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Clean Energy Partnership Schedules Hydrogen Filling Station in Berlin for late 2004 --- Vattenfall Europe will supply certified “green” electricity for hydrogen production --- Dec 30, 2003

Wyoming’s largest wind farm almost complete --- Dec 26, 2003

Hydrogen-Fueled Three-Wheelers Could Make Impact on Developing Nations and U.S. --- Dec 22, 2003

Britain to build big wind farms --- Dec 19, 2003

Alternative fuel enthusiast hopes Schwarzenegger’s promise will propel vehicle conversion --- Dec 17, 2003

University Develops Microgrid Design to Allow Local Generation to Take Over During a Blackout --- Dec 8, 2003

Wind Beats Nuclear in Jobs and Electricity Benefits, Says French Study --- Dec 17, 2003

Hot!! Wakeup Call on the Food Front --- Lester Brown's article on the effect of global warming on the grain harvests of China

New post to push renewable energy --- Interior Department picks career official to serve as ombudsman --- Dec 13, 2003

Hydrogen fuel fund by fiscal end --- India get serious about converting to hydrogen --- Dec 14, 2003

More Revisions in Plans for New York's Tallest Tower --- New World Trade Center tower plans call for wind turbines to provide up to 20% of building's power --- Dec 10, 2003

India plans to use energy source from hydrogen by 2010 --- Dec 11, 2003

Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells - A Vision of Our Future --- This summary report follows the June 16-17 2003 European Union conference, The hydrogen economy – a bridge to sustainable energy --- Dec 12, 2003

Honda signs fuel-cell car deal in California --- Dec 8, 2003

City OKs huge solar project --- Fresno expects to drastically cut its electricity bill --- Dec 8, 2003

Kansas Wind Power Looks Beyond Hurdles --- Dec 4, 2003

Bush Plan for Hydrogen Is Just Hot Air --- Jeremy Rifkin --- Nov 9, 2003

Fuel Cells Canada Announces Hydrogen Village Partnership --- Dec 9, 2003

Japanese venture refits cars to run on hydrogen --- Dec 9, 2003

Hydrogen Research Earns $5.1 million in Global Climate and Energy Project Grants ---- Nov 20, 2003

Ranchers Invest in Wind Power --- An eastern Idaho ranching family is investing more than $1 million in what will be the state´s first privately owned wind power station --- Nov 22, 2003

Report Says California has Potential to Increase Renewable Energy Production Ten-Fold --- Nov 24, 2003

UK Passes Bill to Promote Renewable Energy and Decommission Nuclear Plants --- While the U.S. narrowly stalled an energy bill for big oil, business and industry, the UK's energy bill provides a path for a renewable energy future in Britain --- Nov 28, 2003 

Japan Carmakers Show Fuel Cell, H2 I.C. Concepts, Prototypes at Tokyo Motor Show --- November, 2003

Chemists discover a way to double the efficiency of a solar-powered process used to generate hydrogen fuel --- Dec 2, 2003

Fueling our future: High on hydrogen --- If hydrogen becomes the fuel of the future, sunny Arizona is poised to strike it rich --- Dec 2, 2003

MGE UPS SYSTEMS Teams with FuelCellStore.com to Market Portable AirGen® Fuel Cell Generators --- Nov 17, 2003

Green thumbs-up for Schwarzenegger - Boston Globe --- Nov 17, 2003

Secretary of Energy Abraham Joins International Community to Establish the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy --- Nov 20, 2003

New York's Hydrogen HI WAY Initiative Secures $2 Million --- Nov 20, 2003

Germany's Retreat from Nuclear Energy Begins --- Nov 14, 2003

Rep. Cox Obtains Federal Support for Quantum’s U.S. Army Hydrogen Infrastructure Program --- Nov 17, 2003

Construction Begins on Large Wind Farm Near Lamar, Colorado --- Nov 16, 2003

GM Hoping for Beijing's Help in Promoting Cars That Run on Hydrogen --- Nov 18, 2003

Stuart Energy Receives Groundbreaking Order from SCAQMD for Hydrogen Energy Station in California --- Nov 17, 2003

