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Why Are We Doing This?

A peaceful, lasting, real-world economic difference can only be brought about by a unified, clear, and urgent motion for change.

Unification of our message is vital. This message must be broad enough to include general agreement by each of the stakeholders in the initiation of the hydrogen economy. It must also be clear enough to be embraced by the public. Furthermore, it must carry a theme of immediacy that will motivate people to act. Although stakeholders diverge on implementation strategies, they agree on the need and the feasibility of creating a hydrogen economy. Our goal is to provide a platform upon which we can all stand. By doing this, our disagreement on details works to our advantage and turns the entire subject into a global brainstorming session, a win-win situation for everyone.

Hydrogen Now! was founded by some of the most distinguished scientists in the world. They were in a position of knowing, from research and interaction with other scientists over a period of several decades, that hydrogen is clearly the fuel of the future. The process of expanding awareness of hydrogen's potential has now brought many leaders of industry and government into the movement. International energy companies such as Shell, ChevronTexaco and BP are actively engaged in supplying portions of the hydrogen economy. Major transportation companies such as Ford Motor Company and BMW are energetically proceeding with ways of incorporating their product lines into hydrogen applications. Government officials in the United States and abroad are working to find ways to offer incentives for helping hydrogen find its way to the top of the alternative fuels ladder. The general public is learning how hydrogen can become a superior fuel, and many individuals and businesses are now coming forward to help and to support the Hydrogen Now! cause.

The foundation for the work of Hydrogen Now! is based on three points:

1. No matter what analysis is used, or how the supply is measured, fossil fuels are a limited energy source that cannot forever meet demand at a competitive price, and a different type of fuel will be necessary.

2. The effect on the global environment as a result of burning fossil fuels intensively for 200 years is not zero. The overwhelming majority of scientists put this effect at somewhere between moderate and catastrophic. All agree that reducing the amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is desirable.

3. Hydrogen is an inexhaustible element. It can be made renewably. Combustion of hydrogen can easily be nonpolluting, and is the fuel of choice for every application currently in use or contemplated.

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