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Only by a unified effort between industrial leaders, concerned citizens, political leaders, scientists, engineers, and visionaries can we successfully make the necessary changes for a sustainable future. The element missing from many other hydrogen endeavors has been public education. We aim to bring the public in touch with those endeavors, which will showcase worldwide accomplishments that are moving towards a hydrogen economy. We aim to make the public aware of Hydrogen—the perfect fuel—as attainable and accessible, Now! This symbiotic relationship will profit hydrogen undertakings by others around the globe, making possible swift transitions to a hydrogen economy. Our organization consists of members from all walks of life: science, engineering, business, economics, communication—unified by one task: to improve the way that we fuel our world. 

Initial Sponsors

International Association for Hydrogen Energy

Shell Hydrogen

Department of Energy—Western Area Power Administration

Colorado State University

Dennis Weaver and the Institute of Ecolonomics

Rocky Mountain Research Institute

American Solar Energy Society chapter: Colorado Renewable Energy Society


Energy Conversion Devices

Clean Air Now

American Hydrogen Association

Hydrogen Technologies, LLC

Sunline Transit Agency

Houska Automotive

City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Environmental Protection Agency


Board of Trustees

Maurice L. Albertson Dr. Albertson is the visionary and founder of Hydrogen Now! He is the President of Rocky Mountain Research Institute. For over 50 years Dr. Albertson has been Professor at Colorado State University, where he served as Director of the Research Foundation, Director of International Programs and Professor of Civil Engineering.   His professional fields are environmental engineering, the hydrogen economy, water resources engineering, irrigation engineering, hydropower engineering, low-cost and low-energy sustainable wastewater treatment, constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, and international development—specializing in sustainable village-based development.  As co-founder of the Peace Corps, he has served as a consultant to the World Bank, the UNDP, AID, UNESCO, the Peace Corps and other agencies on projects and programs dealing with environmental engineering, water and sanitation, water resource development, on-farm water management, appropriate technology, village development, small industry development, and research and education. His list of honors include: American Society of Civil Engineers – “J. C. Stevens Award”, “Emil Hilgard Prize” and “Croes Medal”; Colo. State Univ. “Centennial Professor” and “Public Service Award”; Peshawar Univ. of Pakistan “Honorary Doctor of Laws”; Asian Institute of Technology “Honorary Doctor of Technology”; “Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters”, Lowell Univ.; Colorado “Governor’s Award of Merit for Science and Technology”; National Society of Professional Engineers “Engineer of the Year”; and Iowa State Univ. “Professional Achievement Award”. Dr. Albertson has published more than 200 publications. 

Ronal W. Larson  A founder and Secretary of the Colorado chapter (CRES, Colorado Renewable Energy Society) of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES, on whose Board he also sits), Dr. Larson graduated from the University of Michigan with his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Larson has served as Professor of Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech, a AAAS Congresional Fellow, and a Branch Chief (Program evaluation) and Principal Scientist for the Solar Energy Research Institute. He has served as co-editor of an MIT Press history of Solar Thermal Energy Commercialization and a white paper on Solar Energy Economics for ASES. He is presently coordinator of an Internet list devoted to improving stoves for developing countries, growing out of his several years of work in Sudan for USAID.

Ed Begley, Jr.  Ed Begley not only talks the talk about renewable energy; he also walks the walk.  From the electricity in his home to the power he uses in his electric automobile, Ed generates all the energy he needs with a wind turbine and photovoltaic panels on the roof of his home.  He is also an actor in films and television, perhaps most famous for his role as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on "St. Elsewhere".  You can learn more about him on his website.

Katie Hoffner  Katie Hoffner was formerly the Director of Development for Hydrogen Now!  She currently is the Chief Marketing Officer of Hydrogen Works, a new company on the cutting edge of the hydrogen economy.  

Tommy Short  Tommy Short has a nonprofit foundation dedicated to "advancing youth, arts and environment through a wide range of proactive synergistic and educational activities.  The Tommy E. Short Charitable Foundation provides support and resources for projects that ... promote promise, sustainability, and growth".

Paul Szilagyi  Mr. Szilagyi is a successful businessman and entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of TransTeq (Transportation Techniques, LLC.), a designer and manufacturer of hybrid electric buses.  Their environmentally friendly buses use natural gas engines to generate electricity to power the electric motors that propel the buses.  A fleet of these ultra-low emissions buses transports over 55,000 passengers daily in downtown Denver, CO.  The company recently was featured in an EV World article about its 90-day design and build of the world's first hybrid shuttle bus, the FASTM.  

Alison Mason Alison Mason is a solar engineer who runs a renewable energy consulting business.  She is the Chair of the Fort Collins Electric Board.  

T. Nejat Veziroglu Dr. Veziroglu is an honorary advisor of Hydrogen Now!, working closely with Dr. Albertson to create the organization’s vision and its planned events. Dr. Veziroglu graduated from the City and Guilds College, the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering (A.C.Gi., B.Sc), Advanced Studies in Engineering (D.LC.) and Heat Transfer (Ph.D.). In 1962, after serving in Turkish government agencies as a Technical Consultant and Deputy Director of Steel Silos, and heading a private company, he joined the University of Miami Engineering Faculty. In 1965, he became the Director of Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering.  At present, he is the Director of the Clean Energy Research Institute at the University of Miami. Dr. Veziroglu organized the first major conference on Hydrogen Energy: The Hydrogen Economy Miami Energy (THEME~ Conference, Miami Beach, March 1974). He is the Founding President of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy, and he was nominated for the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on the hydrogen economy. 