Australia Announces Release of National Hydrogen Study --- Nov 17, 2003

Stuart Energy Opens Second Hydrogen Energy Station in Sweden --- Nov 13, 2003

Anuvu Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pickup for Sale at $99,995 --- Nov 11, 2003

First Annual University Student Hydrogen Design Contest:  Hydrogen Fueling Station --- NHA and DOE Sponsor Contest --- Nov 12, 2003

Proton Announces Contract Award from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Research Foundation for Renewable Hydrogen Project --- Nov 11, 2003

U.S. Government to Develop Environmental Impact Statement for Wind --- Nov 12, 2003

Challenges and Opportunities for a Renewable Energy Future --- CEO of Shell Renewables Speaks About the Need for Government Action for Renewables to Achieve One-third of World's Energy Supply --- Oct 10, 2003

The Hydrogen Economy: North America's Energy Infrastructure in Need of a Major Overhaul --- Nov 3, 2003

Burbank Will Order Hydrogen Fueled Cars --- Nov 8, 2003

Quantum and Texaco Ovonics Convert Toyota Prius to Hydrogen ICE --- This hydrogen-fueled Internal Combustion Engine matches both the performance and fuel economy of Toyota's FCH fuel cell vehicle!!!  Why wait for the fuel cell to build the hydrogen economy?

Mazda Showcases Renesis Hydrogen Rotary Engine --- Oct 28, 2003

DTE Energy Seeks To Build Hydrogen Technology Park In Southfield, Michigan --- Nov 4, 2003

Julien Temple Directs Documentary Film, "The Wind," --- Oct, 2003

Why Oil Prices Can Only Increase --- Oct, 2003

DOE Launches Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Education Effort in Nation's Schools --- Oct 28, 2003

Air Products' Hydrogen Fueling Station Technologies Dedicated and now in use at UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies --- Oct 20, 2003

Honda Begins Experiments with Hydrogen Home Energy Station and Improves Solar-Cell Technology for Production of Hydrogen --- Oct 2, 2003

Waste from crops offers alternative source of fuel --- Oct 27, 2003

New Hampshire Seeks Coal Switch to Biomass --- Oct 28, 2003

108 Wind Turbines Make the Colorado Green Project near Lamar, Colorado the Nation's Fourth Largest Wind Project --- Oct 30, 2003

Stuart Energy Targets China Hydrogen Power --- Oct 23, 2003

New Rotary Engine Zooms on Hydrogen --- Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Stuart Energy Targets China Hydrogen Power --- Oct 23, 2003

Hydrogen Power --- The News Hour, with Jim Lehrer --- Oct 20, 2000

Hydrogen Cars Expected Soon --- Oct 20, 2003

Hydrogen Now! Board Member, Nejat Veziroglu, Heads up New International Hydrogen Technologies Center in Istanbul --- Oct 21, 2003

UC Davis Welcomes Hydrogen Expert Joan Ogden to Faculty --- Hydrogen Now! Board Member to Work With UC Davis Hydrogen Pathways Program --- Aug, 2003

European Renewable Energy Council's position paper on Hydrogen and Renewables --- Hydrogen is only as clean as the technology producing the hydrogen

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Can Cut National Fuel Consumption In Half --- 15 Oct, 2003

Mazda to Unveil Two-Seat Sports Car Concept and Hydrogen Rotary Engine at 2003 Tokyo Motor Show --- Oct 14, 2003

Hydrogen tour powers up at convention center to promote the 'fuel of the future' --- Oct 9, 2003

Honda unveils fuel cell car that runs below freezing --- Oct 10, 2003

Aiming for the Moon --- The New Apollo Project:  Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Energy Independence --- Sep 1, 2003

Green cars start their engines, quietly --- Sep 26, 2003

Green Hummer for Schwarzenegger? --- Tai Robinson places bid to convert Governor-elect's Hummer to run on hydrogen

Allan Rock and Herb Dhaliwal announce a $215 million investment to extend Canadian Leadership in the Emerging Hydrogen Economy --- Oct 9, 2003

Canadian Industry Minister Allan Rock and newly elected California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger share visions of cruising a West Coast hydrogen highway --- Oct 10, 2003

