sun will power us into paradise --- In the not too distant future silent cars will glide around our city streets, rooftop panels harnessing the sun's energy will generate enough power for the whole country, the pace of global warming will have slowed and power lines will be replaced by underground pipes.  That at least is the vision of T. Nejat Veziroglu, director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. And it gets better. --- SMH --- Aug 27, 2004

Titanium Dioxide Key to Producing Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight --- A team of Australian scientists predicts that a revolutionary new way to harness the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited energy supplies from water will be a reality within seven years. --- Azom --- Aug 26, 2004

COAL TAKES HEAVY HUMAN TOLL: Some 25,100 U.S. Deaths from Coal Use Largely Preventable --- Earth Policy Institute --- Aug 24, 2004

Hydrogenics Unveils Toronto's First Hydrogen Refueling Station --- Aug 24, 2004

Largest Affordable Energy Efficient Solar Community Goes Online --- Solar Access --- Aug 23, 2004

Honda Develops Fuel Cell Scooter Equipped with Honda FC Stack --- Honda --- Aug 24, 2004

California Fuel Cell Partnership Releases Study on Safety of Buildings Where Hydrogen Vehicles are Garaged --- Aug 16, 2004

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines to Provide Alternative to Gasoline --- Clean Energy, Inc. has finalized the acquisition of an international exclusive license from HPA, LLC for a turnkey hydrogen delivery system for internal combustion engines. --- Business Wire --- Aug 23, 2004

Energy security — Devise alternative strategies on war footing --- ASPO — the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, feels that the current increase in crude oil prices is only a foretaste of worse to come.  Mr. Matt Simmons, an Energy Investment Banker and Adviser to the Bush-Cheney Energy Plan, is quoted as saying, "The figure I would use is $182 a barrel". --- The Hindu Business Line --- Aug 23, 2004

COMMENTARY - Bush's Energy Plan Avoids Hard Choices --- Providence Journal --- Aug 20, 2004

A new hydrogen strategy has been born --- The first stone was laid in the making of a Danish hydrogen strategy.  An analysis of the Danish interests in research and development of hydrogen shows that the interest for using hydrogen for transportation in Denmark is low compared with the interest in transforming other energy sources – e.g. wind energy – into hydrogen. --- Danish Wind Industry Association --- Aug 20, 2004

The Hydrogen Challenge to Arab Oil --- Dar al-hayat --- Aug 20, 2004

EHN undertakes an innovative research project to produce hydrogen from wind power --- An experimental laboratory has been installed in the Universidad Pública de Navarra to carry out the research. --- Corporación Energía Hidroeléctrica de Navarra, S.A. (EHN) --- Aug 12, 2004

U.S. Department of Energy Decides to Discontinue On-Board Fuel Processor R&D for Fuel Cell Vehicles --- Aug 16, 2004

Hearing the hydrogen highway song --- Entrepreneurs accelerate hydrogen fuel technology --- The Business Press --- Aug 16, 2004

AQMD Celebrates Grand Opening of the First Hydrogen Highway Network Fueling Station in Southern California --- AQMD --- Aug 13, 2004

Xcel gets regulators' nod to triple its wind power in Colo. --- Rocky Mountain News --- Aug 13, 2004

Fuel Cell Partnership study: Garages for hydrogen cars safe --- Sacramento Business Journal --- Aug 17, 2004

Renewable Energy Can Produce 4,000 Jobs and Billions of Dollars for Rural Economic Development in Colorado, New Analysis Finds --- Ballot Initiative Positions Colorado to Tap Massive Economic and Environmental Potential --- Union of Concerned Scientists --- Aug 16, 2004

'Boiling Point': Who's to Blame for Global Warming? --- NY Times Book Review --- EV World --- Aug 16, 2004

We're recognizing global warming; will it be resolved? --- "Thou shalt not harm the Earth, thy home' should be the Eleventh Commandment, even if obeying it requires that we rid ourselves of selfish motives and keep politics out of the environment. --- Pasadena Star News --- Aug 13, 2004

Fuel Cell Efficiency: A Reality Check --- Fuel cell proponents point to the device's high efficiency as one of the major advantages of the technology, but just how efficient are they really? --- EV World --- Aug 5, 2004

