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Who We Are

Hydrogen Now! is an international organization dedicated to making the hydrogen economy—clean burning hydrogen instead of fossil fuels—a reality for the world. We are composed of global leaders in industry, government, and the scientific community who believe that it is not only possible, but imperative, that hydrogen becomes a principal energy carrier for fueling mankind's needs. Many hydrogen energy applications are ready for implementation immediately. The time is right to begin the public education process, so that as more products and services become available, the public will be educated on hydrogen. Public education will pave the way for current and future products to emerge into the sunlight of public awareness. Hydrogen Now! is seeking the endorsement of all institutions, public and private, as well as the support of the general public—worldwide, to embrace and join this vital movement.

Hydrogen Now! is a non-profit organization based in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A., committed to influencing and having a direct impact on the transition to a hydrogen economy. Hydrogen Now! reaches around the world; its advisors and board members worldwide comprise over 100 years of combined expertise in hydrogen energy.

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