Stuart Energy, Statkraft and EHN Sign Renewable Energy Agreement --- Oct 9, 2003

The Real Price of Gas --- Oct 1, 2003

Oil Gas Supplies Running Out Faster Than Expected, Reports Study --- Researchers present at University of Uppsala in Sweden study that oil supplies will peak soon after 2010 --- Oct 2, 2003

Honda Begins Experiments with Hydrogen Home Energy Station and Improves Solar-Cell Technology for Production of Hydrogen --- Oct 2, 2003

High School Kids Produce Hydrogen From Solar Energy --- During Phase II, they will convert an automobile to run on H2 --- 2003

Chipmaker sees solar cell revolution --- "ST expects cheaper organic materials such as plastics to bring down the price of producing energy. Over a typical 20-year life span of a solar cell, a single produced watt should cost as little as $0.20, compared with the current $4." ---Oct 2, 2003

Ford to sell cars fueled by hydrogen --- Sep 26, 2003

Schwarzenegger proposes 'hydrogen highway' --- Sep 22, 2003

Ford readies hydrogen vehicles ---Internal combustion engine uses clean fuel --- Sep 26, 2003

H2ICE Ford Focus Proves the Viability of Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Technology --- Sep 23, 2003

Quantum Awarded Contract for 10,000 psi Hydrogen Refueling System --- Sep 23, 2003

Schwarzenegger's plan for hydrogen fuel called unrealistic Big technological hurdles before emissions could be cut --- Sep 23, 2003

Manitoba and Iceland Sign MOU to Promote Hydrogen Development --- Sep 22, 2003

Schwarzenegger outlines environmental plan --- Actor would promote hydrogen fuel, oppose offshore drilling --- Sep 22, 2003

Illinois 2 H2 Kicks Off Regional Forums: 'Positioning Illinois for Leadership in the Hydrogen Economy' --- Sep 22, 2003

Schwarzenegger promises to create a network of hydrogen fueling stations throughout the state of California --- Sep 21, 2003

Stuart Energy in talks with General Electric on possible partnership --- Sep 17, 2003

More Than 100 Vehicles, 15 Manufacturers, Head to Sonoma for 2003 Challenge Bibendum(TM) --- Sep 15, 2003

European Commission Plans to Form Hydrogen Advisory Council --- Sep 10, 2003

Stuart Energy and Dynetek Industries Enter into Strategic Alliance Agreement ---  Sep 13, 2003

Sweden Opens First Hydrogen Fueling Station --- Sep 11, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Convert his Hummer to Run on Hydrogen --- Sep 7, 2003

Hydrogen Infrastructure Deployment is Key Component to U.S. and Canada Having One Million Fuel Cell Vehicles by 2015, Says ABI --- Sep 4, 2003

Kansas Wind Power's Troy Helming Talks About Wind Installations in Kansas and How Hydrogen Can be Produced From Wind --- Kansas City Small Business Monthly --- Sep 5, 2003

Nationwide Hydrogen Education Tour to Launch in Denver This Fall

Solar energy company offers technology to limit blackouts --- Sep 2, 2003

Alternate Fuel Vehicles and Cutting Edge Technologies Lead Ford Motor Company Entries for 2003 Challenge Bibendum(TM) --- Aug 27, 2003

'Hydrogen highway' from Montreal to Windsor --- Aug 22, 2003

Stuart Energy Uses Zero Emission Hydrogen Power to Weather the Power Outage --- Aug 18, 2003

Mazda to Develop Rotary Hydrogen Car --- Aug 13, 2003

H2RV - Ford Hydrogen Hybrid Research Vehicle --- Aug 11, 2003

Stuart Energy Teams with Cheung Kong, Ford in H2 I.C. City Bus Project for Hongkong --- August, 2003

Hot!!   Address to ACRE Annual Conference by Dr. Hermann Sheer --- "Guideline One:  Target the dimension of total replacement of nuclear and fossil energies" ---July 8, 2003

Addicted to Oil --- Robert Baer, a former CIA agent and the author of "The Fall of the House of Saud" (May Atlantic), discusses the perils of our dependence on Saudi Arabia and its precious supply of fuel --- May 29, 2003