Add lanes to 'hydrogen highway' --- Whittier Daily News --- Aug 15, 2004

Gas Guzzlers' Shock Therapy --- One expert has picked an Armageddon date for the peak of oil production: Thanksgiving 2005. The slow decline in world supplies will start then --- MSNBC Newsweek Business --- Aug 16, 2004

Sen. John Kerry Pledges a "Manhattan-type project" to develop alternative energy sources --- Seattle Post-Intelligencer --- Aug 13, 2004

Stuart Energy and AQMD Celebrate Grand Opening of the First Hydrogen Highway Network Fueling Station in Southern California --- Fuel Cell Works --- Aug 13, 2004

Hydrogen refueling station opens --- Alternative fuel station now open to public in Diamond Bar --- Pasadena Star News --- Aug 13, 2004

Daimler Chrysler Announces its First Fuel Cell Vehicle Customer in California --- Aug 13, 2004

A dream of a hydrogen economy --- How switching from fossil fuels to hydrogen could dramatically reduce urban air pollution --- MSNBC --- Aug 13, 2004

Sun and hydrogen 'to fuel future' --- Capturing sunlight to make enough hydrogen fuel to power cars and buildings has been brought a step closer by a British research company. --- Aug 12, 2004

Fortune Proposes Plan to Free America from Dependency on Oil; Real-World Plan--a Balance of Technology and Policy--Targets Four Key Areas and Wouldn't Derail Economy --- Fortune Magazine --- Aug 10, 2004

Hydrogen Powered Golf Trolleys Now Fully Tested --- Fuel Cell Today --- Aug 11, 2004

Ballard Issues Statement About Hydrogen Fuel Leak --- "This incident highlights the relative safety of hydrogen fuel.  Had the leakage and resulting fire been gasoline, or propane related, the situation could have been far more severe." --- Aug 6, 2004

Global warming remains the deadliest foe --- If U.S. President George W. Bush, whose administration has emasculated many environmental controls, wins the next election, it will be because a majority of voting Americans would rather fight a symbolic war against terrorism than a real one against global destruction. --- The Japan Times --- Aug 2, 2004

Ford begins producing fuel cell fleet in Detroit --- Testing of Focus sedans will start in Oct --- Autos Insider --- Aug 10, 2004

Expo talk advocates hydrogen for energy --- Want to venture into hydrogen fuel technology? Convert your grill. All it takes is a crescent wrench, a pair of pliers and a roll of duct tape --- Arizona Daily Sun --- Aug 7, 2004

Hydrogen tanker crashes at Ballard Power Systems spewing gas --- Canada.com --- Aug 7, 2004

Disaster averted outside Ballard Power building --- Vancouver Sun --- Aug 7, 2004

Wind turbines to power BP cafes --- The Herald --- Aug 6, 2004

Campus Demonstrates Fuel Cell Mini-grid --- Fuel Cell Technologies (FCT) of Ontario is the most recent company to join with the Hydrogen Village Partnership project to provide a mini-grid power network at the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto (UTM) --- SolarAccess.com --- Aug 5, 2004

GM backs EU hydrogen car project --- No. 1 automaker says accord sets up hydrogen power infrastructure; car fleet to be built by 2010 --- CNN Money --- Aug 5, 2004

Peru's Snowy Peaks May Vanish as Planet Heats Up --- The snow atop Pastoruri, one of the most beautiful peaks in the Andes and a big draw for mountaineers and skiers, could disappear along with many of Peru's glaciers in the next few years because of global warming, experts say. --- Planet Ark --- Aug 3, 2004

Wind farm waiting on tax credits --- A patchwork of corn and soybean fields in eastern McLean County could sprout into the nation's largest wind farm within the next year or two. --- Pantagraph --- Aug 2, 2004

Renewable energy plan nears Nov. ballot --- Rocky Mountain News --- Aug 3, 2004

NRC Modifies Availability of Security Information for All Nuclear Plants --- Aug 4, 2004

Fuel Cell Technologies to Deliver Four 5kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Toronto Hydrogen Village --- Aug 4, 2004

