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Hydrogen Pipelines

The most cost-effective way to move gaseous hydrogen over a long distance is via pipeline.

International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHTDF)

Bill Leighty, of the Leighty Foundation, has been studying the possibility of using hydrogen pipelines for several years.  His groundbreaking paper, developed in conjunction with Geoffrey Keith of Synapse Energy Economics, Transmitting Windpower from North Dakota to Chicago: New HVDC Electric Lines or Hydrogen Pipeline, revealed the complexities, as well as the promise, of developing a large pipeline system in the Midwest.  A newer paper, Large Stranded Renewables:  the International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHDTF) was published in the Proceedings of the 19th World Energy Congress, Sydney, AUS, 5-9 Sept 04.

Two new posters, suggesting that we begin now to design and build a pilot-scale gaseous hydrogen (GH2) pipeline system, will also be presented at the event.  One of the posters can be seen here

If successful, the IRHTDF could be scaled up to harvest Earth's large, diverse, dispersed, remote, renewable energy resources, delivered as GH2 fuel at high flowrate over long distances.



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