Nuclear power debate reignites in Congress ; CON --- Aug 8, 2003

Millennium Cell and Icelandic New Energy Announce Hydrogen Fuel Project --- Sodium Borohydride to be Used to Export Hydrogen From Iceland --- July 30, 2003

Fuelcell Locomotive for Military and Commercial Railways --- Aug 1, 2003

Blowing in the Wind --- "Wind and wind-generated hydrogen will shape not only the energy sector of the global economy but the global economy itself," Lester Brown --- July 29, 2003

You Are About to Lead a Revolution,  David Freeman Speaks at the California Hydrogen Business Council --- July 25, 2003

Hydrogen car near, energy firm says --- July 23, 2003

It's All About U --- Ford's Hydrogen-powered ICE Model U Featured in Automotive Design & Production --- July 21, 2003

Roger Billings Re-launches Billings Energy Corporation --- July 16, 2003

Safe Hydrogen Selected for Funding by U.S. Department of Energy --- July 14, 2003

Building "Rooftop" and Remote Area Wind Turbine and Power System Introduced by McKenzie Bay --- July 9, 2003

Westport to collaborate with Ford to advance the automaker’s hydrogen engine program --- July 15, 2003

Westport delivers hydrogen-natural gas bus engine to SunLine Transit --- July 9, 2003

India gets ambitious on 'freedom fuel' - hydrogen --- July 9,  2003

Serious Wind --- Orion Magazine, July/Aug, 2003

Illinois 2H2 Launches: Public-Private Partnership to Establish Illinois As Leader in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies --- July 9, 2003

Raising a Stink, With Hydrogen --- July 4,  2003

Wind Power Set to Become World's Leading Energy Source Says Earth Policy Institute --- July 2, 2003

Q&A with Mr. S. David Freeman on Hydrogen Now --- June 15, 2003

JAPAN: Mazda to continue work on hydrogen-powered rotary --- June 24, 2003

Tai's H2 Toy, EV World Interview --- June 22, 2003

Pacific Northwest is poised for hydrogen fuel role --- June 17, 2003

Abraham Pushes Nuclear and Fossil Fuels for Production of Hydrogen --- June 16, 2003

Hydrogen for a Cleaner Europe?  Only if It's Green!  --- June 17, 2003

Romano Prodi President of the European Commission Speaks Out in Favor of Renewable Hydrogen at the Conference on the Hydrogen Economy Brussels, 16 June 2003

Harris Poll Shows Americans' Early Preferences and Requirements for Hydrogen Fuel-Powered Vehicles --- June 11, 2003

Hydrogen Gives Full Power to BMW --- June 7, 2003

SHEC Labs Unveils The Power Of 5000 Suns While Reducing the Cost of Solar Electricity --- June 10, 2003

Bill Ford sees future of hybrids, hydrogen --- CEO reaffirms environmental commitment --- May 25, 2003

H2 Tanker Ignites in California --- Accident Confirms that Even Accidental Hydrogen Fires can be Safe --- May 21, 2003

Antarctic base to be hydrogen powered --- May 22, 2003

Hydrogen Energy Systems in Antarctica --- H2ESA Web Site

Study: Wind power costs could equal traditional generation --- May 20, 2003

Duct Taped Engine Runs on Hydrogen, Natural Gas or Gasoline --- May 20, 2003

Iceland Says 'Filler Up' With Hydrogen --- May 19, 2003

Industry: Platinum plentiful for fuel cells Concerns it's too expensive and too rare don't hold water --- May 15, 2003

Algona Planning and Zoning Commission approves zoning request for hydrogen engine center --- May 15, 2003 --- The new company will use Ford technology to convert automobiles to run on hydrogen.

UPS to Test Fuel Cell Vehicles in U.S. Delivery Fleet --- May 19, 2003

Australia's Campbelltown / Camden Region has been selected for the first Hydrogen Production Facility and Renewable Energy Centre in the Southern Hemisphere

University of Minnesota Receives Grant to Produce Hydrogen from Solar Panels --- May 12,  2003

Hydrogen-driven scooters on Indian roads in two years --- May 13, 2003

NZ boatbuilders could turn to low-pollution cars --- May 7, 2003 --- New Zealand has the skills to build carbon fiber Hypercars.