GM/Suzuki First In Japan Approved To Use Advanced Hydrogen Storage ---  System700 Bar System Increases Range Of Two Company's Fuel Cell Vehicles --- Aug 4, 2004

Fuel for Growth: Work Begins on Hydrogen Research Center in South Carolina --- Local Tech Wire --- Aug 4, 2004

South Carolina's Hydrogen Economy Map (pdf)

Deutsche Bank warns oil price may hit $100 --- Scotsman --- Aug 3, 2004

Area company gets $1.45M for waste-to-hydrogen plan --- New Energy Solutions, Inc. has received $1.45 million in federal funding to design and build a system that converts animal waste to hydrogen at a farm in New York state. --- The Berkshire Eagle --- Aug 2, 2004  More information is available at the New Energy Solutions web site.

Seas turn to acid as they absorb global pollution --- Independent News, UK --- Aug 1, 2004

COMMENT: We’re running out of time to replace oil --- Crain's Detroit --- Jul 29, 2004

Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up' --- GEUS, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland finds that the edges of the ice-sheet are melting up to 10 meters a year, 10 times more rapidly than earlier research had indicated.  Many more icebergs falling into the sea will cause two things to happen - the sea-level will rise and the injection of freshwater could disrupt the ocean currents, including the Gulf Stream. --- Jul 28, 2004

New Research Facility Holds Promise For Nation's Energy Future --- Leaders Praise Innovative Design For NREL's First Major Expansion In Decade --- Jul 27, 2004

SolarMission to move out of Edwards' path --- The greater Barstow area is still in the running to be the home of two or more towers of power that would be about twice the height of the Empire State Building. --- Daily Press --- Jul 31, 2004

Solar Becomes Fashionable in New York --- NY Times --- Jul 31, 2004

Chevron Profit Soars --- "'Oil companies are printing money. I don't see anything that will slow this down anytime soon,' said Fadel Gheit of Oppenheimer & Co. in New York'" --- L.A. Times --- Jul 31, 2004

Exxon Net Income Rises 39% as Refining Profit Surges --- Bloomberg --- Jul 30, 2004

Proton Energy Systems Announces GE Termination of Distribution Agreement --- Jul 30, 2004

Feds to study safety of hydrogen cars; flammability issue a concern --- Car News --- Jul 30, 2004

Millennium Cell Presents Hydrogen on Demand --- Fuel Cell Today --- Jul 26, 2004

Move boosts ‘hydrogen highway’ plan --- A decision by the Mitsubishi Corp. to locate its global hydrogen production equipment business, H3 Energy, in B.C. could be a boost for the Vancouver-to-Whistler “hydrogen highway” --- Whistler Question --- Jul 29, 2004

AWEA Updates Wind Tutorial Site --- Jul, 2004

Green light for BP hydrogen fuel station --- Platinum Today --- Jul 28, 2004

Mitsubishi Sets Up Hydrogen Generator Venture In Canada --- Excite Money --- Jul 30, 3004

H2 Logic is the First Company in the World to Offer a Hydrogen Car for Rent --- Jul 28, 2004

H2 Logic Develops Hydrogen Utility Truck (pdf) --- Jul 28, 2004

Wyoming and DOE to Sponsor Renewable Energy Conference:  Roping the Wind --- Jul 27, 2004

FPL looking for wind beneath Congress' wings --- It seems as if Congress is holding up FPL Energy's wind projects --- Palm Beach Post --- Jul 26, 2004

Shift To "Balanced" Electricity System Could Save Fossil Fuels, Reduce Global Warming AND Save $36 Billion Per Year --- The United States could dramatically reduce global warming emissions from power plants while saving consumers money by adopting a “balanced” energy plan that emphasizes efficiency and the use of clean, local sources of power, according to a new study released today by MaryPIRG --- Jul 21, 2004

Stillwater Mine going green with hydrogen-powered vehicle --- ZEUS uses a converted diesel engine to burn hydrogen.  This technology is ready for use in mines around the world; NIOSH says these mine trucks could permeate the mining industry within ten years. --- Billings Gazette --- Jul 24, 2004

'Cool' fuel cells could revolutionize Earth's energy resources --- University of Houston --- Jul 22, 2004

