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BMW Announced Thier Hydrogen-powered 750hLs Sedans CleanEnergy World Tour

The BMW Group announced January 8, 2001 that it will be bringing its fleet of hydrogen-powered 750hLs sedans to Los Angeles, California July 12, 2001. The fleet was revealed in Berlin in May 2000, and exhibited throughout EXPO2000, the world's fair held in Hanover, Germany. Attendees of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy's September 2000 HYFORUM meeting in Munich also had the opportunity to see the vehicles, which run on liquid hydrogen.

BMW's visit Los Angeles is one step in their CleanEnergy World Tour, a tour demonstrating BMW's commitment to working toward a hydrogen economy. The tour begins in Dubai on January 31, 2001, then travels to Milan, Tokyo, and Brussels before arriving in the United States.

True to BMW's reputation for quality engineering, the world's first production-based hydrogen-powered vehicle, the BMW 750hL embodies a quality, safe driving experience, while taking into account its impact on the environment. Taking practicality into account as well, BMW has designed the internal combustion engine in the 750hL sedan with dual-fuel capability. That means that until more hydrogen refueling stations are built and the availability of hydrogen fuel more prevalent, drivers can also fill up with gasoline.

Burkhard Goeschel, head of development for BMW, says that the company aims to have 20% of its cars fueled by hydrogen by 2020.

"Hydrogen has yet another advantage. Using solar power, it will be possible to produce hydrogen fuel without emissions. This represents the ultimate goal of the completely clean vehicle." BMW

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