John O’M. Bockris The first visionary scientist to write about the concept of the “hydrogen economy,” Dr. John O’M. Bockris is an advisor to Hydrogen Now! Dr. Bockris’ research includes quantum electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, electrocatalysis, bioelectrochemistry, corrosion, the splitting of water, and low temperature nuclear reactions. He has a BS, PhD, and D.Sc. Degrees in Chemistry. He is co-founder of the International Society for Electrochemistry and the International Society for Hydrogen Energy. He served as Chairman of the Institute of Solar and Electrochemical Energy Conversion and directed the National Science Foundation’s Hydrogen Research Center.   He is a member of the Swedish Academy of Engineers and Serbian Academy of Science, appointed a Distinguished Professor at the Texas A&M Univ., first recipient of the “Faraday Medal” Award, received the Swedish Academy “Chemical Lecture Award”, “Medaille d’Honneur”, “ACS Award for Contributions to the Chemistry of Contemporary Problems”, “German Augustin-Mouthot Prize” for contributions to the Solar-Hydrogen Economy, Univ. of Hokkaido “Honotis Causa Award” and “Jules Verne Award” by the International Assoc. for Hydrogen Energy. He is well known for authoring The Solar Hydrogen Alternative and Modern Electrochemistry.

Peggy Plate Peggy Plate served as the Communications/Public Information Committee chairperson and is a valuable advisor on the Steering Committee for Hydrogen Now! Ms. Plate is the Energy Services Manager for Western Area Power Administration's Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Loveland, CO. She manages a wide range of energy services activities for 200 utilities in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. She has worked for the federal government for 20 years in the energy technology field. Ms. Plate has been Chair for the Technology Transfer and Education and Outreach workgroup for the Utility Photovoltaic Group (UPVG), an organization driven by 105 utilities to promote the use of photovoltaics as an energy resource. She regularly organizes workshops and conferences for utilities on topics such as marketing wind power, sustainability, utility distribution system management, utility competitiveness, and commercial/industrial technologies. She is currently participating in the development of a new renewable product for the National Rural Electric Association. She has a BA in English from the University of Dubuque. She has presented papers on energy technologies for the American Solar Energy Society, EPRI Photovoltaic workshops, UPVG, and the Colorado Water Congress.

Dennis Houska Dennis Houska is a successful businessman and the owner and President of Houska Automotive, located in Fort Collins, CO.  A champion of hydrogen power, Dennis plans for Houska Automotive to become one of the first independent  businesses to convert automobiles to run on hydrogen.





Roy McAlister Mr. McAlister is a mechanical engineer and Founding President of the American Hydrogen Association (AHA). In addition to his role in AHA, he manages research projects and educational programs. Mr. McAlister's philosophy and concepts for Renewable Energy Parks to facilitate achievement of a sustainable world economy along with in-depth capabilities as an innovator, product developer, manufacturing engineer, and educator resulted in the top engineering award of Environmental Professional Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers at the 1995 World Energy Engineering Congress. Mr. McAlister has traveled extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to provide classes on sustainable energy conversion processes and operation of motor vehicles on renewable fuels.    Mr. McAlister is the author of numerous papers and books including The Star of Life and The Philosopher Mechanic.  His latest book is The Solar Hydrogen Civilization.

Heather Jarvis Ms. Jarvis was an Executive Committee member and the first Executive Director of Hydrogen Now!, whose role in organizing the September 2000 Forum on Converting to a Hydrogen Economy was tremendous. Ms. Jarvis earned her Bachelor of Science in International Studies from the University of Wyoming. Since earning her Bachelors, she has earned certification for Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL) in Prague, Czech Republic, and has continued study in numerous areas at Colorado State University. Prior to working with Hydrogen Now! she was a project manager designing and developing corporate training courses with an instructional design firm in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  At present,  she is on leave to obtain a law degree from Vermont Law School.


Bob Siblerud Dr. Siblerud is a retired Doctor of Optometry, who in recent years has done much research into both the history and implications of the hydrogen economy. Dr. Siblerud is Vice-president of Rocky Mountain Research Institute. Dr. Siblerud is also co-founder and past director of the International Association for New Science (IANS), a local organization that was an initial sponsor of Hydrogen Now!  He is the author of the book, Our Future is Hydrogen! Energy, Environment, and Economy.

Charles Terrey Charles Terrey has worked with the American Hydrogen Association for over ten years. He is a technical advisor to Hydrogen Now! regarding technology that is available today. Mr. Terrey has a MS degree from Purdue University. He is President of the Arizona Scientists and Engineers and vice-president of American Hydrogen Association.

John LeCompte Mr. LeCompte is a civil and professional mechanical engineer. He was instrumental in founding Hydrogen Now! by providing technical support and research, providing content for the website, serving as the original webmaster, and spearheading initial fundraising efforts. He currently works for Northern Power Systems, a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems.

Robert Willis Bob Willis was this site's web master from September 2002 to 2006.  His business background consists of operational and middle management roles in distribution, inventory control, Information Technology, retail management and wholesale operations.  He currently offers his services as a business consultant, specializing in renewable energy, hydrogen, Information Technology, writing and RE system analysis. His clients have included Krystal Planet, H2 Solutions, and Global Hydrogen L.L.C., a startup company whose goal was to build a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest, using off-peak hydro electricity to produce hydrogen.

Johannes Rebane Johannes Rebane has been hydrogennow.org's webmaster since 2006. He is the technical director of Youth Hydrogen, a youth-driven hydrogen and clean energy lobbying and outreach organization, and he brings to the site extensive experience in PHP/MySQL Development, CMS Management, and Joomla Administration. He is the founder/technical director of Youth Volunteer League.



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