Global Warming: Is It Hot in Here? --- Washington Post --- Jul 13, 2004

Volatile fuel prices send FPL to ridgelines and plains for power --- Sun-Sentinel --- Jul 18, 2004

Ford's Evolving H2 ICEs --- EVWorld --- Jul 17, 2004

Hydrogen - On the Clock! --- "The Hydrogen economy will happen in the next 10 years because wealth is an American imperative. Hydrogen is as much about the commitment of resources and national intent as it is about engineering and policy. Place the order! Change-out the entire U.S. government fleet (at a price of $15 Billion dollars)." --- H2CarsBiz --- Jul 19, 2004

Fuel Cells to Advance Zero-Emissions Energy --- Department of Energy --- Jul 19, 2004

Opinion:  Opposing Renewable Projects is Shortsighted --- Bangor Daily News --- Jul 16, 2004

SuperPower begins construction on $26 million cable project --- The Business Review --- Jun 29, 2004

Meet a green Fox that runs on gas --- GasHub Power and Ngee Ann Poly want their gas-powered vehicle to show how fuel cell know-how can be turned into power source -- The Straits Times --- Jul 16, 2004

Ford Unveils the Ford Focus C-MAX with a prototype hydrogen internal combustion engine (H 2 ICE) --- Jul 13, 2004

Ames lab to receive two wind turbines --- The turbines will have the dual function of providing electricity for Ames during peak electricity demand and producing large amounts of hydrogen for research by the U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory. --- Iowa State Daily --- Jul 13, 2004

Quantum Gains New OEM Customer and Order for 10,000-psi Hydrogen Storage System --- Jul 12, 2004

In Search of New Power Source, New York City Looks Underwater --- In late August, when six of them are dropped into the rapid currents of the East River alongside Roosevelt Island, these giant "tidal turbines" will begin harvesting about 150 kilowatts of electricity. --- New York Times --- Jul 10, 2004

Colorado can play key role in defining power sources of tomorrow --- Richard H. Truly, Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory --- Rocky Mountain News --- Jul 10, 2004

NY tries to jump start its hydrogen energy program --- MSNBC --- Jul 11, 2004

Herman Anderson patented use of hydrogen to run auto engines --- "'History books will recognize him as far more important than we do today,' Williamson Memorial Gardens Chaplain Jim Taylor said of Herman Pleasant Anderson, who died Saturday at age 87 in his retirement home in Nashville." --- Williamson County Review Appeal --- Jul 8, 2004 

FuelCell Energy to provide 250-kilowatt Fuel Cell Power Plant for Democratic National Convention --- Business Wire --Jul 8, 2004

Colorado Farmers Eager to Cash in on Wind --- Forbes --- Jul 2, 2004

Capturing offshore winds --- The Daily Iberian --- Grand Vent Wind Energy Systems Technologies LLC hopes to take oil platforms no longer in use and place 230-foot-tall turbines on top of them. --- Jun 26, 2004

Engineers hope oil rig ‘wind farm’ is operational by next year --- The Advertiser --- Jun 26, 2004

U.S. Wind Farming Inc. Operates As America's Only Publicly Traded Wind Energy Company --- Jul 6, 2004

Shell Hydrogen unveils new concept to support the development of the “Hydrogen Market” --- Jul 7, 2004

SHEC Labs produces Hydrogen from water in the Arizona Desert --- SHEC Labs --- Jul 6, 2004

Winds of change blow on Utsira's opening day --- Norsk Hydro --- Jul 1, 2004 --- The tiny island of Utsira west of Haugesund received a lot of attention on Thursday when Hydro's wind and hydrogen plant was officially opened. This project demonstrates that Hydro "takes the energy challenges of the future seriously," said petroleum and energy minister Thorhild Widvey.

Stuart Energy to Supply Hydrogen Fueling Technology to ChevronTexaco --- Stuart Energy --- Jul 6, 2004

DOE Funds Avalence Ultra-High Pressure Process --- Jul 4, 2004

Utsira chief councilor Robin Kirkhus says, "Come and see for yourselves!", as the Utsira Wind-to-Hydrogen project formally opens July 1, 2004.