Kansas Wind Power Develops Innovative Wind Energy Program For Municipalities --- March 21, 2003

Dave Zweifel: Big oil latches onto hydrogen plan --- May 5, 2003 --- ASES Chair Mike Nicklas exposes the Administration's plans to produce dirty hydrogen.

HyTeP hype: State bets on hydrogen future --- May 2, 2003 --- New Mexico makes progress to becoming the "hydrogen state" of America.

Hydrogen Pickup Truck on the Drive to Survive --- May 7, 2003 --- The entourage of the Drive to Survive stopped at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to display the vehicles and demonstrate the viability of using alternative fuels and more efficient engines in the vehicles we drive.  One of the vehicles was a hydrogen-powered pickup truck.

European Wind Energy Association:  Hydrogen Economy is Dirty Without Renewables --- April 24, 2003 

Hydrogen Storage Still the Factor --- April 28, 2003

Actor Dennis Weaver Handed $250,000 Check for His Institute of Ecolonomics' 'Drive to Survive 2003' --- April 30, 2003

Hot!!   Montana Legislature Passes Resolution to Propel the State Forward to a Hydrogen Economy --- April, 2003 --- Montana will lead the nation with the establishment of of the Hydrogen Futures Project and the Hydrogen Futures Park at the University of Montana-Missoula.

Government of Canada to fund Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation's Process for Producing Hydrogen from Water Vapour --- April 23, 2003

Hydro opens world’s first hydrogen station on Iceland --- April 24, 2003

Bipartisan Congressional Representatives Send Letter Supporting Renewable Energy to Energy and Appropriations Committee Leaders --- April 18, 2003

California’s Crude Awakening --- April 23, 2003 --- "why can’t we build hydrogen fueling stations and vehicles right now?"

Fuel cells may not be quite zero emissions --- April 21, 2003

New Mexico Moves to Take Lead in Hydrogen --- April 23,  2003  New Mexico Forms Hydrogen Technology Partnership (HyTeP) to Lead the Way

Hydrogen Now --- Sacramento News & Review, April 17, 2003

The Road to Peace, Prosperity and Freedom: SUV’s and the Hydrogen Economy --- April 21,  2003

Rep. Dicks laments Bush cuts to hydrogen energy research --- April 16, 2003

Ft. Collins to add renewable energy --- Denver Post, April 10, 2003

Senators reintroduce bill to encourage use of fuel cells --- Bill includes $1000 per kw tax credit for stationery fuel cells --- April 1, 2003

The Billion Dollar Bet --- 60 Minutes II talks with GM CEO about hydrogen --- April 2, 2003

Giant Grid Plan Could Power Nation --- April 2, 2003

Shell unveils design for hydrogen station in Iceland --- April 2, 2003

Jeremy Bentham Appointed CEO of Shell Hydrogen --- March 19, 2003

Reserves, resources and availability of energy resources  2002 --- A report by the German Federal Ministry of Economic and Labor concludes that we need to act now to bring about the Hydrogen Economy - before it is too late!

Montana - A Hydrogen State --- Missoula Independent, March 20, 2003

How Hydrogen Can Save America --- Wired Magazine, April, 2003

It's the oil economy, stupid ---March 10, 2003

UK Ministers Proclaim End of Nuclear Energy --- February 25, 2x003

Renewables Could Make Nuclear Power Obsolete, Bruce Drew, Star Tribune --- March 1, 2003

Shell to Open Retail Hydrogen Fueling Station in Washington, D. C. --- March 5, 2003

Calculating Hydrogen Production Costs, by Harry Braun --- March 1, 2003

American Corn Growers Association Endorses the Breeze Act (renewal of the Production Tax Credit for wind) --- February 26, 2003

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Harry Braun writes about using nuclear energy to produce hydrogen, EV World --- February 23, 2003

Congressman Cox and Senator Wyden Introduce Legislation to Boost Hydrogen Production and the Sale of Hydrogen Automobiles

Summary of the H2GROW Legislation

Wyden, Cox Unveil Legislation to Make Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles a Marketable Alternative within 10 Years --- February 11, 2003

