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How Are We Doing This?
When Will The Hydrogen Economy Be Realized?
The transition to hydrogen has already begun! Hydrogen research and development is not new. It has been the subject of scientific scrutiny and examination for most of the twentieth century. Several nations such as Iceland, Japan, Germany, Canada, and the US have active programs developing the hydrogen economy. Their motives are for public health, environmental sustainability, and national security. Dozens of applications are ready for the market—today. A significant public information program is required to create a genuine demand from the public for the work in progress and the possibilities to come. By raising public demand, industry and science can begin converting to this new fuel today.

How Are We Going To Do It?
The year 2001 will be the year in which the Hydrogen Economy will be presented to the world in the most comprehensive manner to date. Using the umbrella of the Hydrogen Now! organization, the background, practical applications, and potential of hydrogen—the perfect fuel—will be brought from science, industry, and government to the public. Some of the prepared projects include: 

  • An extensive public information program* is being launched at the beginning of 2001 and the message of the Hydrogen Economy will be delivered on every radio and television station, newspaper and magazine in America, as well as Public Radio International. 
  • A demonstration of the practical use of hydrogen as an automotive fuel will be demonstrated in the "Alternative Fuel Retrofit Roadshow." This will feature a caravan of hydrogen powered vehicles, driven by Hollywood celebrities, from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, California. It will make stops across the country so that the public can see the actual use of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel. This drive is spearheaded by actor and environmental activist Dennis Weaver’s Institute of Ecolonomics.
  • The World Congress for a Hydrogen Economy will convene in Denver, Colorado November 1-4, 2001. It will bring together over 1,000 of the world's top scientists, government officials, and industry experts with the public to give clarity and reality to the immediate implementation of hydrogen as a primary fuel and energy carrier for the world. 
  • The World Congress will also be a venue where the many new practical applications of hydrogen will be exhibited. Hydrogen Now! is currently gathering inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to demonstrate their products. Contact us if you are interested in securing exhibit space.
  • A public education program, consisting of lectures and demonstrations at numerous schools and organization meetings, will be launched in early 2001 to raise the public awareness of hydrogen’s capabilities and safety. 
  • A new consumer book called "Hydrogen Now!" will be published in 2001. This will be an easy to understand, practical discussion of how the Hydrogen Economy can and should be implemented. 
*Implementation of the Public Information Program
The general release of the message containing the details of the implementation of the hydrogen economy is targeted for release in January 2001.

Message Delivery
An information packet will be prepared and delivered to every news media in the country. This packet will contain our message, colorful brochures, talking papers, possible questions for interviewers, and the planning materials for the World Congress. Virtually every radio and television station, newspaper, and magazine will receive the packet. 

Simultaneous to the release of the information packet, the public information program begins. We will run full-page ads in the publication RTIR (Radio and Television Interview Report) soliciting interviews on the radio and television stations of America. This will create a high demand for interviews and we estimate that the top 100 markets in the country will be penetrated by our message within the first three months of 2001. The resulting interviews will ensure that a significant fraction of the population will be made aware of our message, thus helping everyone’s hydrogen endeavors worldwide, a win-win symbiotic situation for us all. 

The World Congress
A central event will focus public support and mark a significant milestone for the hydrogen economy. This will be the World Congress for a Hydrogen Economy—HY-Forum 2001, in Denver, Colorado, November 1-4 2001. The World Congress will feature a gathering of world experts in many fields and a public exhibition of the many hydrogen products and services available today. Both the public and the mainstream media will contribute to the success of the World Congress, and public awareness will be far greater than any single event that has occurred to date. The news of the hydrogen economy will reach Main Street, USA in 2001.

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