Plans for Fort Missoula superpark, hydrogen facility look promising --- Missoulan --- Jun 29, 2004

Corn Farmer Survey Shows Strong Support for Wind Energy Incentives --- American Corn Growers Association --- Jun 23, 2004

Electricity from the Wind: Economic Development for Rural Communities --- American Corn Growers Association --- Dec 1, 2003

Battery Electric Vehicles vs. Hydrogen Automobiles -- Recent studies have shown the BEV to have many advantages over a hydrogen-powered car; and, in many instances, other forms of energy storage are superior to hydrogen:

Carrying the Energy Future (pdf) - a report on hydrogen energy by Patrick Mazza & Roel Hammerschlag of the Institute for Lifecycle Environmental Assessment

Carrying the Energy Future Executive Summary (pdf) 

Fuel Cell Vehicles: Solution or Shell Game?  (pdf) - by Stephen and James Eaves

Perspectives on Fuel Cell and Battery Electric Vehicles (pdf)  - by Alec Brooks

Natural gas prices set to skyrocket in the fall --- Bend Bulletin --- Jun 25, 2004

California Assembly Housing Committee Approves Bill Requiring Solar Homes Beginning in 2006 --- Environment California --- Jun 23, 2004

New York State at Forefront of Renewable Movement --- UtiliPoint --- Jun 23, 2004

Montana college considers hydrogen project: Move campus, power it with alternative fuel --- Billings Gazette --- Jun 29, 2004

Probing the hydrogen versus gasoline debate --- Autos Insider --- Jun 28, 2004

Ames Iowa City Council Approves Wind-Hydrogen Project --- Ames Tribune --- Jun 24, 2004

Fuel cell maker wants telcos to get the lead out by using hydrogen, rather than batteries, for electricity storage --- Government Computer News --- Jun 24, 2004

Alternative-Energy Quest Is Blocked by a 1953 Law --- New York Times --- Jun 23, 2004

Hydrogen cars ready to roll — for a price --- MSNBC --- Jun 23, 2004

Logan Energy Launches Groundbreaking CHP Fuel Cell Project --- Logan Energy --- Jun 15, 2004

Governor Freudenthal, FPL Energy and PPM Energy dedicate Wyoming Wind Energy Center --- FPL Energy --- Jun 16, 2004

Global Warming in the News

Hydrogen from Electrolysis --- Solar Access --- Jun 21, 2004

International Hydrogen Drive Cancelled --- Jun 21, 2004

Pilger farmer finds selling wind power is no breeze --- Omaha World-Herald --- Jun 17, 2004

Opinion:  Renewables, Not Hydrogen, Is The Answer --- Chattanoogan --- Jun 19, 2004

Oil chief: my fears for planet --- Shell boss's 'confession' shocks industry --- The Guardian --- Jun 17, 2004

Urgent action call on US climate --- Ten leading US climate scientists spoke on Tuesday of the need for more urgent action to tackle global warming. --- BBC News --- Jun 15, 2004

Ben Bova: Again, science proves global warming real --- Jun 13, 2004

Getting Warmer --- The Guardian --- Jun 11, 2004

Flood risk to 2bn by 2050, says study --- The Guardian --- Jun 14, 2004

Burying Carbon Dioxide - Solution or Problem? --- The Guardian --- Special Report, 2003

Climate disaster 'upon us' --- The Guardian --- Jun 1, 2004

Climate change may treble insurance claims --- The Guardian --- Jun 6, 2004

Climate change 'is costing millions' --- The Guardian --- Jun 8, 2004

Coalition Brings Clean Power to Political Conventions --- The Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions (CERC) is working to provide clean, renewable energy for both the Democratic and Republican national conventions. --- Jun 17, 2004

Rep. Wamp: It's Time To Get Serious About Hydrogen --- Chattanoogan --- Jun 17, 2004

A true hydrogen engine — North Rose man has spent five years on project --- Finger Lakes Times --- Jun 17, 2004

Task force gives Kansas governor recommendations on wind power --- Kansas City Star --- Jun 7, 2004

DTE Energy Breaks Ground On Hydrogen Technology Park In Southfield --- Jun 14, 2004