Cox, Wyden Introduce Bipartisan Initiative to Promote Hydrogen Fuel Cell Filling Stations --- February 11, 2003

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Act of 2003

Summary of the Legislation

Full Text of the Legislation

Dorgan Says U.S. Should Launch Apollo-Like Project to Free U.S. From Foreign Oil --- January 27, 2003

Lovins' Five Steps to a Hydrogen Economy ---February 27, 2003

Roger Billings Talks Briefly About Hydrogen Deposit in Kansas --- February 24, 2003

Bush's $1,200,000,000 Hydrogen Contribution Highlights Dennis Weaver's Four Big Newsworthy Events --- February 24, 2003

Colorado House panel OKs alternative-energy bill --- February 14, 2003

Clean Edge Releases Report:  Clean Energy Trends 2003 --- February 2003

Pacific Northwest Mighty Columbia Can Produce Great Quantities of Hydrogen at Low Cost, Jack Robertson, Former BPA Administrator --- February 16, 2003

Utsira - a Vision of a New Energy Society --- February 12, 2003

STM Power Completes Sale of Hydrogen-Enabled PowerUnits(TM) --- February 12, 2003

Stuart Energy's Hydrogen Energy Station

Stuart Energy Unveils and Demonstrates World's First Electrolytic Hydrogen Energy Station --- February 18, 2003

Hong Kong Hydrogen Milestone Met --- September 25, 2002

Stuart Energy and Ford Team on Hydrogen Power System --- March 25, 2002

Stuart Energy and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Sign Exclusive $600 Million Letter of Intent --- October 24, 2001

Hydrogen Now! sends a Letter to the Editor

Fort Collins Coloradoan:  More funding needed to tap energy source --- February 13, 2003


Hydrogen Now! featured in the Coloradoan:  Group moved by hydrogen's power --- February 6, 2003

Proton Energy Systems Awarded Solar/PEM Fuel Cell Power System Project at China Lake --- February 6, 2003

The Market for Hydrogen:  Air Products Discusses Three Major Energy Sector Trends Benefiting Air Products --- February 4, 2003

Osnabrock, N.D., Representative Seeks to Turn Wind Energy into Hydrogen --- February 3, 2003

Proton Energy Systems' HOGEN(R) Hydrogen Generator Installed for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Program in Barth, Germany --- February 3, 2003

Reaction to President Bush's State of the Union Address

"Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Hydrogen Economy, a recent book extolling the prospects of hydrogen power, dismissed the president's proposal as 'a paltry gesture.'  'What is required is a government-private partnership on a grand scale with a financial commitment at least equal to the monies currently being spent on homeland security and the preparation for war with Iraq,'" Jeremy Rifkin in a New York Times Article, Carmakers and Environmentalists Differ Over Fuel Cell Proposal --- January 29,  2003

NPR Talk of the Nation --- January 30, 2003

NPR Morning Edition --- January 30, 2003

More Radio Programs on Hydrogen

Focus 580 Interviews Jeremy Rifkin, The Hydrogen Economy --- December 17, 2002
Talk of the Nation:  Hydrogen Economy --- September 13, 2002
Talk of the Nation:  Fuel Cells --- April 19, 2002
All Things Considered:  Fuel Cell Cars --- March 7, 2002
Talk of the Nation:  Ira Flato Interviews Harry Braun During an NPR News Special on Technology and Terrorism --- September 21, 2001

Biomass appeal--- Virent aims to supply cheap hydrogen power --- January 30, 2003

Ford's Model U Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

Model U Concept:  A Model for Change --- January, 2003
EV World Interview With Ford Model U Engineers
--- January 18, 2003
Dynetek to Supply 10,000 psi Hydrogen Storage System
--- January 20, 2003
Quantum Supplies Fuel Injector for Ford's New Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Model U
--- January 9, 2003

Hijacking Hydrogen: Will Big Oil, Coal Interests and the Nuclear Industry Control the Next Energy Revolution? --- E Magazine Online --- January-February, 2003

White Mountain Research Station: A Milestone Renewable Energy Project in California --- December 12, 2002

North Forty News Talks About Wind and Hydrogen Now!:  Wind power could generate electricity and gas locally --- November 16, 2002

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