Shortcutting values undercuts future --- "A Patriot Tax would help pay for the Afghan and Iraq wars and help finance a Manhattan Project to speed the development of a hydrogen economy, enabling the public to make a contribution to the war effort while lessening our dependence on foreign oil." --- Thomas Friedman, New York Times --- Jun 1, 2004

Illinois Coalition Wins Grant to Develop Solar and Wind Powered Hydrogen Station in Rockford --- Fuel Cell Today --- May 20, 2004

NHA Says: 'Hydrogen Now One Step Closer to the Fueling Pump' --- National Hydrogen Association --- Jun 9, 2004

Evolution of a hydrogen revolution --- BP's hopes for a carbon-free future face big test in Essex as local residents disallow the hydrogen fueling station out of fear --- May 10, 2004

PBS - Scientific American Frontiers Future Car Television Program About Hydrogen and Other Cars of the Future

Drive the Revolution-The Hydrogen Car Company Launches the Hydrogen Shelby Cobra --- Prices start at $149,000 --- Fuel Cell Today --- Jun 8, 2004

Hydrogen Car Buyers Out of Their Element? --- Fueling the $150,000 Shelby Cobra will be tough with only 13 stations in the state --- Los Angeles Times --- Jun 9, 2004

Excuse me, how far to the hydrogen station? --- Opel's Zafira shows the fuel cell works, but it's not a great commuter option just yet ---  Los Angeles Times --- Jun 9, 2004 

Incentive Program Launched to Encourage Hydrogen Fuel Nozzles That Meet Industry Standard --- California Fuel Cell Partnership Press Release --- Jun 8, 2004

New York State wants to get on the hydrogen highway --- Times Union --- Jun 9, 2004

Plug Power fuel cells heat dairy farm --- Jun 7, 2004

USFCC Publishes Comprehensive Survey of Fuel Cell Contaminant Literature  --- Jun 7, 2004

Colorado aspires to be world's fuel-cell capital --- Rocky Mountain News --- Jun 5, 2004

Hawaii Passes 20% RPS --- KPUA Hawaii News --- Jun 3, 2004

Hot!!  Is the world's oil running out fast? --- How long will the oil keep flowing?  If you think oil prices are high at $40 a barrel then wait till they are four times that much. --- BBC News --- Jun 7, 2004

Quest for energy is race against time --- New forms of energy need to be developed quickly or else the world faces a cataclysmic economic and environmental future writes Jeremy Leggett --- Guardian Unlimited --- Jun 7, 2004

Editor's Note: The century after tomorrow --- Las Vegas Mercury --- Jun 3, 2004

Bush Administration Tries to Censor NOAA Website on Global Warming and Abrupt Climate Change --- The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies - Film plot rings true as NOAA runs up against White House --- Grist Magazine --- Jun 2, 2004

Despite the initial efforts of the Bush Administration to censor the NOAA abrupt climate change website, the site, A Paleo Perspective on Abrupt Climate Change, was put back on line.

Not Waiting for Tomorrow --- Bangor Daily News --- May 29, 2004

Energy ballot initiative started - Lawmaker wants to take renewable power plan to voters --- "After two defeats in the state legislature this year, House Speaker Lola Spradley aims to put her renewable energy initiative on the ballot - hoping voters will approve what lawmakers failed to pass." --- Rocky Mountain News --- Jun 3, 2004

Surprise U-turn on wind farm --- Newcastle Journal --- Jun 5, 2004

A futuristic energy policy for Islanders --- "Make no mistake about it, the energy minister is not talking about the technology of 2004 when he says that hydrogen cells and wind-powered generators could give P.E.I. a purely renewable, non-polluting energy regime by 2015." --- The Guardian --- Jun 5, 2004

Better technology is making solar energy’s future brighter --- Bryan Beaulieu Updates the Public on His Hydrogen House at Solfest --- Jun 5, 2004 --- East Valley Tribune

Seeing the light: Hydrogen group touts Arizona as energy hub --- Jun 6, 2004 --- MSNBC

Colorado Renewable Energy Conference 2004 --- America's first-ever statewide clean energy ballot initiative & Senator Tim Wirth speech  "Why Energy Matters" featured at CRES' premier event --- Jun 2, 2004

2004 Renewable Energy in Buildings Awards Recipients Honored At Upcoming Colorado Renewable Energy Conference --- June 2, 2004

World ministers make push for renewable energies at Bonn meet --- Representatives from 154 countries meet to accelerate renewable energy throughout the world --- Jun 3, 2004

SHOW - The Renewable Hydrogen Roadshow - Debuts as a 'Festival Within A Festival' at Santa Rosa, CA's Health & Harmony Festival, June 12-13, 2004 --- Stuart Energy

Representative Christopher Cox (R-CA) Proposes legislation to Support Hydrogen Fueling Stations, as well as legislation related to chemical hydride storage.  See the following links for the representative's articles about the legislation:

Background on Draft Legislation
Removing Obstacles to Hydrogen
H. R. 4205:  Tax incentives for hydrogen fueling stations 
Text of Proposed Legislation About Chemical Hydrides (pdf)

Solar Concentrators Tackle the Hydrogen Test --- Solar Access --- May 28, 2004

WorldWatch Institute Feature:  Climate Change, A Better Day After Tomorrow

Solar Homes Bill Passes California Senate --- Solar Access --- May 19, 2004

Renewable Hydrogen -- The Right Future? --- By Ron Larson, board member of Hydrogen Now! and the American Solar Energy Society --- Solar Today

Renewable Hydrogen -- Can We Get There? --- By Susan Hock, Carolyn Elam and Debra Sandor, NREL --- Solar Today

Renewable Hydrogen -- Can We Afford It? --- By Margaret K. Mann and Johanna S. Ivy, NREL --- Solar Today

Summary of Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Milestone Completion Report (pdf) --- April, 2004 --- National Renewable Energy Laboratory

PacifiCorp Ventures Indicate Wind Power is Economically Viable --- UtilityPoint International --- May 13, 2004

Car Runs on Water and Sun --- AZ Central --- May 19, 2004

'Renewable' Becomes New Energy Priority --- China has established developing renewable energy as a basic national policy and a new law is being created to provide legal support to developing it. --- China Internet Information Center --- May 17, 2004

Quantum Delivers Hydrogen Refueling System to General Motors --- May 19, 2004

WestStart-Calstart Announces an Innovative $2 Million Effort to Demonstrate Clean Vehicle Technology --- May 18, 2004

Lamar wind farm gets 'Green' light --- The Chieftain --- May 17, 2004

Opinion:  Drinking Rocket Fuel --- "control of water is far beyond just the issue of drinking water. As it stands right now, in many jurisdictions control of water has already passed into private hands and our basic human right is now being sold back to us. It should have been the other way around; if industry wants to use water, for whatever purpose, it should be buying it from the people. As the replacement of oil in our transportation sector moves ahead, you can expect to see the onslaught on the world's water supplies grow ever stronger. And we already know that the nation most eager to fight wars over oil has epidemic water shortages in some areas.  
"It is of paramount importance that citizens force their governments to hold water as a public resource; in places where it has already been sold off, take it back - steal it if you have to, but do not let it remain in the clutches of corporations. This may be the most critical decision citizens will ever have to make."  Paul Harris, Vive le Canada --- May 16, 2004 

Renewable Hydrogen -- The Right Future? --- Solar Access --- May 17, 2004

Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project gets $120,000 from Maine Technology Institute --- Renewable energy will be used to make hydrogen at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine --- Fuel Cell Today --- Jan 16, 2004

The Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project will utilize solar energy to make hydrogen.

Subcommittee's Grand Canyon Hearing to Explore Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells in America's National Parks --- U.S. Newswire --- May 13, 2004

U.S. Department of Agriculture to Provide US$23 Million for Renewable Energy Systems in Rural Areas --- May 4, 2004

SunLine begins refreshing fleet --- The Desert Sun --- May 8, 2004

Clean energy source developed / Saga U.'s ocean thermal power generation project drawing attention --- OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) 30kW Demonstration Plant Scheduled for Autumn, 2004 --- Daily Yomiuri --- May 8, 2004

Wind power could ease gas needs --- Alaska Journal of Commerce --- May 10, 2004

World's hydrogen fuel stations up by 33 pct to 87 --- Forbes --- May 7, 2004